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  1. Have just read through the whole thread. Ask the council for their complaints procedure. You may be able to download one from their website, but not always. Make a formal complaint to the council, if you get no joy go to the local authority ombudsman.
  2. They wont take the kids toys. Whatever happens never let them into your home. If they can't get in they can't list goods. Simply deal with the Council only. Never let the bailiffs into your home, ever. Read the guidelines i gave in an earlier post. Don't be bullied. The Council must accept a reasonable payment plan, and must deal with you fairly. And they must take the matter back from the bailiffs if you can make a reasonable offer, but you will have to keep to it, so make sure it is affordable. Use the councils complaints procedures, and quote the relevant sections
  3. If you did not make the final payments, then the agreement would not have come to an end. The dates you give indicate that the matter may now be statute barred. Before you consider complaining about the default entry, make sure that it is statute barred, or you risk re-setting the clock.
  4. Have had similar issue myself in the past. Raise a formal complaint against the Council for their actions. Read this document on the new guidelines for the council it may be of some help.
  5. Hi DX - thanks for the link - will read up on it. The original CCJ was 2009, if that makes a difference. Andy thanks for your input - it's a long the lines of what we was considering, but i wanted to be sure of our position first. Reading through the site i think it may be time to look at claiming back charges too maybe?
  6. It's a few years old. I will search for it out tomorrow for the exact date. Does the date have any bearing?
  7. The CCJ is in the name of Blackhorse. If they sell the debt - does the CCJ not go with the debt? What happens to the charging order?
  8. Hi Am hoping someone can help. Originally had a loan with Black Horse - long story short, we hit hard times and the debt was not repaid. (This was originally a single loan, then further on became joint loan) Black Horse gained a CCJ, that was not defended, and later on secured a charging order against our property. (The property is a shared ownership). Had a letter a couple of years ago saying the debt had been sold to Hillesdens. Since then they have sent the occasional letter giving a sum of arrears etc. There has never actually been an agreement to pay.
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