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  1. No two separate companies both have contacted me in the last seven days , both debts are lloyds tsb
  2. Hi thanks for a quick response. The debt is a Lloyd ts current account, and I don't have any paperwork. Regards Wade.
  3. When was it taken out if it is a credit card debt Have you any paperwork If you give the full story the advice you will receive will be better Also you may want to just wait till they contact you with better details themselves. Do not call them, and do not acknowledge the debt Have you made any admission to this alleged debt in 6 years or more, if it was defaulted years ago it may be statute barred so you may fall for their tricks and make a payment DONT wait for further advice ok MM
  4. Hi, Today I received a statement of account from dlc the creditors name is Hillesden securities ltd formerly Lloyds tsb the original date of agreement is the 15/06/1995and is fir over £1000. Can someone give me advice on dealing with this matter. Regards Wade.
  5. Hi, I wonder if some one can help please. I received a claim form from Marlin Europe 11 on Saturday claiming for a Lloyds tsb bank for £7871 dated 20/05/2002. 12 years being a long time and both financially and marital my situation has changed. please could some one give me advice. regards Wade.
  6. Hi, After the knock on the door 8/01/13, today i recieved a letter from Marlin for a lloyds tsb debt of £375. The letter is asking to make offer of payment or court action procedings will take place. The last time i have hold a a account, or remember having a aloan with the bank was 2003, Can some one please advise on our to proceed with this matter. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I hope someone can help me, Today i had a gentlemen came to my door representing a company called Marlin he said he came about a outstanding debt to lloyds tsb, but gave me any details as i mentioned that i have not any contact with lloyds in years. I remember having a loan with lloyds tsb but that would be around 1995-97 time. Could someone please advise me how to proceed with this thankyou.
  8. HI, I need some advice, i offfered the court £50 a month to pay of a debt of £2,092.98 Robinson refused my offer and the istalments have been set at £602.20 a month, i can"t remember missing anything of my income and expenditure form but this amount i clearly cant afford. Can any one explain my options and advise what to do next.
  9. Today i recieved a text message to contact a dca with regards my ex wife . I contacted them to say that i had not been with my ex wife for 11 years, and been divorced for 4 years. He then said that it was a joint account for lloyds tsb opened in 1995 and defaulted in 2006 and there was outstanding monies owed on a overdraft. Could anyone give me advice how to resolve this situation it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I recieved a letter they are trying to recover a debt for LLoyds Tsb. I phoned this company they were trying to reduce this debt by half. They asked for personal details which i declined to give. He told me the address on the agreement was a old address which i recognised as my parents, i moved out some 10 years ago. Should i CCA this company, something does,nt seem right.
  11. Hi everyone, tonight had this guy knock on the door said he was a agent for credit solutions trying to recover a debt owed to lloyds tsb. I replied i no nothing about it and asked the gentleman to leave, he said the company would be in touch. I remember only having dealings with lloyds around 8 years ago. Any advice would be appreciated
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