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  1. Hi all Today i received a response from Black Horse Finance. They state they will remove their interest from the Hire Purchase Information Register. So thats great news for me. Especially so as the issue has been resolved in a very steadfast manner. Thank you all for your help and assistance.
  2. The recent full RAC HPI states the agreement type as 'Hire Purchase'. I have filled out the questionnaire which is straight forward and sent it back to BH, so currently im awaiting BH's response. Fingers crossed and everything else that i shall receive a response in my favour of course.
  3. Thanks Repo Threat, i'm learning from your advice and information, most appreciated. The name on the V5 as the previous keeper is a private individual and i am the new/current keeper. I've noticed the address given for the previous keeper on the first page of the V5 which is in my name states the previous keepers name but address as unknown. Im thinking of seeking legal advice but as of yet i think i will request the full details of the agreement. Should i mention S27 of the Hire Purchase Act 1964 (now s22 of schedule 4 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974) ? I thought filling out t
  4. After conducting the HPI check via RAC I telephoned Blackhorse using the finance reference obtained from the HPI and Blackhorse stated they are interested in the vehicle as it has outstanding finance. That's as far as I've got with Blackhorse.
  5. The receipt has the traders trading name which i have checked on the companies house website and it is on the database so i would say its a limited company. Does the fact of the trader being limited or sole bare a major difference to the situation?
  6. Hi all I purchased a used BMW from a local used car forecourt in October 2010. I p/x'd an Audi and paid the remainder in cash. In January the vehicle was clamped by a baliff for outstanding parking fines commited by the previous owner. The baliff released the clamp after i showed him my proof of ownership, V5 and insurance. However, as i was about to drive away, he shouted out, 'the car has come up as wanted for outstanding finance'. I drove away thinking what a load of rubbish! But when i got home i thought, let me conduct a full RAC HPI check, which i did and to my surprise, the vehicl
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