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  1. Hi, I received this letter today from Northampton CC. States: "By the court of its own motion It is ordered that the judgement dated * Oct 2013 be and is hereby set aside as a defence was processed by the CCBC before judgement was ordered" For the record my partial defence was that I believe excessive charges,penalties and interest were charged whilst I was in financial difficulty and that it would have a negative impact on me starting a business with my wife,I also mentioned that DLC would not accept a settlement offer that I was offered before before Alpins legal action.
  2. HI Andy, I didnt have or supply a figure for charges and penalties etc, I presumed statements etc would be present at a small claims court hearing. Where do I obtain a N245 and are what are the time limits? Thanks
  3. I stated my I and E on the court papers, is this taken into account? And how do I get hold of a N245 ? Thanks
  4. Hi Andy, would a repayment plan be based on my income,would the court decide or could Alpins ask for an unreasonable that I cannot afford ? Would it be worth me challenging the ccj, no doubt I have been charged fees in the past and myself and my wife are in financial difficulty due to another solicitors error that has put me in debt.
  5. Thanks Andy, I am in a mess with this then, I cannot physically pay what the court is asking, how should I proceed ? Please............
  6. Well i cannot work this out, I received a letter from HM courts dated 8-10-2013 acknowledging receipt of my partial defence and then today received a "judgement for claimant" letter stating that I have not replied to the claim form. I have just called Northampton courts and they said the judgement should not have been sent? And that they will contact me within 2 days after an enquiry. The judgement asks for immediate payment of the 3000.00 debt and 187.00 costs, an impossible task to achieve ! Any possible explanations would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thanks citizenB, I have filled in the blue court forms and returned them to Northampton court, I have stated on the forms the valid reasons for my debts and that I made HIllesdens a offer of settlement when the court forms were received by me and that Alpins would only consider accepting the full amount now.
  8. Hello again I disputed part of this claim as I know that various fees and costs would have been charged, I have just received a notice of default sums as below. 00/10/2013. Litigation cost (debtor) debit 20.00 Because I am in financial difficulty can they legally do this ? I guess I will meet HIllesden securities and Alpins in court soon, any suggestions on how I should I proceed ? THANKS AGAIN
  9. Hi. I have always made token payments to both capital one and Hillesden and still continue to do so, I don't like the idea of it going to a local court. Are ccj's mentioned in the local tabloids.
  10. I haven't checked any of our debts for PPI and don't know if any of them have been miss sold, I didn't think it would be a good idea reviving these debts with my creditors when they are currently leaving me alone, does it make a difference with their attitude and actions ? This card with the CCJ problem was with Capital one would have many charges against it I presume before they accepted token payments, I obtained the card in 2004 Is it worth me contacting all our creditors, could I use these charges as a defence against the debt or should I consider a partial defence ? Thanks Thanks
  11. If I was to defend this claim, what could/would be my defence ? would it incur more court costs ? should I attend the hearing in Northampton ?
  12. What ground would I have to deny this ?, it's on my credit file, I am concerned that one CCJ will start the ball rolling on our other joint debts, we have a plan to settle them but it will be a few months before we can do it. So annoying, If I had all the solicitors fees back from a legal problem where my local solicitor sent wrong lease paperwork to a property auction I would not owe anyone a penny, dealing with solicitors is not a good thing for me, saying that....... are any solicitors recommended on here who could help with this CCJ problem that I have ?
  13. That was quick, Thank you. I do not deny the debt but curious why I had no notification of this action from Alpins before the court notification arrived, is it worth challenging the paperwork that they have on file or should I just send an I and E form to court so they can see I have no excess money to pay larger repayments at the moment, I have a larger joint debt of 20k with Lloyds, I guess that takes priority ? All my debts were occurred through bad luck with a local solicitor sending the wrong lease to a property auction, then I was sued for miss-representation, It's been a bad previo
  14. Thanks so much for the above............ What should my course of action be before 7th October ?, Do you mean pre court negotiations with Alpins, they don't want to do a deal, should I acknowledge and admit everything online with my offer details explained ? do I need to ask alpins for more details/send them a letter of some sort. Again THANKS
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