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  1. UPDATE... It's good news. I wrote to Santander, supplied all receipts, for the car and for repairs, the original advert, mentioned that the car was bought in good faith and requested "Good Title" and they have removed their interest in the car. So take note, it is worth getting a check done, though in this case the initial value of the car was low (£450) by the time parts had been purchased (£200) and time, okay in my case because i did it, but if it had been a garage price hundreds could have been spent, all of which could have been lost. For those repairing a car think about more th
  2. Hi. Looking for a bit of help. We have been stung by an unscrupulas seller. My 17yr old son bought a car for spares or repair, it needed quite a lot of work on it, it was a non runner. But based on purchasing the parts and doing the work myself, it was still a reasonable deal. If a garage was to have carried out the work it was over £500.00 of labour and around £300.00 of parts. So I bought the parts and did it myself. Now we have a letter from Santander saying they have an interest in the car (HPI outstanding) and have a claim on the car. I want to know what rights I hav
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