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  1. will get that off tomorrow and then comence battle with hfc/hsbc for penalty charges and ppi that should be fun,thing the though of success spares me on a lot more reading and research ahead
  2. just a bit more info spoke to lowells today to confirm wording of there letter, informed them that i was recording the conversation the young woman was very polite and confimed that because they were unable to get any paperwork from hfc that they had written off the outstanding amount owed, when asked would they be selling the debt on her answer was that has the debt was written off there was nothing to sell on,so hopefully its a result .P.S i dont advocate anyone phoning any D.C.A i rang because i WONT LET THEM WIN
  3. but the wording says they have written off the outstanding amount and closed the account so that suggests that will be nothing to sell on
  4. hi dx100uk the actual wording is[ as part of our regular account review process we have taken the decision to write off the outstanding amount and close your account with us. as a result, this letter will be the last contact you will receive from lowells , we trust you will be satisfied with this outcome] dead right im satisfied.
  5. it was an old hfc credit card which i couldn't keep payments on when i became ill ,the letter as been scaned and copyed aan put away safe
  6. just like to thank all who post on this site ,dont post much myself but do read and learn and thanks to this have just had £4000 debt wiped out by lowells, had hfc debt sold on to lowells who chased me for two years bombarded me with phone calls and letters never produced any documents or paperwork i ask for today got a letter stating that they had wiped the debt off and would no longer be pursuing it, so to all those still figting dont give in and i found all my answers on this site big thang you to the many good people who post
  7. hi all need some advice to help a friend out, my friend made a claim for a refund ppi from hfc in 2012. this claim was accepted and he was offered £1200 but due a break up of marriage and serious health issues he never returned acceptance form, I am trying to help him get back on his feet both physically and financially, would he need to start his claim again or is it a lost cause now .
  8. hi thanks for quick reply ,just been to hsbc bank to get details of old account and been told account was closed December 2007 so going to fire off statute barred letter recorded delivery thank for help
  9. hi all just need a bit of advice being chased for a debt of 13k by mkrr for an old hsbc loan from 2006, no payment or acknowledgment has been made since jan 2007, there is no ccj against this debt and the default fell off my credit report jan this year am I right in thinking this debt is statute barred .
  10. having problems with restons and mckenezie hall. my problems started back in 1997 when i had a suspected heart attack and had to take a considerable amount of time off work and could not make payment on my loan with hfc bank and was taken to court by restons amount owed was 3600 but with costs came to almost 6100 pounds i had a attachment of earning for £14 per week until made redundant in april 2010 and paid 3200 off the debt.l when made redundant i inform restons of situation and informed them that when i was employed i would continue payments. i have just received a letter informing me that hfc have now passed collection on to mckenezie hall i called mckenzie to inform them that this matter was being dealt with by restons who had taken me to court but was inform that hfc had received no payments from restons off the debt Even though i have paid 3200 i have tried contacting restons who just keep putting me on hold should i contact court about missing money any help please going mental with worry
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