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  1. Hi, I cant comment really. Your situation is very different. Your loan is secured against property. I know Everyday DONT issue secured loans anymore ... (Dont know why?) You would need very specialist advice .. I know of one guy ( I know this guy personally) who had a secured home loan declared invalid due to the nature of the way the agreement was written up and the subsequent charges made. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/merseyside/4720585.stm http://citywire.co.uk/new-model-adviser/extortion-ignorance-and-bad-loans/a261311 These links will give y
  2. Hi, Thank you .. do not understand the CCA 1974... What I have is payments of 1 x £158.28, and 29 of £165.95 The loan agreement is confusing, it says APR Variable 76.0 % somewhere else it states - interest rate is 51.9 % per annum variable. So all in all you need a maths degree to decypher these agreements. It says they MAY chrage you £25.00 for a missed payment and £5.00 for cancelling a DD ! Is the interest rate illegal how would a judge in court view their activities ??? :jaw: Thank you for your help ! Regards AK
  3. Can you please elaborate .. what do you mean by the loan is unenforceable ??? Am in deep trouble and have tried to come to an agreement with these people who keep adding a missed payment fee of £25.00 PLUS interest. :mad2::mad2: Thanks AK
  4. Hello All, I posted regarding Everyday Loans some time ago .. to warn you about their business practices and interest rates. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?259737#post2928758 I have today reported them again to Trading Standards and Consumer Direct. I have reported them for their sky high interest rates . . . their business practices .. not advertising their interest rates.. and for the way they treat you. Sat in the office while they calculate how much interest to charge you for over an HOUR ! My experience is a £2600.00 loan over 30 months
  5. Re: Everyday Loans - Fixed sum loan agreement advice please ... The answer is in the amount of loan you have to repay if more than half of the loan time has elapsed, that is rather an onerous (think that is how it is spelt) term... plus the fact that the APR seems to be completely wrong. I am no expert but I would say that the basic loan is unenforceable via a court, purely on the APR aspect... it is WAY too high for a fixed term loan. I would let Trading Standards see the copy of the loan paperwork and see if they can do anything for you - but dont hold your breath on that.
  6. DX No nothing I can reclaim ... I refused PPi which probably made my APR higher these people really are bad news. 76% that is after I had a smaller loan with them paid in full, Xmas (Last year) and wife needing funds to see sister in Tenerife due to illness last November led to this bad deal. I deeply regret this ... Please rest assured this will be a pain for them to get the funds out of me .... Though I do not suggest defaulting on a loan that an individual signs up to. ... I will make life awkward so awkward for them, I urge other s to do the same. Compass
  7. Hi, Paid Eeryshark the other day .. full up to date payments. I wont pay them by DD anymore They keep ringing me to ask for my card details so they can process my monthly payment each due date. Question is Can a loan shark company like this lot demand payment via storing bank debit card details ??? Is it legal for people to store information in this manner ??? Anyone provide some response to this issue ??? I have no intention of giving my debit card details, or a DD instruction. What I will do is pay them in full each due date for 19 more times !
  8. Can you tell me why they wouldnt honour your expensive PPI claim... is it possible they mss sold the PPI to you if so try and claim it back ! I just put a claim in for £75.00 ... robbing gits !
  9. http://www.macintyrehudson.co.uk/calculators/loan Try this loan calculator ... 8)
  10. Please ALL Everyshark customers make them work for their money.... :roll: Make it cost them to collect their ill gotten lot !!!
  11. Hi, Hmmmm i could never work mine out ... read earliest part of thread. Im going to write and ask them to explain how they calculate interest .. hope they havent done it wrong:mad2:
  12. Hi, The purpose of paying the leeches by card is to waste their leeching time by having to take the card payment over the phone ... This is more labour intensive than DD / SO payments ... ring em and waste their time if more people did this it would waste much of their daily leeching time .. no SOs for them They dont like SOs anyway for some reason it may be that the account holder has more control over their payments ??/ leeches pray on controlling people and their cash in their accounts Please join in making the run up to xmas less profitable !!!! waste their sharking time
  13. Hi, Can anyone advise if these people should advertise their sordid rates of interest ?? they get you in the office and make one up i think ! I guess that depends if you take up their expensive PPI ..and their usual excuse to rip you off your credit score ! Any advice please
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