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  1. When I get my refund from counsil tax (another problem hehe:P) will do that. Because I have just transfered all my money to Poland. Gbp is going down every minute. Already lost lots of money:/
  2. I've just got the money back but all the nerves and stress, time I spent on it is mine The most annoying was that everyone was incompetent to actually say why O2 took the money, when I get them back and how (same with Barclays every customer service saying something else). I spent like min. 5 hours on phones and chats. Actually the best help - specific, fast, polite was here. Thank you for help
  3. I already did, tomorrow 7pm = 72h from time I have done it. Will post if anything changes
  4. Oh sorry I thought it is UK forum. f ment British Pound
  5. Poland why Switzerland But everything was done in UK I just recently went to Poland to sort out few things.
  6. 1. a) I have made my indemnity claim 55 hours ago. I used all my minutes on calls so only email/chats now. b) I was told by first person on chat that indemnity claim is succesful and I will get in touch by people that do this. No one called/emailed me. c) I just complained about my matter on email. 2. I got the bill on 11th. I contacted them ASAP and they told me that it is some kind of error that takes all 240f for my Iphone (but I have paid it off 2 weeks ealier) and was told that they will erase this bill and change it to normal one (18f) The bill wasnt even on My
  7. So you see that it smells [problem] as hell. When I went into my account I saw - 218f !! I needed to transfer money from other account !! I didn't take any overdraft or any buffer zone.
  8. 1. I was O2 customer, everything paid off, contract finished on 02.09.16 (service has stopped), I have paid off my phone. There was just few pounds to pay from 25 to 02. On my O2 I got that everything was paid just for last month (18f bill - was told that most of it will be refunded) 2. O2 sent me email that they will take 244,61f from my account. I contacted them on chat - and they told me that there was some kind of error but I shouldnt worry - they will change it to 18f. On 25th they took 244,61f !! After that I contacted them numerous times - every time I got response that I am lucky
  9. Hi, on 25th I was taken 244,61f from my account by Direct Debit from O2. They said it was mistake but I know people that was edited like that before. O2 said to use Indemnity Claim (firstly they said they are refunding me but after few chats they said they didn't - pure edited). I contacted Barclays like 5-6 times. Everyone edited or ignores the matter. I have proof on chatts that different customer service write that indemnity claim is succesful and I will get my money back but after 2.5 days I don't have nothing. I have just called on barclays helpline and some guy edited told me that t
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