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  1. Many thanks Antone. It's been difficult trying to find a definitive answer. As you've confirmed why, I can't understand why the DWP didn't explain in their letter of a fortnight ago, when they should have notified me as soon as the DLA ceased last August. My CAB advocate, who I've not been able to contact for a week, however, assures me that having been in receipt of DLA for 24 years (middle care component + low mobility rate) stands me in good stead to have the PIP decision overturned by the Tribunal panel. As well as my medical records from 1987, when I was first re
  2. Hi All, the main crux of my post is to ask if anyone knows why the DWP just simply ceased the Severe Disability Premium? In February 2017 the DWP confirmed my entitlement of SDP together with ESA, Disability Income Guarantee and Limited Capability for work for work (support group). Two weeks ago I received an identical letter from DWP stating; "We have looked at your claim again following a recent change. This is because of: a change in money coming in. There has not been any change, to any of my entitlements, at all. The last, previous contact I had from DWP,
  3. Hi Sali, thanks for your reply and kind supportive words. As my initial post reveals I began my quest for the truth in September '05 and will come back with updates to help others beat the system. It's heart-breaking to now learn that there are many that have fallen by the way when they've not had the tenacity to pursue their case, or run out of funds. The issue of my late Darling's medical notes being destroyed is of no problem. My Solicitor simply requested all medical notes last January as an exercise to see if they differed from the original set that I obtained in January 2006. Beca
  4. Hi Sali, you said "keep going" and I still am. As Geoff said "it can be a long road" which I never expected. Since my last post in 2009 a Solicitor finally took the case on in November 2012 and has issued the defendant Trust with 12 charges for a wrongful death. The Trust are still in denial and have raised the fact that I'm beyond the 3 years limitation period. All evidence is within the years of correspondence that they deliberately stalled their responses to expire the limitation period. It's a usual tactic the NHS complaints dept. are known for. Probably thinking they're untouchable the
  5. Hi All, just to clarify that it's worth challenging. It's been resolved. I rang Santander (0800 056 6066) after finding; http://www.mybank.alliance-leicester.co.uk/logged_out/termsconditions.asp £500 minimum monthly funding not applicable to Premier 21 and Premier 50 Current Accounts but these accounts must still be funded, within 8 weeks of the new account being opened. All charges have been cancelled with agreement to close the account. Ironically it was the same collections dept, but a different operative, who consulted her manager and agreed to refund the £184
  6. Hi All, before I throw £184 away on charges. I've just received a call demanding that I clear the balance accumulated solely by under funding charges. In Sept 2009 I threw £2500 in an A&L account just to receive £100 for opening the account and 5% interest. I withdrew the majority for a funeral expense and the account lain dormant since. Santander graciously credited me with £50 overdraft to pay the under funding and now todays call from their collections dept want £184. I havn't time to scour the forum, as I've just been told that I'm now incurring daily charges, to see if others ha
  7. Tables turned – your chance to shop the DWP 15 June 2010 Dear Will, In this newsletter we’re asking you to make sure the blame for much of the increase in the harassment of disabled people is placed where it belongs – at the door of the DWP and its ministers, with their constant campaign of vilification against sick and disabled claimants. The Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has begun an investigation into whether public bodies are fulfilling their legal obligations to prevent disabled people from being harassed. If you think the DWP are failing in this duty – a
  8. DLA short form con update plus keeping ESA after losing appeal 04 February 2010 Dear Will, We have an update on the four page DLA renewal form - and are definitely advising people to treat it with enormous caution, given the feedback we've had. Moving on to employment and support allowance (ESA), the latest statistics for both claims and appeals make very dismal reading indeed, with almost 7 out of ten claimants who have an assessment being found fit for work and fewer than 4 out of ten winning their appeals. Not that losing your appeal necessarily means you have to stop
  9. Dear Will, It’s a start, but nowhere near enough. Health secretary Andy Burnham has said that he has ‘heard the concerns and worries about disability living allowance’. As a result, he has announced that: “I can state categorically that we have now ruled out any suggestion that DLA for under-65s will be brought into the new National Care Service.” Good news indeed . . . for some . . . for the moment. But definitely not for the one and a half million people who depend on AA. Nor for the for the three quarters of a million people aged 65 and over who receive DLA. Not even for the
  10. Hi, I just did a search on "Crohn's DLA" and there's someone on MSE forum who's had the same problems as you. Have a read at; http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?p=25584375 Then if necessary, PM or post the OP for advice. My main search was at; DLA Crohns - Google Search This is one reason I began a thread on the Green Paper currently going through the Commons, where there are proposals to abolish AA and DLA. Don't worry, because there has so far been public revolt. When it comes to filling an application in, don't forget to describe his condition on a bad day. Kind
  11. Hi MsWeatherwax, that's extremely kind of you. The hospital management only have theirselves to blame for this escalating to it's current position. I'm honestly of the old school that if they had have just said, "Sorry, we messed up", that would have been the end of the matter. Even the kids have agreed, that if Mom's cancer came from smoking, there's no room to complain. When I submitted the initial complaint, the complaints manager replied stating, "because the Coroner's Officer is not directly employed by the NHS, any complaint levied towards him falls outside the remit of the NHS compl
  12. Hi Daniella, would it surprise you when I say I don't have a solicitor? I havn't needed to use my legal insurance, as I've been unable to engage a solicitor, because they have all said that I would not be able to prove "causation" (she was an ex-smoker). Solicitors then state that, "lung cancer has a poor 5 year prognosis" and any compensation payment, if proven, would be minimal. With resources available from the internet, I've conducted everything myself. I have been able to contact the Professor in anaesthesia, who whistleblew on the Bristol Royal Infirmary baby premature deaths who has
  13. Hi Sali, I didn't want to upset anyone, because I could not accept Geoff's opinion when I read his remark of "leaving it all to the lawyers". But, I can now support what Sali has stated. It was the worst experience I ever made. "Nepotism" is rife between the Medico/legal profession. I lost my wife after 3 weeks of being diagnosed with "Tongue" cancer. I tried 14 firms of solicitors, none were interested, because the Coroner only recorded "Metastatic Lung Carcinoma" on the death certificate. Lung cancer has a poor 5 year survival rate and solicitors rate any compensation payment would be co
  14. You've got it in one Bookworm. I was just the messenger for the previous post, but can see straight through them. Why do they naturally think that we were all born yesterday or we're as green as the grass? The other anomaly that I picked up was, Phil Hope answered, "there are NO plans to axe DLA if I am in office after the next election" What chance have CONSERLabourVATIVE got of being re-elected? "CONSERLabourVATIVE" is my definition of Labour in Conservative clothing. Regards, Bill.
  15. Hi All, according to Steve Donnison (Benefits & Work) campaigner, it was stated by Phil Hope (Care Services Minister), at yesterdays Labour Conference, that DLA would not be abolished. I'd just like to add that he was most magnanimous having just repaid £42,000 in MP's expenses for household items for his London home? Dear Will, In what may represent a dramatic victory for campaigners, Care Services Minister Phil Hope yesterday told a reporter at the Labour Party conference that DLA is not under threat by the care green paper. According to the Disability Now website, Phil Hope,
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