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  1. What it read like to me was that - my insurance refused to pay as it was not my fault - and the other driver is trying to claim the cost directly from me ?? can they do this?
  2. Hi, Little bit of info required as to hich way to proceed I received a letter before action - without predjudice save as to costs , yesterday, dated 27th may which i had 7 days to reply which has passed anyway the letter was from lyons davidson solicitors it says they are acting for LV in relation to the recovery of their claim incurred as a result of the above incident for which they hold me fully responsible says IMPORTANT NOTICE - under the terms of section 152 of road traffic act 1988 we hereby give you notice of our intention to commence court proceedings unless settleent is received within next 7 days they are trying to claim just under £1800 they go on to say just send a cheque for the full amount within next 7 days made payable to LV within 7 days of date of this letter, Please note the sum claimed is without prejudice to any further claim LV'S insurance may have against me The only thing i can think thhis is about is an incident which happened a few month ago - I contacted my insurance and heard nothing else - I had pulled up in my car and was about to get out, when i caught sight of a car coming round a blind bend I tried to pull my door shut again but the wind caught it and blew it open - the car didnt have time to stop (my opinion was going to fast) so swerved around me and side swiped the on coming car - no 1 was hurt and all give details - i spoke to my insurance and explained what had happened and and they agreed it wasn't my fault and heard nothing more about it until this letter arrived on my door mat yesterday any advice would be appreciated thanks
  3. hi, i need to write a defence for the small claims court and i don't know what to put? i got the summons back in january and done all the usual stuff sent lowell and bryan carter a cca request not no reply to either also crp31.14 request to bryan carter and got no reply - did send them all recorded delivery and have the receipts the defence letter h as to be there by 30th april - i can actually drop it into the law courts but i need help in writing the defence - thanks in advance
  4. Sorry to be sounding a bit thick But how would I word a formal letter before action to them, What would I be wanting it to say I would really appreciate this thanks
  5. there is no mention of this anywhere 'schedule 4 of the POFA 2012' No the car park is not for students its a macdonalds about 2-3 mins from the college it is also a retail park, so a lot of the students go when they have a free period From what he told me he went to macdonalds and into the retail park for something he left after about 30 mins as he had a lesson - he went back an hour later, they are saying he was there the whole time
  6. I don't think it would be a non return - the college is literally end of road, over roundabout away, approx 2 mins lol
  7. would the ticket be invalid just on the grounds it arrived on 27th. incident day 10/2/2015 issued 25/2/2015 was issued 15 days after the incident. I thought you had to receive it within 14 days?
  8. Thanks again for the brilliant advice - I will draft a letter before action this weekend Will post it on here for your opinions before I send it, thanks again
  9. It never rains it pours Today my son received a parking charge notice from the named above company incident date 10/2/2015 - pcn issued 25/2/2015 ( 15 days later I thought it had to arrive within 14 days ?) the above vehicle wwhich was parked at: silverlink drive thru, silverlink retail park. wallsend ne28 9nd from 10.54.46 to 12.47.03 we therefore require payment of this parking charge notice in accordance with the parking terms and conditions clearly stated on the signage: 90 minutes free parking at any time they have photographic evidence of this incident. my understanding is that it would be a ANPR my son was in the car park - he was in macdonalds and then went back to college for 11.30 at about 12.35approx he was back in car park taking some college friends to macdonalds so he was not in car park the whole time it also arrived 15 days later i thought it had to arrive within 14 days ? thanks for any advice
  10. On reply to eversir's post, they can't discriminate against guests the problem is I am not a member I am not an associate member:| I am not a guest I am a lady card holder ( if someone could explain what this is and what catagory it comes under) please
  11. xxxxxxxxxx Social Club nd INSTITUTE LIMITED was founded on 2010-07-27 and has its registered office in . The organisation's status is listed as "Active". xxxxxxxxxx Social Club And Institute Limited is a Industrial and Provident Society registered in with Companies House and the accounts submission requirement is categorised as NO ACCOUNTS FILED am lost to what you are meaning steampowered this help any ???
  12. Club An organization composed of people who voluntarily meet on a regular basis for a mutual purpose other than educational, religious, charitable, or financial pursuits. A club is any kind of group that has members who meet for a social, literary, or political purpose, such as health clubs, country clubs, book clubs, and women's associations. The term club is not a legal term per se, but a group that organizes itself as a club must comply with any laws governing its organization and otherwise be cognizant of the legal ramifications in undertaking to organize itself in this manner. Various types of clubs exist. An incorporated members' club is composed of a group of individuals who each contribute to the club's funds, which are used to pay the expenses of conducting the society. An unincorporated proprietary club is one whose proprietor owns the property and funds and conducts the club to attempt to make a profit. The members are entitled to use the premises and property in exchange for the payment of entrance fees and subscriptions to the proprietor as well as any additional rights and privileges provided in their contractual agreement. An incorporated club is generally governed by state statute. Many statutes provide for the incorporation of clubs, and the statutory requirements must be strictly observed. A statute may require that an application for incorporation state the purposes of the club in a definitive manner to help the court determine whether the objective of the club is legal. In addition, the application should state the manner in which club revenues are to be provided and the basis upon which an individual may become a member of the club. A club's certificate of incorporation should indicate pecuniary means (i.e., funds, money, property), describe the objective of the club, and specify a place of business or office. If a club is unincorporated, the rules that govern associations apply. Voluntary clubs are not partnerships, since the members do not join them for profit-making purposes and, unlike partners, are not responsible for the acts of each other. If a club's members do unite for a commercial venture, however, this association would constitute a partnership. In such cases, a club might be required to comply with state law governing partnerships. would the highlighted part apply??
  13. The committee , says its restricted to male members only, we are classed as lady card holders. I always thought we were female members,( not full members) I think its unincorperated , definately unaffliated. The club was registered with companies house in 2010 (I came across this by accident) but has actually been around since early 1970's maybe earlier, if this makes any difference I will write a letter of complaint see where that gets me thanks again
  14. I can't write a letter to the club, They don't read women's letter Discrimination has definately occurred, but unless I can prove membership, they are allowed to do it. As I said in an earlier post, a man would have got a letter, to appear before the committee and had a fair hearing and a chance to appeal. I have read somewhere they would need to justify why the equality act does not apply to them. will try and find the article again thanks
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