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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone on the Consumer Action Group You may have read last week that I won an important victory in the High court when Barnet Council's 300% hike in resident's parking charges were declared unlawful. The case has been highlighted by a number of newspapers. A good summary was provided by the Daily Mail: I can't post a link due to forum rules but you can Google "Daily Mail Attfield Barnet" The reason I am posting this thread is that Barnet Council is threatening to appeal against the ruling. But also the only way Barnet could win an appeal is by persuading the Court of Appeal that councils can set parking charges in order to maximise traffic management revenue (for concessionary fares, road repairs etc) and not just in order to manage/control parking. A victory for Barnet would therefore have enormous consequences not just for CPZ residents but for car users generally. Councils would have a sweeping new power to raise revenue form drivers. Barnet have until the end of this week to lodge appeal papers. A petition has been set up urging the council to accept the High Court ruling. I would be extremely grateful if you would read the petition as soon as possible and sign it if you agree with it. Again, I can;t post a link. Please Googel "Barnet online petition" We only have a few days to persuade the council not to appeal. Thank you David Attfield,
  2. A very strange situation. Received a Police issued ticket yesterday 1500 hrs for no waiting whilst parked in an unmarked off carriage parking pull in, tarmac not footpath, bollards between spaces and footpath to delineate, with double yellow lines on carriageway. It is also within a CPZ in Banbury. The ticket was issued (according to Thames Valley Police) for the double yellow line offence because they say the parking spaces are for loading only. There are no road markings or signs adjacent to say the spaces are for loading only. The CPZ signs do not give any times or restrictions. On two of the three roads into the CPZ the signs are not facing oncoming traffic, both of these entries have one of the two signs the wrong way round and both of the others are turned off face-on by at least 45 degrees. The road is over 5 metres wide so 2 signs needed. Within the CPZ there are standard road markings including zigzags. There is no indication of any sort to say the spaces are anything other than for general parking use.These are my questions; 1) If there is to be compliance with Highways Act shouldn't there be markings on the spaces or road markings like the two yellow chevrons on the kerb to show it is a loading space only? 2) Shouldn't there be an additional sign adjacent? 3) If the area is to comply under CPZ regulations shouldn't there be the same signs/road markings or indication on the entry sign? 4) From research it would appear the entire CPZ could be invalid because of the turned around signs and also the presence of zigzags and other road markings when research indicates absolutely no other road marking should be there within the zone apart from the double yellows. Is this correct? I have loads of photo's to back up all facts. What does the group think about appealing this? Pic 12022013026 is my vehicle in situ, 030 and 032 show the parking area, 23 and 40 show the signs at the two entries to the zone with signs facing the wrong way
  3. In Mount Pleasant, St Albans, there is a parking bay with two spaces marked out with white lines but no accompanying sign at the roadside. This is similar to a number of other bays in the neighbourhood except that all the others do have accompanying signs showing restrictions eg Mon-Fri 10.30am-12.30pm and Mon-Sat 8am-8.30pm. There are no white lines linking separate bays. Each bay is marked out with white lines and has kerbing at the end of each bay to clearly define their extent. There is a sign on the other side of the road from the unsigned bay. This sign overlooks an old bay where the remains of white lines delineating previous parking bays have all but disappeared, with newer double yellow lines at the roadside. I am guessing that the local authority has simply omitted to move the sign showing the hours of restriction to the other side of the road when the newer bays were created. If I were to park in the unsigned bay, would I have a strong case if I were to receive a PCN?
  4. Hello. I parked my car on a single yellow line in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham at 6:45pm on Tuesday last week. The single yellow had has no signage/plate. I went to the cinema and when I came back my car was gone. It had been towed by LBHF. I was parked in the CPZ “S” which apparently has restrictions in force from Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 8.00pm. The signage indicating a controlled parking zone was not readable as the times on both signs when I entered the alleged CPZ had been blacked out photos are here... http://www.e1.ee/CPZ-Entrance-Left-side.jpg http://www.e1.ee/CPZ-Entrance-right-side.jpg My contravention was ‘Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours’ I have used their online form for challenging PCNs and wrote the following: I am writing to challenge the Penalty Charge Notice HZ********. On 2/10/2012 my vehicle was issued with a Penalty Charge Notice for the reason ‘Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours’. The signage indicating a controlled parking zone was not readable and therefore the alleged contravention did not occur. Thankfully I have photographic evidence of the controlled parking zone signage that clearly shows the signs are not fit for purpose. I have uploaded the said photographs to this online form for your reference. I would advise the council to immediately cancel this PCN as it is un-enforceable. I should like to request a full refund for the PCN of £65.00 and a full refund for the removal fee of £200. Thank you for your time. Yours faithfully, I recovered my car and paid the £265 that night. My question is have I used the correct method of challenging the PCN by using the online form and will that be enough to challenge the towing fee also? Also do you think I would win if it went to an adjudicator with the evidence before you? Thank you so much for your time. Edward.
  5. Hi All, My local council is in the process of implementing a controlled Parking zone in our residential estate, at the beginning of August with 6 weeks of notification . Neighbours against this have acquired more than 100 signatures from a petition in order to challenge this decision. As a council must implement a decision that reflects the wishes for all the residents. No residents were consulted. They have not complied to their statutory provisions. How can we stop them from implementing this I would appreciate any replies....
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