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  1. Shop Direct Finance will have sold debt to TTI and changed their credit file entry to settled with TTi then entering a reference for the debt should also have same default date etc as the original entry. dpick
  2. In the dim and distant past before Motability was created you could get an invalid carriage they were three wheelers similar to trikes with a body attached used two stroke engines that stank like hell. dpick
  3. Hi just my opinion 1, yes they are an aid both my wife and I use one. 2, No anyone can purchase one from ebay. 3, my HA and Council have not been informed we have 2 scooters though the council have provided a ramp from door to street level, my wife is wheelchair user. dpick
  4. As Bankfodder says do nothing if you answer these emails that have no information they will say to themselves we got another mug. Wait until someone writes to you with the informatiob you need to see to tell 1, if its your debt and if it is post ifo here so the experts can tell you what to do next dpick
  5. my wife and I both get severe disability premium as we both have DLA mobility and care components dpick
  6. Windows 10 installed its self last night have tried to use it 5 times started up OK loads desktop then freezes happened every time. rolled back to windows 7 no problem Will now wait for a few months to see what happens dpick
  7. Load of rubbish its disability discrimination not allowing a disabled person more time than an able-bodied person. dpick
  8. I have a 5th wheel caravan that is towed by a pick-up total length some 38 feet. I was first in inside lane indicating left turn. There are 7 indicators over the length of the left side caravan and pick-up. lights started to turn green looked nothing other than que of traffic behind me looked at lights again all ok started forward and after about 8 feet turned left still nothing in mirror. about 2 seconds later a cyclist hit between pick up and caravan. I was lucky he was just scratched and car behind gave statement to police saying the bike came up on pavement and road out onto road through dropped kerb for light crossing. The cyclist said he thought he could get through the gap between pick-up and the white van. I will say that this twit was not your normal every day cyclist they normally give this set-up very wide berth only the prats that cannot wait to meet there maker ignore it. I also think this twit was in need of specsavers my set-up is not white but black and silver with running lights same as an artic. I live up North and apart from some of the boy racers I find cyclists to be well mannered round the big stuff. dpick
  9. Dont know how accurate the clocks are on the ANPR cameras that the likes of UKPC and Parking Spy use but I know that only 20 years ago I had to keep correcting the time on our CCTV timed cameras something like 20 seconds every week they were rubbish and cost the earth. dpick
  10. Hi RMD when I first had my accident I could not walk i only had use of 1 arm. I had to have more operations on my hips amd left sholder when in hospital I used to be draged round backwards. I cannot repeat what I used to say etc. My insurance came through for me and arranged hire of a powered wheelchair the people that arranged my chair would only let me have one of those that had a pair of small wheels back and front and a pair of latge wheels in the centrer of the chair as would have to use it to go see my wife in hospital.Oh man the independence of that. I found that due to it having 3 pairs of wheels going up or down a curb was more like using a ramp and did not try to throw me out of thr chair though the flaming SS did strap me into chair due to only 1 good arm. Never had any one try to nick anything freom me. As had been said by others watch the grids in the gutter they are a bugger. I never got thrown out of my chair with them just got some nice bruises from the straps. Dont know your condition but will say that I had to have 6 operations and 3 years learning to walk again. I now have to walk with one of those adjustable walking sticks only had to wave it at 1 drunk. Will just wish you well I know from your posts your a fighter. dpick
  11. I have recently tried to sell a car I used to tow my caravan. When the dealer checked with HPI they logged 5 problems the best being not my car and vin incorrect. When I checked with HPI company the dealer used they would not talk to me as I had not raised the original HPI check. I had topay £19.99 for a HPI check to find that the HPI data was some 6 months out of date.It took me 1 call to DVLA and 3 calls to HPI and the threat of recovering money I was losing with the dealer to get them to check with DVLA.It took HPI 2 weeks to correct their data. I was informed by DVLA that these HPI companies buy data from DVLA and have to keep buying updated data some HPI companies do not do this all the time maybe every 6 months. Problem with HPI data was that they had not updated their data for the last to 2 purchasers and when they had updated the data previous to this the VIN number had been entered less 1 character so was wrong etc. This cost me £450 reduction in price paid to me for car. I have reported this to ICO due to data not being updated correctly I would like you opinion with regard to issuing small claims for the my losses on the sale of the car, I have all paperwork re offered price and final price and recordings of phone calls (truecall) to HPI, DVLA and deler etc dpick
  12. I appealed LDK ticket with POPLA using gpol and won LDK did not send any information to POPLA so POPLA had to refuse LDK for not giving any evidence dpick
  13. Hi not totally sure but if CCJ not settled with approx 30 days stays on file for 6 yers frm date of CCJ dpick
  14. HMRC will not give out NI number over the phone, you have to write I had to help someone that cannot write and they had a reply about 3 weeks later this was in September last year. dpick
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