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  1. Thanks for your response, I did not record the interview but clearly stated on the form I signed that I was going to complain about the misinformation given at the interview as I clearly stated that I had read on-line that you only had to inform ESA if going away for more than a week when going on holiday! The Compliance Officer said this was incorrect and asked where I had seen this to which I replied, your Government website lol, she had the cheek to state that the information was wrong and the website needed updating!!
  2. Hi This morning I had to attend an interview with the Compliance Officer at the local Job Centre. I am the appointee and official carer for my daughter who is receipt of ESA (Support Group) and we went to a family wedding in Turkey for 7 days in June 2014. Apparently I am meant to inform them when my daughter goes on holiday for a week, firstly I would like to know if this is true as I thought it was longer than this. The second thing I would like to clarify is that since this holiday someone has informed the DWP that my daughter is living abroad in Turkey with a Turk which is totally un
  3. So basically you can't win! The Government state you must live alone to receive SDP yet if you live in a house with two bedrooms you have to pay the extra bedroom tax unless you take in a Lodger or move to smaller accommodation, it makes me sick! In the area where I live there are no one bedroom properties and If I do as they say and take a Lodger in and they are not on benefits then I lose my SDP! Not a happy bunny!!
  4. Hi Thank you both for your advice. No my friend does not claim carer's allowance for me as she works over 37 hours a week, I do not take rent from her because she does help me with my personal care and does shopping and cleans my home for me, therefore I do not ask her for any rent, she is not able to claim carer's allowance due her earning over £100 a week, I just feel this is so unfair that I lose out on this money yet need it to pay somebody else to help me during the day!
  5. Hi I am new to this forum but I need to ask a question and hope one of you can help! I am in receipt of Income Support as I care for my daughter who does not live in my property. I used to receive Severe Disablement Premium until I allowed my friend to come and live with me! My question is that I do not have a partner therefore why has my entitlement to severed disability premium stopped, I understand them stopping it if I have a partner but as to sharing my home with a friend should not mean that I should lose this premium. My friend does not receive carers allowance for lookin
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