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  1. update & in need of a little more help... My partner phoned me on 31st march to say a guy has turned up to collect the car, i was at work so said just give him the key and dont sign anything and that i thought was the end of it. Today i recieve a letter from shoosmiths saying im over £3k in arrears i phone them they have asked me to email copy of terminatiom notice, copies of emails discussing the termination and also copies of the paperwork left by the guy who collected the vehicle, they have no record of termination or collection of vehicle, i have all this info so thats not a problem when giving her a timeline over the phone she said that the termination notice wouldnt have been valid anyway as i needed to give a months notice not the 14 days i gave, have i messed up?
  2. I have this morning recieved a noticed of assignment "This letter constitutes notice to you that C4C has assigned all of its present and future right, title and interest in and to your agreement to avelo limited. Further, avelo have now appointed shoosmiths LLP to manage your account and have passed your details to them." Does my vt still stand i dont need to restart the process do i, i just inform shoosmiths of the vt?
  3. I dont have anywhere else to put it so will keep it taxed & insured for now thank you
  4. No update as still heard nothing back, where do i stand with cancelling insurance & tax? Its currently taxed & insured as its parked on road but ideally want to cancel these now im just worried as its still registered with dvla under my name i dont want any fines can i just inform dvla the car is no longer mine? I read on a fb page that some people had received letters from credit 4 cars asking them to change their standing orders to a company called avelo limited, but i havent received anything
  5. I emailed it to them word for word pretty much as dodgeball had written, on 17th in responce to their email
  6. The termination notice says 14 days from date of notice which is dated 16th feb, they recieved & replied by email (below) on 17th feb Its on road outside my house
  7. Nearly 2 weeks has passed & have heard nothing more from them other than the first email, no phonecalls or letters from them at all, should i chase them or leave it a bit longer?
  8. Fab thank guys One more question for now, say they stick to their guns and wont allow me to deliver local, once termination notice period up if they dont collect promptly can i just inform insurance & dvla that im no longer owner and park the car on road
  9. Im happy to deliver in where i purchased it from or equal distance which was 17mile, they say i have to return the car to them in essex which is over 200 miles away although the agreement only says i must return car at my expense it doesnt actually say to their head office address in essex
  10. They mustnt have much to do as they have recieved my letter and emailed me "I am sorry to hear that you wish to return the vehicle and exercise your right to terminate the Credit Agreement I do need to bring to your attention the following. Under section 99 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 relating to terminating your agreement you are liable for 50% of the total amount payable less any payments already received. Also as per your agreement there is cost of £100.00 as your contribution towards recovery of the vehicle should you decide that you will not be returning the vehicle personally as per the Terms & Conditions of your contract. If you are unable to pay the £100.00 recovery fee this will be added to any balance outstanding which if necessary we will look to recover through the necessary legal channels. We are not liable for any fines or fees attached to the vehicle whilst the vehicle remains in your possession. Please confirm your decision so we can start the process by return email"
  11. They pointed me to 8.1, 8.2 & 9.6.4 8. YOUR RIGHT TO TERMINATE 8.1. You can terminate this agreement as described in the notice headed 'termination: your rights' shown on the second page of this agreement. You must return the goods to us at your own expense in good repair and condition (other than fair wear and tear) together with everything supplied with the goods (including the servicing book) and the registration document and any MOT certificates. 8.2. If you require us to collect the goods from you we may make a charge not exceeding the amount shown in clause 9.6.4 below as a contribution to our collection costs. If you fail to take reasonable care of the goods you will have to pay our costs of repairing and/or refurbishing the goods. 9.6.4. £100 for goods collection on voluntary termination TERMINATION YOUR RIGHTS: (mentioned in clause 8.1) You have a right to end this agreement. To do so, you should write to us at the address shown below. We will then be entitled to the return of the goods and to half the total amount payable under this agreement, which is £xxxx, if you have already paid at least this amount plus any overdue instalment and have taken appropriate care of the goods, you will not have to pay any more. I will scan the agreement in morning and post the pdf minus personal info for you guys Thank you again for your help
  12. Ok vt letters posted to both the address on agreement & address of administrators shown on the website When i called them the other day they mentioned i would need to pay them £150 to collect the vehicle and quoted the section of my agreement where it states this or i could deliver it to them in essex (im in manchester) I know it says in the vt letter that they cannot charge me for this but having had chance to read through the agreement this evening it does infact say i have to pay if i want them to collect the vehicle from me am i bound by this or does the fact the statue states they cany levy a charge trump the agreement
  13. Have called them and they have said they will accept notice to be sent by email, should i send letter in post also to both addresses i have or is email really enough? They also say once they receive the email they will pass my account to the collections team to arrange collection of vehicle with me & that there is a £150 charge for recovery of vehicle, im sure ive read that they cant charge me for recovery they should do this for free or at least arrange for me to drop it off somewhere local to me but i cant find where i read this is it true?
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