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  1. [Thanks DX and Andy you have both been most helpful. I suspect that my daughter will still get more correspondents from these people. Regards IJ
  2. Is there a letter template in the library Andy, I know their used to be. I must say you are very helpful in these matters.
  3. Hi Andy, the CCA request was sent to Lowell's back in April (5th) and my daughter heard nothing from them until recently. So what now? I have also noticed that they have dated their reply 26th April.
  4. Yet another letter from Lowell re JD Williams debt. Please contact us with your repayment proposals. Your documents. You previously requested documents under sections 77/78 of the cca 1974. JD Williams have provided o copy of the documentation, which we will send under separate cover. This fulfils our obligations under the cca 1974. DX, I thought that when requesting a cca they had 14 days to respond to the request, has this now changed?
  5. I will have to ask my daughter about what may be missing, is that important DX? If she has anything I will send a copy.
  6. What I have sent is exactly what my stepdaughter received. The details DX are exactly as she received them, a child could have written that in. There is no rest of it, a covering letter and the so called agreement .that is it.
  7. Hi Andy, I hope you manage to get the files ok. return.pdf
  8. I have 2 pics, how do I insert them please.
  9. Hi DX, I am not able to scan the agreement. I will have to try and take a photo.
  10. Sorry Andy but I am unable to do as you suggested.
  11. No sorry DX I am not able to scan the agreement.
  12. Hi DX, guess what!!!! after sending a CCA in April they have just decided to send the awaited agreement only 3 months late. The so called agreement they have sent has been completed by someone else and there is no customer signature on the so called agreement. I have noticed a paragraph in their letter, please find enclosed a reconstituted ''True Copy'' of your credit agreement along with the current terms and conditions applicable to your account, to which you agreed. When responding to a section 78 request, a lender does not have to provide a photocopy or other literal copy of the executed agreement not provided a copy bearing or some other proof of the customers actual signature. Does my stepdaughter just ignore this letter.
  13. Thanks DX, she will no doubt get more letters from them.
  14. It is a catalogue (JD Williams). As they are now in default of the CCA request should a follow up letter be sent to BPO as they now have the debt?
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