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Found 18 results

  1. Hello All I have a Welcome Finance CCA which for one reason or another has been bought by MKRR. I CCA'd them last September, and they have sent me a copy of the front page of the agreement with no T&Cs, but the thing that is puzzling me is the figures stated on the agreement. They are as follows: Total amount of credit = 2945.43 Payment over 65 months APR = 20.80% AIR = 19.6% Total charge for credit = 1805.93 Monthly Payment = 73.07 Made up of Acceptance fee = 75.00 Interest Charge = 1728.93 All well and good, and I am no accountant, but I have work this out
  2. Hi All, Just finished writing my CCA request for HSBC (C/O MK Rapid Recoveries) - so fingers crossed that I get something back. I'll post my progress back here. All the best
  3. Hi all , I have a defaulted barclaycard account which was sold to MKRR recently, ouststanding balance about £4500. I have been passed from one dca to another over the number of years that i have had this account set up payment plans then things have happened so they havent been stuck to, it then goes quiet for a few months and then seems to get passed to different dca i have received 3 letters to date first 2 were to inform me that barclaycard have assigned and transferred my account to MKDP LLP etc the third one i received today from MKRR asking me t
  4. Hi all In October 2009 I defaulted on an HSBC overdraft, £700 of which was charges, the other £700 ish the actual overdraft. They didn't get in touch until last year (I had previously looked in to a DRO but HSBC wouldnt confirm the details to me as it had been passed to a DCA, my circumstances then changed and I was able to negotiate the other debts I had at the time) The account was originally opened in 2005. I sent MKDP LLP a CCA request, they took a long time to respond and finally responded saying that the account was opened 'interpersonally' (whatever that means) and t
  5. I took out an agreement with welcome finance in 2004 for a car that I needed for work. after a year I had to resign or the company told me I would be sacked. I was unemployed for almost a year & could not keep up with the payments. In the end we decided to refinance the agreement so I could make affordable payments. When the original loan was paid off I do not think that the PPI was refunded plus something called short fall insurance which I have no idea about. I believe that the ppi was miss-sold as I would not of agreed to it had I known that I could not claim
  6. Hi I received a call this morning from a company called MKRR asking about payment on an HSBC account. Never having had one suspicions were raised. I asked her what the debt was (credit card) how much (£1605.73) when it defaulted (14 January 2008) if that meant statute barred - no as payment of £30 was made in 2009 As I told her I had no knowledge of this debt I asked for proof of debt to be sent out - default notice and proof of last payment. She said the notice of assisgnment was proof of the debt but I wouldn't accept that as any company could
  7. Hi all, I will get straight to the point. Back in May 2011 I started getting letters from Willen/MKRR concerning a debt owed to Nationwide. I didn't hear anything further from then until July 2011. responded by sending a statute barred letter. They duly responded by saying that they had been advised by Nationwide that a payment was applied to the account on 13th May 2005 and this was withdrawn on 20th May 2005 before the account was assigned to Roxburghe. replied by asking them to provide proof of the so called payment made, I didn't receive any proof from the
  8. hi all just need a bit of advice being chased for a debt of 13k by mkrr for an old hsbc loan from 2006, no payment or acknowledgment has been made since jan 2007, there is no ccj against this debt and the default fell off my credit report jan this year am I right in thinking this debt is statute barred .
  9. Good morning I'm not sure about forum etiquette as I have already posted this on the Welcome thread but that doesn't seem to have much traffic from caggers so apologies if I haven't done the right thing. I was hoping to get some help with an old Welcome debt which was apparently bought by MKRR in 2010, I took out a £2000 loan in September 2007 and unfortunately only managed 2 payments. Welcome appeared on my credit file until recently but all payments recorded are not accurate it says I started paying in May 2007 with first late payment in July 2007 this before I even took the loan
  10. I was hoping to get some help with an old Welcome debt which was apparently bought by MKRR in 2010, I took out a £2000 loan in September 2007 and unfortunately only managed 2 payments. Welcome appeared on my credit file until recently but all payments recorded are not accurate it says I started paying in May 2007 with first late payment in July 2007 this before I even took the loan out.History also shows as various late payments of between 1 and 6 months from July 2007 to October 2009, I have definitely made no payment or contact since October 2007, I am 100% sure of that as I lost my job at
  11. I received a letter stating that in 2010 debt was transferred to Social Direct recovery service in Aintree. I ignored it as I haven't any debt that isn't resolved. O now received a telephone call from MKRR saying would I give my name and address as identity proof, then they will share of what they are calling about. I didn't recognize this MKRR and so - as I am fed up with uninvited calls, emails and texts from financial services, I refused to give my details out over the phone to anyone. They said they could not verify who they are until I give them conformation
  12. Hi, Just trying to get some advice on some accounts me and my husband hold. Husband had an account with HSBC. Account is years old, got into financial difficulty some years ago, was on reduced payments for a while but no longer making payments to the account and haven't for some years, not had any correspondence from anyone for at least 3 years but have moved house and not updated address. Account is no longer on credit file but is not statute barred. MKRR have now started writing asking to contact them to arrange repayment. Should we acknowledge, don't have the money to p
  13. I'm continually getting calls from the phone number 03333 440629, can be three or four times a day, for a few days, then nothing for a couple of weeks, and then it starts again. I don't answer numbers that I don't recognise, I let them ring out and google them. This number appears to belong to MKRR. They've also used 01452 260079 just recently, after I mistakingly pressed re-dial. However, I've not (knowingly) spoken to them, and they have not contacted me by post - they mustn't have my current address - is there anyway I can get them to cease calling? Or in doing s
  14. Hi CAGers, hope you are all well, I know it's been a while since my last post, but here goes... After nearly a year of silence from my 3 debtors, it seems one of the CC companies wasn't happy with me. The rough timeline is as follows: CAPQUEST was repeatedly badgering me for money owed to Barclaycard I requested a CCA by letter about a year ago (recorded and PO for £1 enclosed) Heard nothing after the legal period had passed, so sent follow up stating the account was now in dispute as no CCA had been sent to me. Then...bliss...at least for a while Now it seems
  15. I took a loan out back in 2004 via Welcome which I believed was paid off by 2006 and have moved several times since, including out of the country for a period of time due to work. For the last week I have been plagued by calls at work by MKRR trying to tell me I have a £4000 odd debt to be paid which I am of course not in a position to do. As I live in Scotland, debts are extinguished after five years, so even if I have, and I still dispute this, as unsettled Welcome debt, it should no longer be able to be pursued. I am loathe to entertain any discourse with this shower of yaho
  16. Ok, another thread from me..... . I have an old Welcome Finance debt (2007/08) which was sold to MKDP LLP back in March 2010. I made a CA request which was ignored so put the account in dispute. Since then I have been bombarded with letters/phone calls from the above debt collectors. I've finally received a 'credit agreement' and some statements of account, and here is where it gets interesting... Firstly, the credit agreement does have my signature on it, but all of the figures and text including the terms & conditions are blurred and totally illegible,
  17. Hello, please can anybody advise me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Approx 5 and a half years ago I got a car on welcome finance and then after approx a year they repossessed the car from me for not making any payments for about 6 months. I know it was stupid but I was younger then and i have learnt a lot since then... I completely forgot about all of this as I haven;t heard from them since then but I have received a letter in the post this month from MK Rapid Recoveries: "Dear... Regardless of our attempts by telephone and letter we still have not received yo
  18. Ok, in may 2007 i got a car through a garage the finance was provided by welcome car finance, I was told i must take out PPI at the time of sale though i can cancel it within one month. I Contacted welcome and they did nothing about it, Untill about 8 months later i refused to make any further payments. Welcome then made a new agreement minus the PPi, they refused to return the PPI i had paid, The new agreement was for the original amount, So they would not take in to account the money i had already paid on the original agreement, also the second agreement welcome alterd the date o
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