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  1. this part I also bring to the council’s attention that where a vehicle is removed pursuant to The Removal and Disposal of Vehicles Regulations 1986 then there are two periods under these regulations in which the owner can recover their vehicle. 14.Period during which owner may remove vehicle before it can be disposed of 16. Period during which owner may remove vehicle before it is disposed of Considering the above, the council must be fully aware that I recovered my vehicle in the period “before it can be disposed of”. Therefore, I require the council to fully explain why t
  2. just sent the challenge uffff... thank you guys for the directions. Had to do formal online challenge ans Camden (London) does not allow informal for removed vehicle. I've removed only a little piece from your letter which was not relevant to my case.
  3. thank you. Its very helpful and very constructive. Will post the update as soon as I get it. thank you again!
  4. thanks. There is a slight chance... Ive checked other forums and most people say that the signs must be present on the entry and the exit... in my case there was only one at the end of the dead end.. Ive checked everywhere and there was no entry sign. Also I wasnt correctly informed about the challenge and my questions about appropriate signage were ignored. Will try my bests Recently managed to get a bus line ticket canceled and a few PCN. Hope I didnt exhaust my luck.
  5. yes.. the dign was facing the other direction but I assume I should go and check. Looks like I will have to accept £265... unless there is another way
  6. Hi Had my car towed at 11:25am on sunday. PCN served at 9.20am from single yellow. Just moved there and didnt know that single yellow is restricted in the area of Camden on Sunday. Got parking permit in the area but it was full the night I arrived and pretty much stayed the same during the day. I didnt notice the pcn on the car... Anyway the question is.. Do they need to display signs that the car will be towed in the area ? or just the sign of controlled zone is enough to tow the car? There is no signs on the street about towing or clamping.. just one about controlled area at
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