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  1. Good morning, I was contacted by a legal firm acting for a firm I owe £850 to. i don’t dispute I owe the money and would like to pay it back but I am disabled and lost my job a year or so ago. I offered the company at the time to make payments and was refused , I have offered the legal firm payments, they have responded that at the rate I have offered it will take over three years to clear, and unless I agree to pay over £200 a month, they are taking me to court in seven days, and I will have my house visited by sheriffs officers. i am frightened a
  2. thank you so much for that. il phone them tomorrow.
  3. hi, im on icome based esa. I meet all the criteria. They are refusing purely because i am appealing my esa failure.
  4. h i am hoping someone can help me as im goin round in circles with the dwp. I am in receipt of the care part of PIP, live alone and on esa assessment rate. I failed the work capability test and am now waiting for my appeal to be heard. I have applied for the severe disability premium but have been refused as they say i cant have it while appealing my esa. Im sure this is wrong. Can anyone point me to legislation that says i am entitled to this while appealing ? i would be so grateful
  5. two years ago i opened an account in my grandsons name into which i pay roughly £15 a month. He is eleven and i plan on giving him his bank card on his seventeenth birthday. Hopefully this will enable him to tskr driving lessons and/or buy his first car. I am off work ill at the moment and its looking like they are going to pay me off on medical grounds. if i have to claim benefits in the future, am i safe in assuming this money does not have to be declared ? It is in my grandsons name, i hold the bank card only to put money in it over the counter at t
  6. Yes, i should have been sending them readings, just never dreamed there would be such a difference. Does anyone have an idea of the lowest monthly payment they might accept? or if they refuse to base some of the bill on previous years prices, where i go from there.
  7. Hi im looking for advice, came home last week to a meter readers card on doorstep from british gas. Its the first anyone has ever been to read it in four years. They send me emails with an estimated amount for gas/electric and i have been paying what they ask. Unfortunately, its been grossly underestimated and i now owe them £1008 for electricity which they want back at £120 a month. I was so relieved they were willing to spread it out that i accepted that payment plan at once. However, iv now had time to think about it, im off work ill on ssp and will r
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