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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, I recently experienced a severe change in circumstances which meant I was removed from my residence in London and had to move over 55 miles away. In London, I'm tied into a 12 month contract with Parkwood Leisure. I emailed them, explaining my change in circumstances an that I was under severe financial strain and therefor couldn't afford to pay my membership - I provided them with proof of change of address etc. I also took the following steps: - tried to find someone to transfer it to - asked if they had a gym near my new address, so I could transfer i
  2. Hi I am in ESA support group and have just been awarded PIP last week. I live alone and no one claims carers allowance for me so I believe I am entitled to SDP. On the Gov website it says you don't need to apply as it will be added automatically. My question is does this actually happen?
  3. Hi all I currently get PIP and ESA. My father passed away in July this year,so I took over the tenancy and did a quick benefits check online, that is when I came across SDP. I have never heard of SDP before.So I rang the DWP in July this year and applied for it.I got it backdated to May this year, after doing more research I now believe I may be entitled to having my SDP backdated further. I was originally on DLA middle rate care and low mobility as well as Income Support before I was transferred over to ESA and PIP.I was transferred over from DLA to PIP last March.I was
  4. Hi All, the main crux of my post is to ask if anyone knows why the DWP just simply ceased the Severe Disability Premium? In February 2017 the DWP confirmed my entitlement of SDP together with ESA, Disability Income Guarantee and Limited Capability for work for work (support group). Two weeks ago I received an identical letter from DWP stating; "We have looked at your claim again following a recent change. This is because of: a change in money coming in. There has not been any change, to any of my entitlements, at all. The last, previous contact I had from DWP,
  5. 18th May this year I was awarded (like it's some kind of competition??) standard daily living rate, and enhanced rate mobility. This ''should'' kick start other payments into effect, namely ''severe disability premium''. However, due to the unique way in which the DWP acts with impunity and is answerable to no-one, the SDP hasn't materialised, no biggy really as it will be backdated to May anyhow, so in essence the DWP have a savings account for me. I tried to ring JCP today on the standard 0345 number, went through the lethargic condescending ''briefly tell us why you're callin
  6. I live alone and are in receipt of ESA and PIP, daily living and mobility components both at the standard rate. I have been receiving these benefits for the last three years. I was recently informed that because of the above i should also be in receipt of a severe disability premium. I have never been informed by DWP about this premium and knew nothing of its existence until recently. I have now applied for this premium and have been granted it by DWP but there is a dispute over the length of time this premium can be backdated. On the DWP website it clearly states "Y
  7. On behalf of a friend, she need's advice with the following scenario please: She is a 35 year old female with a child. -she is joint owner of a property (about 33.3% share ownership with both her parents), she does not live their nor do they pay her rent for her share in the property. (no mortgage) -she is sole owner of a 2nd property that she currently lives in with her child (mortgaged) Her plan is to rent a property (and rent out her 2nd property) and is not sure how long it will take her to find employment when she relocated and therefore, may need help with rent......(
  8. Hello ,lovely to be back. Yes just a little bit about what i am recieving, since this year, and all income based . Had Pip awarded ,standered care for 4 years, also on Esa assessement phase , 9 weeks in. On severe premium disability too. What i am asking please is when i go for my esa medical,and say i fail, which i should not ,but you never know with them ,Would i lose the disability premium as it has been a godsend. Its Helping so much after being unwell for years with chronic joint pains and having little income, it really helps along with pip benefit with transport ,online
  9. right , this sounded easier in my head than it is to type but here goes, im considering representing a few friends to a tribunal over the treatment they had dealt with , with one employer and his wife. I have a good knowledge of employment law but id like someones elses opinion on just how far this could go.its really bad employer behaviour within a public house. 1st case is a young lady aged 22 who was indeed contracted however was not given national minimum wage. she was only paid £5.20 per hour. she worked there for approx. 6/7 months. 2nd case is two close friends who worked t
  10. My wife works as a nurse at a G.P practice. She suffers with arthritis and lately has started to suffer severe pain and is limited with her movement. A medical assessment shows problems with both her legs and her back she spoke to her superior about a slight reduction to her working hours, After a meeting she was told that they were willing to consider a job share which would significantly reduce her income and working hours but the reduction which my wife suggested was unworkable. Having read through various bits of legislation it is unclear what my wif
  11. h i am hoping someone can help me as im goin round in circles with the dwp. I am in receipt of the care part of PIP, live alone and on esa assessment rate. I failed the work capability test and am now waiting for my appeal to be heard. I have applied for the severe disability premium but have been refused as they say i cant have it while appealing my esa. Im sure this is wrong. Can anyone point me to legislation that says i am entitled to this while appealing ? i would be so grateful
  12. Hi Just trying to get some info for a family member, if anyone might be able to help. My uncle has been on Incapacity benefit for a couple of years due to an accident caused at work. He has been assessed for ESA and has been placed into the support group. He has been in receipt of Industrial injuries benefit during this time. Well, a couple of weeks after being placed into the support group, he was sent an application form to apply for Severe disability premium. He is confused by this as he is currently in receipt of the following. DLA Care - Middle Rate DLA Mob
  13. I have been living on incapacity benefit and disability living allowance for a number of years due to severe mental health issues I am currently being hit with around £80 worth of charges from Santander at least every 2 months, sometimes I am being charged £25 for going overdrawn by 99p It has been going on for a few years and due to my mental health problems have just been letting it happen as I didn't know anything could be done about it I recently found a forum on Money Saving Expert and was amazed to find I could reclaim this money, so have requested the last 6 years of charges list
  14. i have been awarded low mobility and middle care dla,i received a letter to claim severe disability premium,my daughter lives with me and is at college,i don't claim for carers allowance,someone told me I will not get sdp because my daughter lives with me,is this true,she is 21
  15. Hi I am new to this forum but I need to ask a question and hope one of you can help! I am in receipt of Income Support as I care for my daughter who does not live in my property. I used to receive Severe Disablement Premium until I allowed my friend to come and live with me! My question is that I do not have a partner therefore why has my entitlement to severed disability premium stopped, I understand them stopping it if I have a partner but as to sharing my home with a friend should not mean that I should lose this premium. My friend does not receive carers allowance for lookin
  16. I have been told we may be able to claim this for my mother. Could anyone tell me what information they will need as I like to be prepared? Thank you.
  17. My uncle has recently been hospitalised after the 4th fall in a week. I am his Nearest relative which under the Mental Health Act is his Next of Kin. He has dementia and a urine inferction which made him more confused than normal. His private carer who was in charge of ensuring his safety, apparently went home for a bath and left him alone till night time carers came in to put him to bed. This is despite the fact that an ambulance was called two days previously when she had done the same thing again. He has been besotted by her - he is 97 - she is now 51, but clearly marriage has been
  18. What is the criteria for severe mental impairment (SMI) when it comes to council tax exemption please? I do meet the other criteria of receiving ESA. I was told by someone it's done by IQ. I had my IQ tested when I was at college and was told by the Ed Psych that he can't work it out because my results for various tests are all over the place. There's nothing on my council's website. They just give a form for disability discount; but that's the one for adapted properties.
  19. Can anyone tell me where I can find the exact criteria for this please? There's no information on my local council website. I've looked on some other council websites, some mention ESA and others don't. (they mainly talk about DLA, IB & IS - the latter don't exist for new claims for disability) Some say something about social functioning and intelligence. Someone did once tell me that IQ is relevant - mine is impossible to work out as I differ so much in various areas.
  20. Hi I am new and this is my first post. I hope this is in the right section. I rent a shared student house in our 2nd year and I am having heavy damp and white fluffy mould and black spots on the wall. It gets that bad that water runs down the wall when it is raining. I have told the letting agency and they told me that they would pass this onto a contractor. This has not been resolved. Where do I stand with this please? I have heard I can stop paying rent if the room is unfit to live in? What is the legalities regarding this? I am fed up with living a wet room and nothing seems
  21. I know that over time everyone on SDA will be assessed by ATOS in order to switch them to ESA, does anyone know the intended timetable of this? Will it be after all the IB claimants? Could it be decades away or will it be soon? eta It's ok, I found out it is all happening at the same time and that the transfer for IB and SDA will have been completed by spring 2014
  22. I will keep it short as I can but my close friend ex-girlfriends split with him last week after 4years. Normally this wouldnt be a problem however my friend has been off work for a number of months with major depression disorder and anxiety and taking numerous medicines and counseling to help. With all help we were making very good progress and kept on top of the situation so my friends was very positive - then when she left things have gone significantly worse. She is constantly sending one liner comments and 'like' tags to his friends on facebook which is really getting him
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