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  1. Not so bad ,they have withdrawn their claim from court,If I don’t go after them for costs.
  2. How do I know the rogue was a rogue? He could be real and in on the fraud with credit plus. It all stinks in favour of the bank again!! The lender was Raphael and sons bank who were at the time members of ccta which says in section 5.1 of its code of practice that any of its members should register their interest with the likes of Hpi etc within 24 hours of lending, this is of no use to me as their membership expired in nov 2018 .
  3. Reasonable Ron is the one here making sense. The law is not fair and if 2 people have been affected by the same rogue then the loss should be split . Why should I loose out to a piece of common law legislation 30 years ago that obviously needs to be changed. Also any company that sells Hpi checks should be banned from doing so because they are not worth the paper they are written on if a lender is not legally a luges to register it’s interest on the system directly after monies have been lent.
  4. looking through the court forms the claimant has submitted an HPI report clearly showing their interest in the car but it is dated 1 year after the event!
  5. The small print only covers £1000 in cash. I drew the money out of the bank on that day after viewing car as the rogue wanted cash,should of smelt a rat then but i didnt as felt ok with RAC report that i had done.
  6. The RAC are not interested in the £30k guarantee as they are insisting when i did the HPI check there was nothing showing as far as finance is concerned. sorry for late reply have been on holiday. Rac not interested as they say there was no finance on the car when the check was done.
  7. i saw the car advertised in autotrader i made arrangements to view,the day i went to view i spent £20 on an RAC hpi check and it was all clear. I also tapped the reg plate in to we buy any car just to confirm i was paying the correct price. I liked the car and wit drew the cash from the bank that day to give to seller. credit plus gave the rogue seller finance on the vehicle of which he didnt pay any of the repayments and sold it to me afterwards. the finance was taken out 1 month before i bought it and it was declared stolen 2 moths later by credit plus. i am
  8. I bouight a car from a private add in autotrader . I carried out an RAC hpi check and there were no issues. now a finance company (credit plus) claim its theirs and are taking me to court.
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