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  1. A&L merged with Santander in 2010 - looks like its the same company!
  2. They were begging for money,and the account was allegedly purchase from Services. Unfortunately, I filed the letter in the bin as it's firmly SB, and I have no itentions of paying them a penny!
  3. Well, I didn't think I would be ressurecting this old thread again! In this mornings post, I was very pleased to receive a letter from Link Financial, telling me they had purchased the old HFO account, so for those of you who have had previous dealing with the delightful HFO Services - they could be writing to you! Such a pity the account is long since SB!!
  4. No, it didn't get near the court as there was never any paperwork. I think I still have the letter from them confirming the account was irrecoverable!
  5. I have an old catalogue debt which was deemed unenforceable and subsequently defaulted as there was never any credit agreement! Could I now write to them asking for the default to be removed - it's got another couple of years before it drops of my report?!
  6. It looks like the OP solicitor asking for the redemption figure, some solicitors are not savvy in these matters!
  7. Sorry, didn't read the letter properly, edited the post!
  8. Pity your buyers want the restricition dealt with before purchase! Link could have been informed that the property had been sold after completion, and sadly they got nothing!
  9. Some important information here: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=1839539&page=1
  10. Some important information here: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=1839539&page=1
  11. adztec77, there is no point trying to contact Santander, once the matter has been passed to their awful solicitors -(HL Interactive?) they won't correspond with you! When you contact the solicitors, don't send them any emails, because the simply do not respond, either write to them, so you have a papertrail or phone, and if you can record the calls! In a similar situation as you, although we have paid the arrears, we're just trying to release some funds to pay all or most of a very small mortgage. Satansbank are the absolute pits! Good Luck!
  12. Thanks for your quick response Andy, So what we are saying is, because there will be no arrears, we have to take it back to court to get the order varied? I think we may get a solicitor to sort this out - 29 more payments and it's finished with!
  13. I try to make this as brief as possible! Firstly, we owned our house outright, the mortgage was paid up in 2007! My OH, because he had some commitments which needed addressing decided to remortgage our home in October 2011, this was with Satansbank, I was not very keen on the idea, but went along with it, and the mortgage is in his name only! Being self employed, payments from customers were, and still can be sporadic, and he fell into arrears twelve months ago. The lender took him to court but as he was able to pay all of the arrears off, the hearing was adjourned indefinately! He fell behind again, but have managed to pay a vast proportion of the arrears off, but it was fast tracked to court on 2nd April, whereby the lender has a 28 day possession order which my OH agreed to. He agreed to pay a sum within 14 days, which I have done this morning, and the rest (one CMP within the 28days which I will do on Friday), thus bringing the account up to date and the next payment due on 28th, all negotiated with the help of the duty solicitor. Now, what I am concerned about is, because there will be no arrears on 30th April, will the order still stand - I realise they cannot go for eviction, but it's like a dark cloud hanging over your head, worrying, that put a foot wrong and they can issue a warrant! The ironic thing is, the mortgage was taken out over five years, we are over half way through, and the house is worth 10 times more than is outstanding. Is there anything we can do to sort this out, it will be over my dead body, these vultures will get my house! Satansbank are the absolute pits to deal with, as is their solicitors HL interactive.
  14. Trying to collect on a debt they have declared unenforceable, and threatening to take court action. Send the OFT copies of all your correspondence from this dreadful company, I have reported them twice, they think they are law unto themselves!!!
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