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  1. Um, as of last year I've been self employed but I am still in receipt of the disability element due to my long term depression/anxiety. I am feeling MUCH better than I was, business has been a bit slow due to juggling impossible commitments (family, extended family "issues" etc) I will see about creating that letter and getting it posted off. Just totally hacked off that I am being put in a position where I have to do so even though I have sent the CCA request and the dispute letters... Really appreciate the advice here folks, thanks for taking time out to help me with this
  2. So basically this "threat" letter is them saying they're going to pass the debt on to themselves in another form? The last thing I need right now is a doorstep collector, even though I know they will be told politely to get off my property as they have no rights of enforecement.
  3. Thanks Allison, thanks Bazza. Another interesting thing is when I pushed the "agent" about the background/history of the account he told me that they had purchased the debt from Barclaycard and had no other information except for my details and the debt outstanding.
  4. Hi CAGers, hope you are all well, I know it's been a while since my last post, but here goes... After nearly a year of silence from my 3 debtors, it seems one of the CC companies wasn't happy with me. The rough timeline is as follows: CAPQUEST was repeatedly badgering me for money owed to Barclaycard I requested a CCA by letter about a year ago (recorded and PO for £1 enclosed) Heard nothing after the legal period had passed, so sent follow up stating the account was now in dispute as no CCA had been sent to me. Then...bliss...at least for a while Now it seems even though I had requested the CCA and sent the letter of non-compliance, the debt has now been sold to some muppets going by the name MKRR Got a nice "friendly" letter from them a few weeks ago with a freephone number (refreshing), gave them a call and told them the account was in dispute and they were illegally contacting me. They kept badgering me for a reason of non payment (I wasn't going to humour them by telling them I was in a deep 3 year depression, broke and trying to "support" my wife and then-new-born kid) I told them I would not discuss such things on the phone and told them to stop contacting me. They told me they couldn't take me off their dialler system and i would continue to receive calls/letters I told them I had requested a CCA from the previous DCA which was never received and demanded that MKRR obtain this and leave me well alone. They said they would request the CCA (no letter to prove this mind you) but they would not put the collection on hold. At which point I told them that I would only converse via letter. Now....I have received this lovely (and familiar) FINAL NOTICE letter from MKRR (as attached) I have read through it and have those old feelings of anger and upset boiling back to the surface again. Where do I stand with this guys? I think they don't have a leg to stand on and are probably breaking some kind of law trying to chase me with the account in dispute, but I don't know this for certain. Thanks for any advice you are kind enough to offer me, P.
  5. Hi guys, Our restaurant was on the brink of lodging a fraud case with both the police and our bank over this company (Staff Discounts UK). The more and more research we did, the more and more likely this looked likely to be a [problem]. But... I contacted the company and spoke with Sharon regarding my concerns. She gave me the details of the local Police Liaison officer which at the time I was concerned this would be fake information. I wrote the information down and put it to the side, and decided to contact the local police themselves. Anyway, long story cut short - I contacted the police station and asked to speak to the officer that deals with the Police Discounts. I was transfered through to said officer, and indeed it WAS the person that Staff Discounts UK said was their contact. She confirmed that the service we had signed up for was indeed being shown on the Police intranet site and the Staff Discounts site as well for all to see. I explained the concerns I had about the advertising and she reassured me that everything was in order and it was a legit operation. So I guess the moral of the story is DONT believe everything you read on the internet. Do your own research to check things out before jumping to conclusions. With no shame I put myself in this category and I'm glad I got through to them to clear things up. Hope these events help anyone questioning their advertising investment, and like us realise that it's maybe just the offer isnt enticing enough for the officers to take us up on. Something we will be rectifying shortly Best, Paul.
  6. Hi, thanks for your response. This is my disagreement with the whole thing too. They are refusing to budge on this and the trading standards seem to think I need this report. I feel like I'm completely stuck
  7. Hi folks, hoping you can help me with this one. This all started back in November 2011 when we purchased a 3 + 2 furniture combo, link below: https://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/national-deal/cool-furniture/719328 scroll down a bit to see the full details: So a £1600 suite for £579.99 - SORTED! Now, here's where the problem with it is... We have some cats in the house, and our previous suite had some minor scratches (and I do mean minor), no big deal. This one with the bonded-leather which as taken from the sales page link about bonded leather... "Bonded leather (also known as grain corrected leather) contains real leather processed to offer both consistency in colour and grain, as well as extra resilience to wear and tear. Bonded leather is the primary material used in new leather car interiors as it offers both luxury quality and excellent durability." It was damaged when one of our cats had a minor slip. Not major damage, but noticeable if you knew where to look. I queried this with the company cool-furniture and they told me they couldn't say for definite that cats couldn't scratch the leather. So we left it at that. About a month ago (Feb - 4 months after purchase), we noticed that the leftside of the 3 seater had lost all its support and effectively sunk when you sat on it. So yet again I contacted the company and I include their initial response below: "Dear Mr. , Thank you for confirming and this does confirm the springs have become misplaced and this would cause the seat to dip as you have reported. The relevance of the cat scratches is that if we are to replace the item these are classed as damage and would affect the offer we can make to rectify the situation. We can offer one of the following options to settle the issue. 1. Allowance/refund of £19.99 to keep the goods in full and final settlement or to go towards the arrangement for a local repair. 2. Exchange of the 3 seater sofa, but due to the accidental damage on the goods there would be a charge of £50.00. Please confirm by return email which option you wish to select and we can then take the necessary action. Kind regards So we got quotes from two local repair companies for the damage to be repaired. One quote was £160 and the other £145 (both + the VAT). The second guy from a 30+ year established upholsters went as far to say that after looking at the suite it was "****", which didn't fill me with confidence. Now, it doesnt take Einstein to work out that cool-furniture's offer of £19.99 was bordering on insulting, and the £50 surcharge for a replacement was well, confusing to say the least. And even if we did pay the £50, what's to stop it happening again? I understand there is minor cosmetic damage to the suite from the cat scratches BUT. Surely taking the cat scratches out of the equation, this would still go down as a manufacturing fault for the collapsed seat? I spoke with trading standards and they say I need to get a FIRA approved report that will confirm that the materials are defective or the suite was made to substandard levels. But that is £99 + VAT with NO guarantee I will get the outcome I am after. Why is it so hard for consumers to get justice these days? Any advice would be appreciated here guys as I'm sure that trading standards are missing something here... Thanks, Paul.
  8. The problem is that I DID phone the police, gave them the licence plate and told them where the driver went to after the accident (same location as I went to, same carpark area anyway). I get the feeling they just couldnt be that bothered with it (they did question my reasoning on the phone). I had to accept the 50/50 or it was never going to go anywhere. My insurance company wouldnt press for a court hearing and seeing as the idiot had his car repaired off-insurance, he had no reason to contact his insurance company about the accident. It would have just sat to infinity without anything happening to it ever until I unfortunately had to go the 50/50 route. I saw a specialist, they said I have restricted lateral movement in my right arm, and damage to my right trapezius (shoulder) and base of my neck. I am still awaiting the report from the psycoanalysis though. After the hoops I've been forced to jump through and the time that has passed, there is no way I will be accepting £1750, hell will freeze over before this happens. From what I've been reading, even with a 50/50 I reckon the figure should be 5-6k. It affected my quality of life as I was unable to carry my son, lift heavy objects (still struggle) and do any form of gardening or heavy chores. This has in turn led to a fallout with my neighbours who we used to be really good friends with. Anyway, I'm ranting now...sorry P.
  9. so with the problems ive listed and my continued "discomfort" i should be aiming for high 4-figure then?
  10. Hi mate, I had contacted the police directly after the accident, gave them the full info they requested etc and left it at that. Phoned them the next day to see what was happening to be told they couldnt locate the vehicle or the driver within the timeframe required to prove either way if he was DUI. In other words if he was DUI, the drugs would have been out of his system. So I did all I could but to no avail. The speed of the accident was between 25 and 35, but the angle of the collision and the position I was in at the time of impact was what caused the problems. So in your opinion, do you think the £1,750 offer is about right, or like me do you think they are pulling my chain? I may be desperate for the money, but there is no way in h**l I'm accepting such a blatantly low offer.
  11. Nearly 6 months down the line and this is still going on...here's the latest for anyone monitoring the thread. I have had 2 medicals, one physical in June and one psychological 2 weeks ago (August) The physical medical revealed that I have a damaged right trapezius muscle and tissue damage at the base of my neck. It turns out that the tissue damage could be what's causing my headaches which I get every now and then. The doctor further concluded that my quality of life had been affected directly from the accident. This meaning that I was suffering and to a certain extent still suffer pain/discomfort lifting my 3yo Son, shopping, bags etc. I was referred for physiotherapy and referred for a psychoanalysis too. I am still awaiting the results/outcome of the psychoanalysis I had but sufice to say that the Doctor confirmed that a) My driving style and confidence have been rocked by the accident and b) It may well have contributed to worsening the depression I have been suffering from the last 2-3 years. So...after all that, this morning I get a letter from my Solicitors dealing with the case, stating that the TPI have approached me with a settlement offer...AT LAST I thought. I read down to the bottom of the page and they offered me...(wait for it).... £1750 as a FULL and FINAL settlement. Is it just me or is this completely taking the p**s? Suffice to say I felt genuinely insulted by the offer and really did wonder if the TPI thought I was buttoned up the back! I emailed my Solicitor saying NO DEAL within 10 minutes of seeing this "offer". I've got to be honest, from what I've been reading elsewhere I was expecting this to be a HECK of a lot more, considering the length of time that's passed and my various problems arising from the accident. Any comments or assistance on this would again be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paul.
  12. Thanks unclebulgaria, I had in the back of my mind that this might be the case but was worried due to all the mishaps since getting in touch with them in the first place. I will hold off until wed-thu next week to see if they refund my money and take it from there, Either way I will let you all know the outcome! Cheers, Paul.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I spoke with them on the phone about getting my refund and they said out of a gesture of good will they would process the money back into my account, this was Wednesday. This morning I have just taken delivery of a letter from them and cannot believe the audacity of this company. See the letter here Just to refresh your memories, here is the "document timeline" since I got in touch with them; May 23rd: Applied for the insurance, paid deposit, policy documents emailed to me by onecall direct - Documents stated they needed me to send proof of NCB (fine) and color copy of my drivers licence (weird) May 24th: Deposit taken from my account totalling £25.08 May 26th: Applied for policy cancellation online (they won't do it over phone), received email confirming cancellation request, 48 hours to process - no further action required from me, no mention of deposit refund June 1st: Phone conversation as per my first post June 4th: Received the letter as above, What on earth is going on here? They say one thing on the phone then send a letter out with; a) stating the wrong monies owed b)request the return of the certificate which is in electronic format anyway c)have completely gone against what they stated they would do in the first place... Any responses greatly appreciated, Thanks Paul.
  14. Hi there, I have a quick question regarding buying insurance online. I took a policy out a few days prior to my existing cover ending with oncecall insurance. I was a bit panicky at the time and took the cover out, paid deposit of about £25 and that was that. I then decided to do what I should have done and read some reviews on the company. Oh dear I couldn't have picked a worse company if I tried. So I emailed them to cancel the polcy, and from there this is how things went over the last few days... Took the policy out, wasnt impressed with the documents (electronic format of the actual car insurance document was illegible, terms were dodgy) Phoned to cancel it a few days ago within the 14 day cooling off period. Email a few days later from them confirming cancellation. I queired the deposit refund then got another email 2 days later saying I had to call them to discuss the refund. Phoned them just now 3 times (first was wrong department, second cut me off) telling me they didn't need to refund it as the distance selling regs are there for consumers and insurers. they also said that their terms wouldn't normally alllow for the refund (even though cover hadn't even started). So I mentioned mentioned Trading Standards and the DSR. They then put me on hold and as a gesture of good will would refund me. SHAMBLES! Anyway, my question would be do they have to issue me the refund without asking me why I cancelled in the first place? Cheers, Paul.
  15. Hi, I'm assuming that your post is related to someone elses ESA issues achvour as none of the above makes sense. I filled in the DLA form online, entering what I felt was relevant to my claim using guidance from speaking with the CAB. They didn't even look at my claim form details, the only notification was they had seen my medical results and based on the medical took my DLA no further. Please, if anyone else has issues with ESA, can they start their own thread as this one is getting pulled in all directions. Thanks, Paul
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