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  1. Thank you what number did you call just genteral enquiries?
  2. Thank you i'll call my bank tomorrow too! Cant see why it wasnt taken out really weird! Hope i get it sorted tomorrow. Do you know if they can change the reason for it being towed the police lady said because of no tax but im thinking it was where I was parked xx
  3. Hiya no its not first time its been running fine for 5 months. Not sure who to call at dvla first thing? Im going to have to pay it to get it released and cancel the DD want to keep it atm so they can see though :/
  4. Ive never posted before and my spelling is really bad so I apologise in advance! I went to drive my car this afternoon and it was gone!! I panicked and called the police, they told me it had been towed due to no tax. I couldnt call the company because its shut. I checked online and said untaxed! I went in my direct debits and its still active, went to both dates (read somewhere they will take it 4 days after if failed) and a week either side of both and there is available money???! THEY HAVEN'T TRIED TO TAKE IT? Can anyone give me a reason why this would happen? I'm guessing the clamping place are going to be a problem and I'm going to have to pay the release anyway but can I claim it back? Also havent received any letter or email. .it was only supposed to be taken out last week on the 2nd?! Such a ball ache before christmas and majorly panicked as I thought it had been stolen! Didnt think they could do that, thought theyd clamp jesus! Many thanks for any help x
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