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  1. I don't want to appear rude by ignoring your questions but in this respect they are totally irrelevant. The post is about the legal process involved in suing someone not about the car itself.
  2. Just thought you might like to know. We sued the vendor through the European Small Claims Court and won our case. It was very easy and only cost about €25.00.
  3. I live in the Republic - if I use the UK site I will have to attend which I can't afford to do. Thanks anyway.
  4. It's a European Small Claims Procedure Form A Claim Form which I downloaded from www,Courts.ie
  5. Thank you Bankfodder and Conniff for your input. It was very helpful and much appreciated. I think I know where I am going with this now.
  6. Thank you Bankfodder for your very prompt reply. Just to be clear - although the vehicle was advertised by a company (the eBay site states the advertisement was placed by a business seller) am I right in thinking that the contract was with Mr DEF even though I have never actually spoken to him (I spoke on the phone with, I believe, his brother). We have already completed the European Small Claims Court form and collated all our evidence, however, this was returned as the Registrar had a query regarding the Respondent. I'm afraid I don't fully understand your last paragraph. If you are asking why I am not naming the company - I got into trouble for naming someone on another matter on another forum site so am very cautious! I have reported the company to Trading Standards and to VOSA but I don't think anything will come of that because it's an across border issue.
  7. Hi, I'm new to this but am hoping someone can help! A car we bought was seriously faulty and the chap we have been in communication with doesn't want to know. We are therefore taking him to the small claims court. The car was advertised on the internet by a limited company, let's say ABC Limited of 123 Computer Drive, however, we were told to make our cheque payable to Mr DEF of the same address. We have since established that Mr DEF is a Director of ABC Limited and we think is the chap we have been communicating with (the emails were from "fred@DEF.co.uk). I don't know if it matters but ABC Limited only became a limited company two days after we sent our cheque to Mr DEF. My problem is who do I sue? Do I name ABC Limited as the Respondent or Mr DEF or do I name Mr DEF trading as ABC Limited. I do hope someone will be able to help. In anticipation. thank you.
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