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  1. I have sent off the V62 application along with V5C/2 slip to DVLA a week ago, it could take up to 4 weeks to receive the new V5 document.
  2. just an update and it's all good news! I spoke to the finance company and they asked me to forward the receipt of purchase and bank statements, 2 days later I got a call saying all is clear and the HPI has been updated. Due to confidentiality the wouldn't reveal any details of the 'risk' but I was told it had 'something to do with the previous owner'. So all in all i am a relieved man and I urge everyone to carry out a FULL HPI check before purchase and save all these hassles. much appreciate your inputs! Ri.
  3. Yeah will defenetley report this dealer to TS. I am guessing the reason financial company still hasn't got hold of me is due to the fact the old V5 with new keepers details hasn't been sent off to DVLA. I am in two minds now when I contact the financial company whether to be honest and mention about the HPI I did prior to purchase or not to mention it at all..
  4. Hi all, hope you can shed some light on this issue I am facing currently, 2 months ago I bought a second hand car from a local car dealer, I did a HPI check prior and it showed outstanding finance on the car I rang up both the car dealer and HPI to query it and I was told by both that it is a 'unit stocking' finance and it is commonly used by most car dealers to stock up cars on their forecourt and the finance would be paid off automatically within 2-3 days of purchase I went ahead and bought the car for above the average price due to it being in pristine condition
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