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  1. Bryan Carter issued court papers to me on 11th Feb 15 regarding an old t-mobile debt the last payment to them left my bank account on 23rd December 08. I even have a statement issued by lowell covering the period 01/10/08 to 30/04/12 showing nil payments and the balance is still the same today. They can even get their statement right. I filed a defence stating that the debt was statute barred under section 5 of the limitation act 1980. Have received response from bryan carter saying they intend to proceed as the limitation period runs from the date the original creditor became entitled to demand payment. Default was issued 10th July 2009. They want me to settle the matter by way of Tomlin Order. Any advice on how to proceed I thought statute barred was from the date of last payment which was the cause of recovery action. Regards
  2. Hi My OH got a NIP the other day but it does not state what speed he was allegedly going. It states he was speeding on motorway where speed limit was reduced to 50mph due to roadworks but it was at 1.30am and the roadworks were in complete darkness. How can he admit speeding when they have not told him how fast he was going. Any advice please?
  3. Can I still claim PPI if I still owe them money. I have read some threads re deposit against insurances but I don't think it's the ones your referring to. Don't think there was a letter of termination as they never took the car back it was scrapped by me 2 years ago. I'm not even sure debt has been sold I think DLC and Hillesden are the same company they have the same address
  4. Hi All Hope you can give me a piece of advice. Took a loan out with Yes Car Credit in Sep 2004 made repayments of over £10k over 3 years got into difficulties. Owe £3904 now. DLC did make me an offer in 2009 to close the account for £904. Hillesden Securities are reporting on my credit file default date 03/09/2008 but I believe I received a default notice in Sep 2007 from DAF. Last payment/contact with Direct Auto Finance 08/05/2008 Could someone tell me when the debt becomes statute barred and when it will drop off my Credit report. I have the ususal problems with my Yes Car Credit CCA, deposit put against insurances, PPI missold, kept in small room with my small children for 4 hours until I signed etc. but I dont think its worth pursuing any of that now I am nearly free. I just want to check when I will be free. This is the only default on my Credit Record. Thanks MrsHippo
  5. Hi Had a loan from welcome finance in June 2007 for £3000. Got into financial difficulties last payment made to them October 2007. Have had no contact with them since December 2007. Viewed credit record recently and Welcome have got my account showing as owing £10,736 and not in default but showing 6 months in arrears constantly. Received a default notice today dated 26 May 2012 asking to remedy the breach to pay £5654.25 by 13 jun 2012. Further down it shows Payments to be made Total amount outstanding £5654.25 Default interest £5082.60 Total £10736.85.Contacted by FSCS last year re PPI on loan but did not respond in case acknowledged debt and set them off for another 6 years.PPI on orginal loan £950.05Is this default enforceable and if so any advice.Much appreciated
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