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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, I have been away for a few days when I came back yesterday, I noticed my car was gone. I obviously freaked out and called Police who advised me to call TRACE, I did it and there was no entry on their database about my car. There was no letter, or phone call, email, SMS or anything to let me know that my car was taken by Marston. Not a single notice. For all I knew, my car was stolen. I then called Police back, and they were able to find out that Marstons took my car. I called them immediately and was told that it was due to a PCN issued last year by Ken
  2. The parking around here is all private property, and we all have permission to park here for free. There has been lots of works going on recently due to the bad quality of the buildings, so they've used cherry pickers to inspect the works, especially due to lack of fire protection. Today they needed to get into a bay that a van was parked in, in order to put a cherry picker there. They've used a loader and loaded the van onto a flat bed to move it away. And literally right now, I can see them getting ready to load another one. There is no prior notice to them needing access to
  3. Ive never posted before and my spelling is really bad so I apologise in advance! I went to drive my car this afternoon and it was gone!! I panicked and called the police, they told me it had been towed due to no tax. I couldnt call the company because its shut. I checked online and said untaxed! I went in my direct debits and its still active, went to both dates (read somewhere they will take it 4 days after if failed) and a week either side of both and there is available money???! THEY HAVEN'T TRIED TO TAKE IT? Can anyone give me a reason w
  4. Growing numbers of motorists are having their cars clamped and towed away because of confusion over tax disc changes. New figures published a year after the tax disc was scrapped suggest that drivers are still struggling to adjust to the new electronic system. The disc was an obvious reminder. It has now gone and we think people might be forgetting The number of vehicles being clamped or impounded has leapt from about 5,500 a month under the old system to more than 8,000 a month. This hit a peak of 10,554 in July. The increase has been put down to confusion over new rul
  5. Hi, I am new to this website so please could you help me out here. I stupidly took a loan out against my car. I was paying every month until I had to move quickly due to domestic violence. in the madness of it all I forgot about the logbook loan, until Last Thursday morning at 04.00am I got woke up by a neighbour banging on my door saying someone was pulling my car up onto the back of a flatbed wagon. As I am disabled I got to the front door as quick as I could . The guy who was putting my car onto the back of the truck asked me if I had £
  6. Hello all, I recently got my car towed and paid £265 to get it back ( £200 tow fine and £65 for the PCN -Newham council ) I want to make an appeal but I am not sure what to say in the letter to improve my chances . Been reading forums for a couple of hours now and I`m confused. There are no yellow lines where I parked and no parking restriction signs and I have honestly did not notice the lowered kerb. Here is an image for the place in question taken off google street view: uploadpie.com/jkSoL On what grounds could I possibly appeal? I have not seen any images tak
  7. Hello My niece and her boyfriend had broke down in her car, so they push it off the road onto the kerb. She tried for 20 minutes to start the vehicle but it could not be started. I came back with them early next day with my vehicle transporter trailer, but the car had been towed and impounded by the council. I thought this was a matter for the police, to remove vehicles which are illegally or dangerously parked? Her's was parked safe by the way even though on the kerb. She put this to the council but they want her to pay fine then she gets her car. Also the council requested s
  8. I'd be grateful if anyone could offer any advice on how to appeal. I was shocked to find my car had been towed. There was a signed posted which read 'No Loading' (as attached). It did not say 'No Parking'. But perhaps more confusing was that it gave a specific address of 'The whole Bay outside the side of number 54 Chetwynd Road'. I parked my car on Twisden Road - Chetwynd Road is the road around the corner. They are using 'The side of Number 54 Chetwynd Road' to indicate that this is the house at the end of the block on Chetwynd Road and would therefore have its side partition wall on Tw
  9. I am writing on behalf of my girlfriend who got her car towed last saturday morning 7th June 2014. They told us it was parked in a suspended bay, but after reading several posts on this forum, it seems we may have valid reasons to appeal. We would be very grateful for anyone more knowledgeable about the law on this to advise us on our appeal before we submit it. She thought her car had been stolen and it caused a great deal of distress. Plus it was a huge inconvenience to us as we were due to go away for the weekend in the car. The car was parked on St. Jo
  10. tt, over on pepipoo - guy reporting that his car has been removed by bailiff for someone else's debt. son has blue badge which was displayed at the time. http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=91091&st=0&gopid=970659entry970659 i know you're always busy, but wonder if you could look in on the thread. df
  11. Last saturday my car was towed away by sussex policeduring operation venice at crawley town football club. My car was parked on a concrete strip accomodating around 9 cars beyond a bus stop to the side of a dual carriage way. Either side of this concrete is grass verges. There were 9 cars on the concrete and around 40 on the grass verges . There is a no stopping sign on the verge or footway . No mention of towing . I understand the verge to mean the grass areas and the footway to mean the pavement which is another 4 meters away from the road and verges. Ther
  12. Hi there I have heard good things about this website, and very very helpful people, kudos to especially the likes of 'thedogs[naughty word]' who can hopefully shed some light on this situation So i parked on a single yellow line, not realising, i normally park here always with no problems. THIS time i was late and a little negligent as i was already late for class Anyway. Honestly speaking i parked around 10am. Went out for lunch at 12pm and found a pcn on the car, now i made a huge mistake of leaving the car there as i thought i already have a ticket. The car behind me also rec
  13. Hi Had my car towed at 11:25am on sunday. PCN served at 9.20am from single yellow. Just moved there and didnt know that single yellow is restricted in the area of Camden on Sunday. Got parking permit in the area but it was full the night I arrived and pretty much stayed the same during the day. I didnt notice the pcn on the car... Anyway the question is.. Do they need to display signs that the car will be towed in the area ? or just the sign of controlled zone is enough to tow the car? There is no signs on the street about towing or clamping.. just one about controlled area at
  14. Basically my car is going through a court case because I was unlucky enough to buy a car that broke down after a couple days of driving :/ (another long story). The tax ran out and I declared SORN on the car and left it in a road where the bottom of the road is a place for the residents to park. (Where I thought was private) I am a resident so I am free to park there and I even spoke to my local council and the highways agency and they told me as long as you declared SORN it should be fine. Then I find out a couple weeks later that DVLA have clamped the car and told me that only the right
  15. Hi, I am looking for help and/or advice please! I was towed away in Camden, Sunday, April 7, 2013 at 16.35 a.m. I parked my car on a single yellow line in Prince of Wales Road at 15:50, in front of the car, which was already there. I checked for signs and couldn’t see any restrictions. Prince of Wales Road on this side did not have any signs. Only one I could see, was at the corner between Prince of Wales Road going right to Haverstock Hill, towards Belsize Park. This sign restricted parking on single yellow line on Saturday, between 9:30 am -1:30 pm. There was lot’s of parked cars on
  16. Hello. I parked my car on a single yellow line in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham at 6:45pm on Tuesday last week. The single yellow had has no signage/plate. I went to the cinema and when I came back my car was gone. It had been towed by LBHF. I was parked in the CPZ “S” which apparently has restrictions in force from Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 8.00pm. The signage indicating a controlled parking zone was not readable as the times on both signs when I entered the alleged CPZ had been blacked out photos are here... http://www.e1.ee/CPZ-Entrance-Left-side.jpg http:/
  17. Was visiting my daughter in Earlsfield (wandsworth) from manchester. I parked on main high street and very stupidly mis-read the parking pay and display machine. totally my fault - i read it as payable between 10am and 4pm but did not realise that it was no parking/no loading or unloading outside of these hours. so i payed the parking fee and put the sticker on my windscreen. when i returned at 4.40 my car had been removed. initially thought it had been stolen cos still didnt realise my mistake re parking times. however someone in a shop had seen it being removed "about 10 - 15 mins earlier".
  18. Ive got an issue Ive stop in Shell garage to call Breakdown company because i had flat tire. Police arrived (someone called from public) and i was arrested for drink driving. Green flag subcontractor ON TIME arrived but i wasnt there. According to them police instructed them to take my car away. So i made a complaint to Essex police. They had investigated and Inspector called me to tell me that police didnt instruct anyone to do it (car had MOT,TAX and insured). After many calls i was told to pay the fee for towing away my car. I was shocked how it c
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