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  1. My apologies, after re-reading what I wrote I realise how vague I was unintentionally being. The funding type was instant bank transfer.
  2. Hi Rebel, No, I paid from "Add Funds from a Bank Account", not by Paypal balance. Thanks for link, looking it over now.
  3. Hi Rebel, Thanks for replying. Unfortunately, with allowing for them to replace the item, and me traveling, it's out of the 45 day period for an eBay complaint now. The fault developed within 2 to 3 weeks of using each of the items, but I have been traveling a lot, so there have been some delays, mainly with opening and using the replacement (delay of about a month). But, I can prove with train tickets and online purchases/deliveries at my travelling location that I have been away and what date I got back (my housemate can verify also), would this be suffici
  4. I bought an electric item from a retailer on eBay. Within a few weeks of using it, it developed a fault. I contacted the seller, and they offered to collect it, and either repair/replace it. They said if it can't be fixed they will send out a new one. The courier came to collect, and they ended up replacing the original item. Within a couple of weeks of using the replacement, the new item developed the same fault. By this time I had lost confidence in the item, it seems there is a fundamental issue with this model. It's also a rather essential item for m
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