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  1. I don't have any other debts to worry about, fortunately. Now that I know what the number is I wont be answering if they luck out again. They dont have my home number and my mobile rarely gets a signal at home. they can of course e-mail me but they cant prove if I read it or not!
  2. I won't be contacting them but can you please confirm the above
  3. I haven't contacted them, they got lucky and called my mobile, I told the guy I spoke to that it really wasn't worth pursuing due to the numerous rules broken, statute barred debt (I thought it was statute barred as couldn't recall the exact date of the last payment), PPI unclaimed and the penalty charges added. Don't think I could claim those back though as its been over 6 years since the last charge was added. The second set of default notices sent are dated June 2009 so even if they try to say its 6 years from the default then that won't matter. In answer to the
  4. when i next hear from them, what should I say to them? As I know they will be trying like mad to get something as they must know that it will be statute barred next month.
  5. Could anyone suggest how best to word the letter / e-mail I'll be sending them. Their own statements prove the date a payment was made but think I might just check with my bank if the record is genuine though it was 6 years ago!
  6. so if I ignore them until April and they don't file at court then its statute barred. Once its statute barred is there anything they can do to chase the debt. The guy I spoke to said they would be putting the account on hold for 28 days anyway.
  7. I just read your Conc rules on statude barred debts. As MKRR have been trying to trace me for the last few years at different properties, does it mean that they are entitled to continue chasing the debt. I won't go into the history of this as there is a long posting somewhere on CAG that explains it. To cut a long story short, as they issued a dodgy Default notice they could only claim the arrears anyway and if they did I could counter sue for the PPI I'm not interested in getting money off of welcome I just want to shut MKRR up once and for all and I don't know what my best res
  8. Been off this site for a while, I thought I'd seen the last of the boys from MKRR but they lucked out and found me. After a conversation with them I said I'd send a copy of the original default notice from welcome which proves the debt is statute barred. Before I do can I just check that the debt is statute barred if they defaulted me in december 2008 I made a payment in april 2009 though all be it a small token payment. So is it 6 years from when i made a payment or 6 years from original default (they issued a subsequent default notice in june 2009) both defaults were serv
  9. Hi, Just been reading this post with interest, my ex wife has accounts with brighthouse and I know she has been charged on numerous occasions but she lacks the persistance that is needed to get the money back. Is there a way I can send an SAR request on her behalf and going forward send all the other letters for her. Another point of interest for me is that I paid her bill the other day and asked questions about her accounts and was not asked for any of her details, they only asked for my details so that they could process the payment. Isnt that a breach of FSA rules??
  10. the only rollover of ppi is the refinancing of the remaining balance, I had a refund of what was left on the original loan, this is where it gets complicated I have to look at the amounts to work out what was carried over. I opted out of ppi for the 2nd and 3rd loans as by then I was wise to the ppi being worthless. Shame really, I wish I had tried to get it refunded back then. I'll have to bring the docs into work with me tomorrow and try to figure out the sums.
  11. Thanks dx100uk, yes I did have penalty charges on all 3 hp accounts, I cant claim off of the first one as that was more than 6 years ago but I have listed all charges from £5 - £25 on the other 2 and they come to about £300-£400 so I should probably draw up an LBA for that as well. Once I have these letters written should I send them to both welcome and MKRR or just to welcome. As for dealing with MKRR, should I send them a letter explaining the dodgy DN and offer them the arrears as final payment of the loan or should I tell them that I am in dispute with welcome and once welcome a
  12. I'm having problems uploading the docs as the camera phone doesnt get a good enough picture, I may have to wait until a week on Monday then I can get to the library. For now all I need to know is if I can claim the PPI back and what letter I should send. Many thanks Martyn
  13. Ok, Date of default on credit file is june 2009 for both agreement 1 opened 31/8/07 may 2009 defaulted bal 8898 on CRA call credit . Marked as DA mar 2010 defaulted 6/2009 equifax defaulted 6/2009 and settled agreement 2 equifax only opened 31/8/2007 default balance 8898 defaulted 2009 Default notices 1hand written dated 03/12/2008 section 87 default marked without prejudice warning to clear arrears no later than 5/12/2008 full arrears 493.98 1 section 87 letter & 1 section 87 (1) dn both dated 3/6/2009 letter signed dn not signed 1 copy of ab
  14. cant seem to access my credit file at the moment will have to check tomorrow but i know it was the same time on both accounts and was around 2009/2010
  15. I'm at work on night shift at the moment, I haven't got access to a scanner but I can use my iphone, i work nights so I'll post them on to the site tomorrow though I do not start work until 00:30 on weekdays. All together the info you want comes to about 20pages so it may take a while to send it all across. I never received a Default notice for agreement 2 so the entry on my credit file is probably a mistake on their part but I do have a number of notices from them for agreement 3 which is also defaulted on my credit file. thanks for your help
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