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  1. I've noticed there is a CCJ on my credit file and a letter that says I must pay £50 p/m by 13th Feb 2016, I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet on this one.
  2. No, cut a long story short I only found out about the CCJ via credit file, I'd initially moved out of the address in September and only retrieved the letters this week.
  3. Name of the Claimant ? Hillsden Securities Date of issue – 21 Dec 2015 Date of issue 21st-Dec-15 - 22nd Jan 2016. What is the claim for – 1.The claim is for the balance of instalments due & unpaid under an agreement dated 03/2004 & under which Blackhorse LTD agreed to sell the defendant goods for a price payable by instalments ‘the agreement (‘the Agreement’). T he agreement was assigned to the claimant. PARTICULARS 1 . Amount due & unpaid £*****.** THE CLAIMANT THEREFORE CLAIMS 1. Amount due & unpaid £*****.** What is the v
  4. Apparently I made a payment of £5 in 2011 however I don't remember this, am I entitled to challenge this as the payment received before that was in 2009?
  5. Hi, They've done all the threatening and have gone ahead with the CCJ procedure, charged me £600 and given me an option to pay a monthly fee until the debt has been paid.
  6. Hi, I've received some letters from Hillesden Securities informing me that they have applied to the courts in regards to a CCJ regarding a debt from 2004. I stopped paying as I couldn't afford it but and was on a debt management plan at the time the debt had been passed around various companies before Hillesden took it on, as I do not have any paper work relating to this debt I'm about to write a letter requesting details of the agreement as I heard I maybe able to contest them if they've not contacted me in what I believe to be around 6 years, if I do th
  7. Thanks for that Martin, if you look at the top of my post you can see how far I have got. The thing is I started over a year ago and got confused about N1 form and Money Claim form, it's only now it's in the media that I have realised that I should have gone ahead with it. Which is the better option to request court action, money claim or N1..
  8. Hi guys, I've still not gone any further with this since this point, I have been so busy. Does anyone know if they can they penalise me for taking to long to claim, I haven't had any further charges since.
  9. Thanks guys, I'm just filling out my N1 form now, is there anything else I need to do.
  10. Woah, have I jumped the gun hear, where does the money claim part come in OR is that the N1 form. Thanks for the most recent advice Karnevil, Michael & Woolfie.
  11. Is the next step the N1 form, can any help me on this one.??? Read above to see where I;m at?
  12. Way up there are ya, thanks all the same. Can anyone else point me in the right direction..?
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