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  1. Me too. I had forgotten about, but why didn't it show up? It's only now they've actually sent paperwork that my memory's been jogged. Going by the statement they sent, there are four entries that read 13/06/2007 Issue Summons Fee £120; 13/06/2007 Solicitors Fee £80; 06/07/2007 Solicitors Fee £40; & 17/07/2007 Collection Activity Fee Charged £145. I've tried to do an experian credit check, but the security number on my card is illegible - so i'm just off to order a new card. Hopefully that'll arrive early next week.
  2. now i know what it is, there is a ccj. i'd completely forgotten about it.
  3. no, two different boxes. ones a protection warranty, the other is the consumer credit act 1974
  4. right, i know what it is now. dlc have come back with a 'statement', and a photocopy of the 'agreement' (dated 12/09/05). the photocopy has my signature on it, twice, which are slightly different in handwriting. as i'm out of work, and have been for three years, and only receive £71pw jsa, do you think letter K "Ask your Creditor to Write off your Debt - Due to Financial Hardship" is worth a try?
  5. beyond them admitting they DIDN'T have the paperwork, no. the twelve days is up today. second follow up already letters printed off, and ready to go on friday.
  6. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?590-Creditors-and-DCAs-Letter-Templates-Budget-Planner letter N do NOT sign it! just print your name. send it minimum recorded delivery, so that they've got to sign for it's receipt, and you can tell they have through the royal mail website. don't forget the £1 po/cheque.
  7. give us a second, and i'll find the link for you....they're on here.
  8. that's what i'm busy doing ready for later in the week, i just wondering whether or not i could include the saturdays, which meant it could go tomorrow. cheers for the response.
  9. This is more a general question with regards to the 12 working days plus 2 for the CCA letter. If the company paperwork states they are open for business at the weekend, can you count them to the 'working days', or is the 'working days' strictly monday-friday? What it is is that I've a letter from Arrow Global - Shop Direct, via Debt Managers (Services) Ltd. They've had the CCA letter, dated 22 May, posted 24 May, delivered 28 May, and I got a holding reply saying they were obtaining the agreement and statements. But this holding reply states that they are open on S
  10. anyway, revisiting this..... i cca'd aplins, as that was the last communication, and baring in mind they stated they were applying to have me brought before a court. i've since had a 'holding' reply.....from dl&c. So, while it was clear that they were 'blagging' the court threat,you're going to need the paperwork for it and they've admitted to not being in possession of the paperwork, what is a "reconstituted copy"? Am I reading it right that they are 'going to make one up', and does the Act permit this? The received the CCA letter on 28 May (according to
  11. welcome: not that i'm aware of that's outstanding. barclays are my current bank, although i've no overdraft with them, nor have taken out any credit with them.
  12. I'm continually getting calls from the phone number 03333 440629, can be three or four times a day, for a few days, then nothing for a couple of weeks, and then it starts again. I don't answer numbers that I don't recognise, I let them ring out and google them. This number appears to belong to MKRR. They've also used 01452 260079 just recently, after I mistakingly pressed re-dial. However, I've not (knowingly) spoken to them, and they have not contacted me by post - they mustn't have my current address - is there anyway I can get them to cease calling? Or in doing s
  13. CRA done via checkmyfile, which seems to colate information from Equifax. Experian, and Callcredit. (According to this, my credit ratings OK!) No debts were listed apart from my recent mobile phone bill. Court Judgments and Decrees - none listed Insolvancy Records - No insolvencies CIFAS Warnings - none reported (interestingly, it threw up a dodgy address on the other side of the country!) So, which way should I take this now? CCA them and question their right to claim against me based on possesion of paperwork? Refute any knowledge of it? Or tell them to "do one"?
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