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Found 16 results

  1. I will be travelling abroad for 7-10 days and will be signing off, I am on old style JSA and want to avoid if possible making a fresh claim for UC and make a rapid reclaim for JSA instead upon my return. Would it not be the case that if I signed off from JSA for one week to go overseas then I would need to make a claim for housing benefit due to a change of circumstances to cover me for the period I am on zero income. So I make my housing benefit claim immediately after I close down my JSA claim. Therefore I cannot go on UC due to me awaiting a desicion for housing benefit ? If you've applied for other benefits You can’t get Universal Credit if you've applied for any of the following and you're waiting for a decision: Jobseeker’s Allowance Employment and Support Allowance Income Support Housing Benefit Child Tax Credit Working Tax Credit Thoughts ?
  2. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-and-france-launch-rapid-deployment-exercise
  3. I am trying to do a JSA rapid reclaim online but after answering the first few questions im told i live in a Universal Credit postcode area and to click on the start now link to apply if you live in an eligable area. Do i simply go through and fill out the Universal Credit questions to do a Jsa rapid reclaim?
  4. Was just wondering if you've been on ESA for a few years and close your claim to move to a job you've been offered as it would pay more than the Permitted Work rules allow but then find you can't cope as the pressure of the job quickly starts to exacerbate your medical condition are you able to do a rapid reclaim and go back to where you were or would you be looking at going through the ESA system from day 1 again?
  5. I had a letter this morning from a company calling itself MKPD. They claim in the letter that They say the debt is for £1,848.88p, but I have no knowledge of this debt. I am also suspicious as they say it was passed to them in December 2011, so why wait until know to write to me? Any advice as what to do would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Hi all What do I send next to Bcard - if anything? CCA requested for very old MSDW card. Received usual reconstituted application form. Dodgy DN issued by Mercers. A/c in dispute letter sent to Bcard + holding them responsible for Mercers harassment. Letter and doorstep visit (told to Foxtrot Oscar) from Resolvecall but no confirmation from either Mercers or Bcard that they are who they say they are. Today: 2 statements from Bcard. 1. Mercers are now dealing with your account...' 2. '...your card has been withdrawn. 3. 'Your card has now been canceled....' And £0 credit limit shown. 4. Interestingly no Late Payment Charge for Oct but £12 on all preceding ones. None of this overly troubles me but I wonder if I should write querying the nature of assignment to Mercers and/or does 'Your card has now been canceled.' mean that the agreement has been terminated. Or do I just let dying dogs lie for now? Any advice gratefully received. Best wishes vic
  7. Hi All, I don't know if anyone can help. In 2009 i had a payday loan from Rapid Cash based in Manchester. My husband had just been made redundant and we were majorly struggling. In the end they lodged a CCJ against me which is for £325. I want to make them a one off offer of settlement as i need it to show as satisfied on my file for my mortgage application but i can't get hold of them !! Are they still trading and if so is there a website for them? If i can't get hold of them to pay, what do i do about the CCJ as its on there until next year and i really need to show it as paid . Any advice would be grateful. There must be other instances where a company lodges a CCJ then goes bust themselves leaving the defendant with no way of paying it off! Regards Shelley
  8. My partner and I were repossessed by Capstone nearly 3 years ago. We havent heard a dicky bird from them but we also had to get a secured loan with the mortgage which was from Welcome Finance. This has now been passed on to Mackenzie Hall my partner keeps getting the odd letter asking if he lives at the address we are now residing at. He is now saying that we are going to be getting baillifs coming to the door can i just ask this isnt correct is it as this loan is now not secured tried to explain this to him but he is frightened we are going to lose this property cant get through to him.
  9. Several years ago I lost my job and therefore couldn't make the minimum payment on my credit card. I rang BC to explain and they were reasonably helpful at first. They told me they could lower the payment, which I still couldn't afford, but told me that was the least they could take. I later found out this was rubbish and rang back to make token payments to show I wasn't trying to ignore/avoid it but just couldn't pay at this time. they quickly added charges to my account and continued to add interest despite me pleading to them to freeze the account as I had long since cut up the card... they wouldn't. After dealing with 3 separate recovery companies, explaining exactly what had happened, the third company then sent an "agent" round to my house, illegally. Luckily for him, my mum answered the door and sent him on his way. I rang the company to let them know what they had done was illegal and that I was going to sue them. A few days later I received a letter saying that the case was closed and I wouldn't hear anything about it, which I didn't, for 2 years. A few weeks ago I got a letter from MKRR saying they were acting on behalf of Barclycard and I owed them £4,518.63. I had spent less than £2000 on the card so the rest is interest and charges which is what I argued about for so long. The thing that is puzzling me is that Barclycard have had my address and contact details for the past 2 years so why has this company only contacted me now? And how does it work if the last company "owned" the debt? Have they sent it back to Bacrlycard or sold it on to another company? I'm currently unemployed (just finished uni) and don't claim any benefits. They are threatening legal action and saying the amount will continue to go up if I don't contact them. Do I still have a case suing the other company for coming to my house illegally? Thank you in advance to anyone that offers help, support or advice.
  10. Hi, first time posting, hoping to get some help. Back in 2008 I took out a CC from HSBC, spent a few thousand and soon after defaulted due to redundancy. I think I made 3 payments in total. HSBC chased this debt for maybe a year, but I explained I had zero money and ignored them. The last I heard anything about this debt was some time in 2009. After 3 years of silence I thought I'd been pretty lucky, I was employed for that 3 year period but no one seemed to be chasing me for this money at all. Around March this year HSBC wrote to me to advise the debt had been passed to MKDP, who also contacted me with demands to set up a payment plan. This couldn't have been worse timing, as I had been made redundant again a week before. I know that morally I owe this money, and would have began repayment during my employment, but once again I am being hounded for money I do not have. All of my JSA is allocated and I am currently having to live off my thankfully large and up until my redundancy, unused bank overdraft. So to pay off this debt would only mean getting into more debt. After 6 months of letters MKDP advised they will begin legal procedures if I do not pay up. I sent a CCA request. I know these don't have as much power as they used to, but after reading about how incompetent MKDP are I hoped it would stymie them for a time. They replied today with only a copy of a notice of assignment, the exact thing HSBC sent me back in March when they informed me the debt had been sold. The letter I sent very clearly stated my request of the CCA. They even cashed the £1 cheque I sent. So I'm hoping for some advice on what to do next. Are MKDP in default for effectively ignoring my CCA request? Should I bring this to the attention of trading standards? Or maybe just re-send the CCA request, with stronger wording? Do I take this as evidence they don't have a copy of the CCA and should now just ignore them? Thanks for any help.
  11. Hello, first time poster so thanks in advance for any assistance. I'm looking for some advice on a couple of letters I have recently received from MK Rapid Recoveries. I had no idea who they were at the time but I recognised the account details they were referencing though I have never had any correspondence from them previously. It was from a Welcome Finance loan of £1500 (now £2171.35) I took out in March 2006. I, and my partner, were both put out of work in the summer of 2006 and as such all of our debts defaulted in some way at this time. We pretty much sold everything we owned to make ends meet and still ended up losing our home in early 2007 and spent a couple of years moving us and the kids around various short term accommodation (living with relatives, short term tenancies etc). The last payment I made on this account was August 2006 - I know this as it was the last month I got a wage that year and all out debts stopped being paid then. We got back on our feet after a couple of years and have since started to pay off our debts as and when we've been able to, starting with the ones that were chasing us the most. The Welcome Finance one wasn't addressed as we didn't have the spare income to pay it at the time and they had not sent us any correspondence since early 2007. This last letter was to one of the places we had to move to (our postal and electoral register trails have been kept up to date as much as possible) so it wasn't as if I was trying to avoid telling anyone where I was. I am just about to clear another one of my debts and as such would have some spare income to cover this debt but my question is in this particular instance do I actually now have to? The debt was last contributed to in August 2006 so it's been 7 years since I last paid anything on it. I never received any confirmation of the default being registered or anything about passing the debt on MK Rapid Recoveries. I have recently checked my credit report with Experian and found the default is registered as 04/01/2010 for this account, which means it took Welcome Finance over 3 years to register the default on this debt. This account was also not on my credit report in spring 2012 when I last checked it. I have done some google searches and it seems everyone asking for advice on this company all have defaults registered at the same time so it sounds as first glance as if they've reset the defaults on a bulk load of debts to this time. I acknowledge the debt is mine in that I took out the loan in April 2006, but I don't want to pay it if I really don't have to (as it would mean I can clear some others that are currently being paid a bit quicker) but I have no idea of my position on this and really do not want to have a new black mark on my credit history (such as a CCJ) for something that I have already been defaulted for. Any help or advice is appreciated.
  12. I'm continually getting calls from the phone number 03333 440629, can be three or four times a day, for a few days, then nothing for a couple of weeks, and then it starts again. I don't answer numbers that I don't recognise, I let them ring out and google them. This number appears to belong to MKRR. They've also used 01452 260079 just recently, after I mistakingly pressed re-dial. However, I've not (knowingly) spoken to them, and they have not contacted me by post - they mustn't have my current address - is there anyway I can get them to cease calling? Or in doing so, would I have to reveal my identity and address, and the lack of postal communication leads me to believe they don't have it.
  13. A newbie CRA question ... which CRA should I be requesting data from? I've also moved house recently. I haven't told the DCAs about the move, but a couple have started sending me letters to my new address. Do I need to mention both addresses? Thanks for your help, Sue
  14. Hi guys wonder if you can help me with this. I had an account with HSBC which I haven't used for several years. The account was in the red, but this was made up of charges which I was disputing. Along the way I lost track, and forgot about it for a while. For the past few weeks MKRR have been sending me increasingly threatening letters about payment. I sent them the 'prove it' letter and they sent back some printouts of statements and said the matter was closed. The statements show the charges dating back to 2005 and going until 2008. The amount they are claiming is roughly equal to the amount of charges + interest on them. Today I had a landline phonecall from them, which pi**ed me off no end, as I never ever give out my number and am ex-directory and TPS registered. I refused to answer any questions and told them to write to me instead. What do I do now they've sent me the statements? Any help is appreciated!! Thankyou
  15. hi i am new on here but would like some advise re: welcome finance and mk rapid recoveries, we had a joint secured loan with welcome finance but got into problims with paying it back and have not paid any thing on it for about 12 months, because of my health witch welcome knew about and just left us alone ,untill two weeks ago got a letter but only one of us names on from welcome telling us the debt as been sold to mk rapid recoveries and the very next day we got a letter from this company telling me to now contact them because the debt was now with them and they owned it,so i contacted welcome and asked them what will happen with the deeds as its a secured loan .i have not had any reply from them yet.but today again another letter from mk rapid recoveries telling me to make contact with them about this debt ,if i dont contact them they will keep telephoning me.but they cant as they dont have my phone number,and also said they will keep sending me letters untill an agreement as been sorted.the thing is i want to know what happened to the deeds if welcome have sold to this company .dont they have to contact my mortgage company first to advise them what there intend doing any advise on this would be great. the next thing do i have to contact this company as i still awaiting details from welcome about the deeds.also should we bothbe getting letters as the loan with welcome was joint loan.but it seems there sending letters to me only and why not both of us.i am going into hospital in two weeks time for major sugery should i contact this company about this .also the loan was taken out about six years ago,welcome know every thing about me and what happened to me nov 2011 witch i neally died and needed urgent surgery and left me in icu for 15 days ,they know unable to pay this in full ,all i want to know if welcome have sold the debt onto someone eles then that means they have to remove there names from the deeds witch they have not done yet and checked the land reg yesterday and they still showing on the deeds.any advise would be great on if i should contact this company or not
  16. Good evening I wonder if anyone could advise me on here please? I live with my partner in a house mortgaged by NRAM we fell into financial trouble some years back and took out a secured loan on the property for £15,000. We made payments then Welcome got into trouble and we heard no more for a couple of years. It would appear that Raven bought the debt and they are chasing us for payment, we have an arrangement to pay £100 off of the balance of £26,895.00 (the original loan was 15K). Can they repossess the house although NRAM have the first charge and there would be no equity in it? They keep threatening to and it is freaking me out a bit. Thanks Deb
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