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  1. When I get my refund from counsil tax (another problem hehe:P) will do that. Because I have just transfered all my money to Poland. Gbp is going down every minute. Already lost lots of money:/
  2. I've just got the money back but all the nerves and stress, time I spent on it is mine The most annoying was that everyone was incompetent to actually say why O2 took the money, when I get them back and how (same with Barclays every customer service saying something else). I spent like min. 5 hours on phones and chats. Actually the best help - specific, fast, polite was here. Thank you for help
  3. I already did, tomorrow 7pm = 72h from time I have done it. Will post if anything changes
  4. Oh sorry I thought it is UK forum. f ment British Pound
  5. Poland why Switzerland But everything was done in UK I just recently went to Poland to sort out few things.
  6. 1. a) I have made my indemnity claim 55 hours ago. I used all my minutes on calls so only email/chats now. b) I was told by first person on chat that indemnity claim is succesful and I will get in touch by people that do this. No one called/emailed me. c) I just complained about my matter on email. 2. I got the bill on 11th. I contacted them ASAP and they told me that it is some kind of error that takes all 240f for my Iphone (but I have paid it off 2 weeks ealier) and was told that they will erase this bill and change it to normal one (18f) The bill wasnt even on My O2 - it was just emailed me. On my o2 was 18f ! 1 Hour ago I was told they need min. +48h for DD Indemnity but it was already 55h from the claim. 2nd thing - after brexit pound is going lower and lower. In a week pound will be same as Euro. If I get my money back like even a week or more I will loose around 20f on that considering how good pound was on 25.08 I just want to sort this out and take my money out of the bank. Now I am scared that anyone can take any ammount of money even if I dont have the money to pay it off.
  7. So you see that it smells [problem] as hell. When I went into my account I saw - 218f !! I needed to transfer money from other account !! I didn't take any overdraft or any buffer zone.
  8. 1. I was O2 customer, everything paid off, contract finished on 02.09.16 (service has stopped), I have paid off my phone. There was just few pounds to pay from 25 to 02. On my O2 I got that everything was paid just for last month (18f bill - was told that most of it will be refunded) 2. O2 sent me email that they will take 244,61f from my account. I contacted them on chat - and they told me that there was some kind of error but I shouldnt worry - they will change it to 18f. On 25th they took 244,61f !! After that I contacted them numerous times - every time I got response that I am lucky and should be happy because they are refunding it to me. After a week I made complaint and after that I got email that I can choose refund or idemnity claim !! (there is nothing on my account that anyone ever made any refund for me !! - and I got proof of customer service doing this for me ) - after this I knew this is a [problem]. 3. I had paid always O2 with DD - I canceled it after I saw that they took 244,61f. But I had only 20f on my account - why Barclays gave money that I didnt have !!! There is no contact of anykind with Barclays. They ignored my phonecall, they replied on chat but saying everytime something else. As I see it its not first time - they do it propably to many people that go abroad thinking they won't do anything. In this situation O2 knew it is a mistake - I contacted cs and they said they will sort this out - and they never did. Now they are just stalling - writing I need to wait, more and more in every mail/chat Oh and 2nd thing. On 25th Pound was far more worth than it is worth now.
  9. Hi, on 25th I was taken 244,61f from my account by Direct Debit from O2. They said it was mistake but I know people that was edited like that before. O2 said to use Indemnity Claim (firstly they said they are refunding me but after few chats they said they didn't - pure edited). I contacted Barclays like 5-6 times. Everyone edited or ignores the matter. I have proof on chatts that different customer service write that indemnity claim is succesful and I will get my money back but after 2.5 days I don't have nothing. I have just called on barclays helpline and some guy edited told me that they need 2 more days (he didn't even check anything). I told that I want to speak with Branch Manager - he told ok and put me on hold and then he disconnected !! I have a problem because now I am abroad - normally I would go to the bank and won't leave without my money. Just a good thing I know now that Barclays are edited same as O2. Never go to them. I am taking my money from their accounts as soon as I can. What should I do with 244,61f - should I sue them? Barclays as an UK bank is obligated to use in this matter DD guarantee - and I should get my money asap. Tomorrow I will propably call a lawyer and will see how it goes from there.
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