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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys, I found your web page and noticed you are really good at helping people in tricky situations. I received a claim form from Northampton county court via aplins regarding my old orange contract. (issue date 24/9/14) Claimant, Orange Personal Service Adress for sending docs and payments: aplins Defendant: me PoC: claim is for call and service charges due and unpaid as at todays date under a network services made between the claimant and the department. Amt claimed: £109.59 Court Fee: £25 Solicitors costs: £50 Amt total £184.59 Background: I cance
  2. Hi All I will try and give a quick back ground of what has happened since 2009. I got into money problems when my company went into liquidation in 2009. I re mortgaged to offer F&F to all credit cards and bank loans through accountant he managed to settle on all accounts except MBNA who never replied to his letters. Since then in 2013 I started getting the standard letters from DLC no telephone calls then in December 2013 I got a letter from Aplins stating if payment was not made to DLC they would be apply to take me to court. I got a court c
  3. I have sent the SAR and received it showing my name and signature. My question is this; if I borrowed the money from Black Horse, surely my debt is with them and no one else. I am also a bit peeved as if the SOLD the debt to Hillesden, then Black Horse has decided that this debt is a bad debt so got rid of it and as such have put the amount . .. some £3900 against their annual tax and I assume Hillesden paid between 10 p and 2p in the pound to buy the debt. My question is who is the debt with? I believe it is still with Black horse which makes Hillesens
  4. Hi, Got a letter a couple of days ago from these "people" and my heart sunk It's in reference to a CCJ they must of got after I left my last address over 2 years ago. .. at the time they were trying to go for a charging order on my home, but sold it just in time Now they have caught up with me and sent the following letter What should I do? Obviously if they got a CCJ.... what are my options here? Any advice welcome... ps. I no longer own my own home.
  5. Hi, I need a bit of help with my defence for a claim received from Aplins via Hillesden/DLC. A long story and I'm not sure how much you need to know but in brief: 2009 CCAd MBNA for sight of original agreement for a credit card I had with them and despite them not supplying anything, and following the timelines in the CCA putting them into dispute, they continued to use various companies to try and get me to pay my account but sent nothing. Eventually, they defaulted on me and then sold on the debt to Hillesden/DLC without ever satisfying my CCA request. Since then
  6. Hi all, We are being chased for a debt of around £6k, originally from a Virgin Money/MBNA credit card. Last payments/acknowledgement of debt were around July 2011. Aplins successfully put a charge on our property for the amount owing earlier this year, and they then sent a nice (for them) letter saying they wouldn't be enforcing a sale, and things went quiet for a while. However they've now sent a letter saying: " We are about to issue a Warrant of Execution against you. This will incur additional fees and costs which will be added to the amount you already owe. Unless you pa
  7. Had a orange phone last year they cut me off as was late paying the bill and customer service was not contactable on the 150 as calls were barred.they cut me off so thought nothing more of it DLC wrote to me asking for payment contacted orange as was going to pay them not DLC but they refused to accept payment and i refused to deal with the debt collector. I have now received a claim form from Northampton bulk center The claim is double to what shows on my credit file! Particulars of claim The claim is for call and service charges due and unpaid as at todays date unde
  8. Hi Hopefully I am in the right place. I have received a Claim Form from Northampton (CCBC) and am not sure if there is anything I can do about it but would like to try. Any help would be appreciated, even a little guidance on how to complete the response pack. The particulars of claim (issued 25 July 2012) are as follows: The Claimant's Claim is in respect of a credit facility, xxx etc., provided by Cahoot at the Defendant's request on 27/06/2002. The agreement was subsequently defaulted. Failure to meet requests for payment resulted in the account being terminated. On 26/
  9. Hi Gang, Long time no speak!!! Feel like ive got deja vu with the title (hope it goes the same way as last time!!!) and the following info :- Got a claim form from Northampton court sent via Aplins with Hillesden as the claimant. I think this is for a finance agreement i had with Black Horse that has been in dispute for about 14 months due to over £1000 of charges for late payments etc. I'll attach the claim form but the basics are :- Particulars of Claim The claimant's Claim is for the amount due and outstanding under a regulated Hire Purchase Agreement following disposal
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