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  1. So now is 6 th of august and i still don't have my car. what should i do?????
  2. Thank you guys According to Green Flag breakdown theyve send me a letter with apology. It states that it will bring my car back. To be honest i want to take them to court (so they could learn THE lesson). My private property with unsecured car, without police instructions? I am angry how it could happened. Be sure it will happen to someone else too. WE must to fight back to show we not gonna accept pour service. People do mistakes (in terms of pour Green Flag attitude towards costumer and i was harsh to them. But that's sometimes inevitably, because we have opinion that companies, in motoring business, always make good margin. How long does it take for company to act in fair and helpful way? We pay each year more and more. To add to this ... I had a lift from my boss friend and he has BMW, worth 15 000£. Its all right hand side was damaged by a truck. Insurance company didn't write it off, but decided to repair (bill was 8 000£). He had a courtesy car for nearly 3 mouths. The bill for the rent was 39 000£ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Add numbers, put it in the formula and you'll get number which will be divided in numbers which means we gonna pay more numbers.. Thank you for your opinions guys Keep writing, would like to hear more Thank You
  3. Ive got an issue Ive stop in Shell garage to call Breakdown company because i had flat tire. Police arrived (someone called from public) and i was arrested for drink driving. Green flag subcontractor ON TIME arrived but i wasnt there. According to them police instructed them to take my car away. So i made a complaint to Essex police. They had investigated and Inspector called me to tell me that police didnt instruct anyone to do it (car had MOT,TAX and insured). After many calls i was told to pay the fee for towing away my car. I was shocked how it could happened. My car was unlocked and it was my personal belongings like wallet, phone and passport. So they took my unlocked car (MBenz worth 7000 £) with all my belonging and i havent seen it since 4 of August and now is 25 of August. I am thinking to go to small court claims. I just cant believe that big companies dont care about there costumer. Any advise Thank you
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