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  1. My friend has been married for 25 years. 10 month ago her husband left to go with another woman. He never contacted the children who are 17 and 14 and still in education. They run a business and until recently he was covering all the bills, she gave up work to do his paperwork and generally be his secretary. Last week he turned up and said he wanted the kids to live with him, they were happy about this and went. My friend is distraught. he has stopped her bank card and all money. She is still in the marital home but not for much longer as she has no mone
  2. I am not ready for the next stage in our relationship, I have realised that now. My children are my main priority and until he is sorted I will stay on my own. Thanks for all your reply's and helping me to see the situation clearer. Katsden
  3. Exactly!! Can't be done with the worry. You hit it right on the head there will he do the same to you if he moved in
  4. My kids love him and he is great with them. I would do everything legally as i worry too much not to. My head is battered with it all and he isn't good at talking about it. Maybe being a single woman is the way forward.. no stress
  5. He did get council tax benefit but he let his son live with him for a few months and as he was working they got a bill. Ignored it and moved to another flat!! I have decided I don't want him to move in. He will have to find another flat. Will look into how many nights he can legally stay before i lose my discount on council tax..
  6. I don't get benefits as i work but I do get tax credits. I love him but feel unsure about trust regarding money etc. Maybe I should do a trial run like weekend stays. To be honest if i am having these doubts it's not the right thing to do..
  7. He is self employed. He owns a small scruffy van that is worth about £400. I have only just found out about about the council tax he owes and I am starting to feel uneasy about the whole thing. I have worked all my life to own my own property. I feel letting him move in is going to be something I will regret. The lease is up on his flat and that's how the idea came about of moving in with me. Maybe he is being evicted!!!
  8. I have no idea. I have only found out about the debt. I am really annoyed as it sounds like he has just ignored all letters. I know it has been handed to the bailiffs but don't know of they have been out or not yet as he is living with a friend. I don't think they have an address for him.
  9. Thanks. I can't be done with hassle. He just doesn't seem phased by it at all where as i am absolutely horrified. I would be on edge all the time waiting for the knock on the door.
  10. I own my house and have 2 kids. My boyfriend has debts and bailiffs are after him. He wants to move in with me but I am worried about his debt. I have never been in debt and always make sure my bills are paid. I know bailiffs will end up coming to my door. How do I deal with this?
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