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  1. Thank you very much Antone, the thing that troubled me was that i get it all rolled in together with my E.S.A, It is £134.95 a week,so on my bank statement it says E.S.A . And thats why i was getting worried about it, if i was to fail the esa medical, as my home pip assesment was laughable ,lots of contradictions in the statement i should of appealed really,but was so ill ,was pleased though to have the standered care in pip . it does not say at all ,severe disability premium on any of the money recieved from dwp , just esa.. am confussed now ,thinking about it.You think i should give E.s a a ring . I will look through my letters.. Yes it says on the letter your living expenses £73.10. Extra money as you are severerely disabled £61.85 I never even knew about the the sdp benefit, they sent me a small form to fill in a coulpe of months ago, so i am glad i did send it back to them. cheers . ..
  2. Hello ,lovely to be back. Yes just a little bit about what i am recieving, since this year, and all income based . Had Pip awarded ,standered care for 4 years, also on Esa assessement phase , 9 weeks in. On severe premium disability too. What i am asking please is when i go for my esa medical,and say i fail, which i should not ,but you never know with them ,Would i lose the disability premium as it has been a godsend. Its Helping so much after being unwell for years with chronic joint pains and having little income, it really helps along with pip benefit with transport ,online food shop etc.. Would someone please be able to tell me if what are the reasons i could lose this benefit please? i live alone too. Thankyou for any replies in advance.xx
  3. I really dont belive for a minute that the real reason i.d.s has resigned was because of the unfairness of the disability cuts .He has been for all the welfare cuts all alone,wooping in parliment.Shame on them all!
  4. I dont think these silly people who bring in all these daft ideas and new rules concerning the disabled and ill ,relize just how hard it is when you are in temendous pain every day with Arthritis . Just a bit of strenuous activity starts a flare up. It really annoys me with this cruel and heartless goverment.Would love to see i.d.s , d.c and g.o in my shoes ,and lots of others in the same position for 24 hrs,see how they like it..
  5. Yes please let me know your outcome when taking the sick note into the jobcentre. you may find the rules have changed,but gl to you!
  6. Hi Treb, good luck,but i think you may be in the same boat as my friend,with still doing the job searches etc, even though you are sick,please let me know if you get told different , if he was able to am sure he would of put in a claim for Esa but he was passed fit for work 5 months ago.So maybe in a few months if no improvement in his health which i can not see my friend will most properley go on Esa again..
  7. Sorry i tried to send this message twice,sent to private message instead lol. My friend 49 is on jsa ,was on esa 5 months ago. His health problems are Adominal pains,his liver he has been told,maybe a kidney stone! he,s had 2 xrays ,gout in his foot,and right arm pains,could be tennis elbow.He went to his dr with all the pain he was in,and asked for a sick note,his dr gave him one for a month,so he takes to jobcentre,to be told the rules have changed,he would still have to have proven work searches plus sign on evey fortnightly. I was gobsmacked just like my friend was,while being told this.It did sicken me also,of the cruelity of it.I see my friend a lot and see the pain he is in,takes around 4 painkillers 2 gout tablets a day!I can not see the justice of it,and who in the right mind would take my friend on to work for them,when he is sooo unfit for work.. I also took a sick note in while on jsa around 6 months ago,and was told i could get complete rest,no job searches or visits to my jobcentre for 6 weeks,jsa money came through every fortnight as normal. It does not surprise me with this goverment one bit,they are hellbent on getting the sick in to work,and it is a disgrace,they have always discrimated against the sick and the poor,it makes my blood boil:mad2:. Thanks for any comments replys in advance!x
  8. Hi Ros i know thats what i thought,i have been on it before Carers allowance and i only had to go once to sort the income support ,once i started getting payments,i never went back to the jobcentre.,aswas on it 9 months.Its silly,doesnt make no sense to me,going once a month,when am busy..
  9. Hi flumps ,i will ask when i have to go in November for my monthly appointment,she talked about it being new rules ,that had come out in september. Just wondered if anyone else has been told the same thing.Cheers.
  10. Yes good idea madwoman, dont understand the logic in attending the jobcentre once a month, while on income support and carers allowance .am caring full time for my friend who,s disabled.These must be new rules am sure.
  11. How shocking hey How shocking hey! the lenghts that the jobcentre and work providers go to totally make you feel worthless,in trying to secure some kind of work .The daily signings i can not understand one bit,could be to pee you of so much ,that in the end you get so fed up you take any job offered, be suitable or not.Just complete bullys! Sorry shadow can,t help you with your question,but good luck! 1
  12. Hi hope someone could help me please? I have just started claiming Carers allowance ,well since late August, my first payment and backdated payments will be early October, dont know why i will have to wait nearly five weeks for a payment ,but still !.I also put a claim in for income support,also a bit of a delay as was on jobseekers allowance .I was surprised to find that while claiming income support that i would have to go to the jobcentre once a month to continue recieving payments. is this something new?, dont understand why ?,.The lady at the jobcentre told me it was just in case i want to find another job while on income support, i told her that am doing 35 hrs as a carer,and it is not easy, it full time hard work.I have still got some health problems, but i perfer to be helping a good friend who,s disabled and making a difference, then staying on the dole..Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello pealady ,sorry to hear about your awful treatment from atos. I too went through hell with them, i felt physically and mentally drained ! at the end of the day ,these people do not care.!
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