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  1. Despite setting up a standing order for the payment to change to Mortimer Clarke, they still keep phoning, not that I answer. I was just wondering if there is anything else they can do after all this time. It was 2011 when they got the FCO. I'm hoping that they are just trying to catch me off guard to try and get an increase in payment, otherwise they would make it official and write to me , wouldn't they?
  2. I'm not confident that they will reply to my message, and after receiving the letter this morning it seems they haven't looked at the message from 2 weeks ago, as they are saying I haven't contacted them . However, I will still put it in writing with a copy of Cabots letter .
  3. How did I know this wasn't going to be easy !!!! The letter I received from Cabot informing me that Mortimer Clarke were taking over the account, stated that Mortimer Clarke were happy to keep to the repayment plan I agreed with Hillesden and that I need to speak to them to arrange my payments to be sent to them directly. So, 2 weeks ago I sent them a message via their web page asking for bank details in order to set up a standing order, I haven't heard from them. This morning I sent another message reminding them, and informing that I will continue with the original standing order until they send me their details. Postman has just been with another letter from them because I haven't been in touch !!!!! It says their client requires this debt to be addressed and enclose an I & E form which should be returned with an offer of payment within 14 days. I refuse to phone them so I will now send a copy of the letter from Cabot and another request for bank details. I noticed on their web page there is a 'make a payment' button, the next payment is due next week, is it worth me cancelling my standing order and using that for now?
  4. I know but to be fair I haven't had to come on here for such a long time
  5. Crafty beggars, all these different names!
  6. I'm a little bit confused now. It was Hillesden (dlc) who got the ccj against me, and who I have been paying every month since. I have received a letter this morning from Mortimer Clarke letting me know that they are now managing my account (which I already know) but they say its on behalf of their client ME iii Ltd who I have never heard of. Can a debt with a ccj against it be sold on?
  7. I meant I had more than one thread, deffo only one ccj
  8. That's one, possibly another. Its that long ago I can't honestly remember
  9. Hi Andy, you actually helped me out a lot all those years ago I have been paying Hillesden by standing order all this time, I have just fired off an email requesting Mortimer Clarkes bank details so I can continue with a standing order payment. I have given them plenty of time as next payment isn't due until end of month .
  10. Back in 2010 I received a ccj which I have been paying £10 a month to Hillesden Securities who were managing the account on behalf of Cabot. I have recently received a letter from Cabot informing me that they have asked Mortimer Clarke to take over managing my account. Apparently Mortimer Clarke are happy to keep to the repayment plan agreed with Hillesden, but they will need to speak to me to arrange for my payments to be sent to them directly. I don't particularly want to speak to them as I'm worried they will start to harass me for higher payments. I have found an email address for them so am going to use that. My question is though, should I be worried that Cabot have moved the account to Mortimer Clarke after all this time?
  11. If someone works 20.5hrs a week, not including Mon or Tues, how is the bank holiday entitlement worked out?
  12. My contracted hours are 32, week 1, I work 8 hours Mon/Tues/Fri, 4 hours Wed/Thurs , week 2, 8 hours Mon/Fri, 5 hours Tues, 4 hours Wed/Thurs, 3hours Sat.
  13. I work 3 hrs every other Saturday on the counter in a pharmacy. The week I work Saturday I take the time off another day so that I am still working my contracted hours in that week. If I book holidays on a week that I am due to work the Saturday, I am expected to arrange my own cover with the other person who also does the Saturday and vice versa. As I am not expected to arrange cover Mon-Fri when on holiday I want to know is this allowed?
  14. I know you are telling me what's legal, I understand that. Just annoyed that this has been sprung on us all now, when planning a week off before Christmas, as not allowed time off in Dec!!! Its even more annoying when you hear him arranging cover for himself for a week off in Nov.
  15. So, lets say this lady is off for 4mths, that brings us to middle of January. I have 2 weeks holiday, another 2 colleagues have 4 weeks, not sure about the other 3, and he will only let one off at a time. Oh, and yet he can take his holidays whenever he wants.
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