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  1. In the middle of April last year my car was hit while on display at a car meet. The guy who drove into my car was sorry and admitted full liability. The next day I rang the local main dealer and asked to be put through to the body repair department. I explained what had happened and was told that someone would contact me to sort everything out. Within the hour I recevied a call from what I assumed was the garage. The chap on the end of the phone took some details of my car asked if it was roadworthy,which it was not. He said that I would have a replacement hire car at my home address the
  2. Hello TT it was mentioned to Sherforce who then moved very quickly to get things sorted. Cheers guys you have all been a great help and support.Its forums like this that put back the faith in human nature that the underhanded companies take away from us!
  3. Hello all,sorry for the delay in updating this thread.My PC started to do some really weird things like emailing anyone I have emailed in the last four years? Then it shut me out and my internet provider shut me down for unusual use. I had to do a security check and change my passwords before I could get back on the net. The car has been returned, it was delivered back two days after they took it. They where not going to deliver it back until my friend mentioned the case listed above. Their response was instant,she was even transfered to someone of authority who appologised for the whole episo
  4. From what I can gather from talking to her this evening.SW have said tomorrow they are going to tell SF that they have no interest in the car. When she asked where her car was the lady a SW told her that it is probably in Wembley. Thats at least 100 miles from her. We are not sure what is going to happen tomorrow as SW when asked said they did not know if there would be any charges relating to the removal and storage,or how the car was to be returned.She has work tomorrow so would be unable to travel to London and feels somewhat agreved that this may be expected of her?
  5. In reply to PT 1.I knew nothing about Sw applying for a CCJ 2.I have recieved nothing from SW regarding water bills. 3.The first thing I knew about this situation was when SF turned up yesterday. 4.Nothing has been paid to either party.5.What is an SAR? As you can see by the time I am on my PC I am having a sleepless night!
  6. Is the debtor not my mother as the ccj is in her name? I realise I need to sort out something with SW myself but I am of the understanding that they came to inforce a debt aganist her? i think it is planely obvious that the car was not hers
  7. No for some reason and I cannot explain why it must have got missed when the utillity bills were transfered. The gas,electric and insurance are all in my name.The property is barely lived in as I work away
  8. I have just looked at their paperwork and from what I can understand I think it was 16/08/2011
  9. I think the ccj is a recent thing I knew nothing about it until today. My mother always paid her bills on time. I would have thought she would have had a direct debit but I can not be sure
  10. Thankyou brassnecked for your fast reply and link to start a thread. I have been a member for three years and did not know how to start a topic.Typing takes me forever but I am learning slowly I caome from an age when typing was done by mainly women
  11. Today Sherforce arrived with a handful of paperwork and took away a car belonging to a friend of mine. They informed me that there was a ccj from Southern Water in the name of my mother.I explained that my mother had died four and a half years ago.He was made aware that the car was not mine and the owner contacted his office and told them the car belonged to her.His office told her to come to the property.They where told it was not possible due to her being at work. She was then told that they would call their agent and tell him to leave the car alone.We waited ten minutes and called the compa
  12. Hello today I have been made aware of a ccj in my mothers name from Southern Water.Sherforce have removed a car belonging to a friend of mine even though they where told who it belonged to and she contacted the office to tell them. My mother died four and a half years ago so as you can imagine I have had a terrible day. Any assitance would be appriciated
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