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  1. Good and what about the windscreen photo? it doesn't conclusively show I didn't have the permit in my car? And so what do I need to do now? fill out the n244 form, a witness statement and a draught order? Thanks
  2. The only edit on the photos I made was too redact the number plate other that that I have done nothing else so I'm not sure what's happening, only other thing I can do is forward you the email from the solicitors and see if that's any different? No I don't have photo editing software! What do you think of the photos though so you agree they are not credible? Thanks
  3. I got them by email from the solicitors, the second email I sent you is exactly what I received from them... I redownloaded the images when I sent them to you to be sure it removed my changes when hiding licence plate?
  4. I go them from jd parking solicitors those are the images they have used as evidence of me parking to the court? whats the issue
  5. Apologies, yes they apparently sent the claimform to the address I lived at at the time of the alleged parking charge, so as long as I was upto date on electoral role/council tax/utilities i should be fine? pics attached too! thank you! car evidence.pdf
  6. No no, the claim form was sent to my old address where my details were registered when I received the parking ticket I have moved twice since the parking ticket was allegedly issued and that old address is where they issued the CCJ to I have the .jpgs I received from JD parkings solicitors Gladstone's Will upload photos asap Thanks
  7. Hello thanks for your response, so when the parking ticket was issued my address was up to date on driving license and VC5, I then moved a few months later, didn't update it straight away but i stopped driving the car and eventually sold it, I no longer own the car and have moved twice since the parking ticket was issued, but way before the CCJ was issued I had my details updated on the electoral role/council tax/utilities/DVLA in regards to my driving licence. The main point I need the court to understand it that there was a permit in my car and the evidence they took
  8. Hello, I was completing a credit check after being refused to get a specific type of finance and to my horror I found out I had been issued a CCJ on the 2/10/18. After ringing Northampton they informed me that the CCJ was issued over a parking ticket issued on the 30/01/17 by JD parking. correspondence to do with this had been sent to a previous address, and even when I was living at this address at the time of the alleged incident I never received any letters about receiving a parking ticket. Now the location that this occurred was at my friends flat where he has a parking
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