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  1. its not really that straight forward tbh... and if this thread can be deleted, i would appreciate it.
  2. thanks guys. yes i cannot give any more detail than i have already unfortunately. really appreciate the help and i know what i will do.
  3. ok so to be part of this particular group, there is no money being given by me as such, let me explain further though as it is a little complicated i think. it's just an option that i have based on something that i paid for before that is sort of related. so i paid for that other thing (call it choice 1), and then they said you can do this thing instead (call it choice 2-the community/group choice), i said ok, i would rather choose choice 2 as it seems more attractive an option in terms of the community aspect as well as business. the right i refer to is counter claiming if im taken to co
  4. yes i am aware that i'm the one to decide. my questions are about the document and understadning how legit it is and whether it is totally OTT. also, how strong is this doc in court if they suddenly decide my face doesnt fit and kick me out. it says i cannot sue them-is that really something they can put in a doc like this and even if ive signed it, will that ruling stand? i find it odd that the law would allow for such a clause to stand as it feels like a very basic right is being taken away from me.
  5. i cannot reveal the company name & nothing else to sign as yet, i do understand everything in the doc, i just think it's very extreme and one sided + quite unnecessary.
  6. so for example, it says that i cant sue them but they can kick me out and i have no recourse. also the thing about people that i know negatively affecting the group, how many control can i have over this realistically? clause 8 too-i mean, the wording is so loose here, i could say anything and if they deem it as causing doubt, then i get kicked out. many things can cause someone doubt, the most minor comment could do this. clause 12 is very scary too, so if i do something that causes doubt, then suddenly i might be sued for millions and get kicked out. it just feels way too one sided and quite
  7. well they say it's to protect them as they have been " attacked" recently. its a business community. dont worry, not some freak religious type thing. is this document actually a legit doc?
  8. dont worry, its not a cult lol. and im not sure what org you're eluding to. can you help me with some of the queries in my original message i.e. contract vs undertaking? how legit is this doc in reality? for example, clause 12, is that even legal to put in there? just seems crazy. help! thanks
  9. yeh cult-ish is what i thought too! i believe if i dont sign, i wont be able to join. I'm in the uk, the organisation is in the uk. some of the top guys are american, that may explain the language.
  10. hi, i'm joined a community and they want everyone to sign a doc which i personally think is a bit OTT also leaves me very vulnerable to be sued and kicked out at the drop of a hat. some advice around how legit this doc is and whether someone could actually sue me based on it as i am not sure a judge would see the terms as reasonable. the doc is attached thanks!!!!! contract.pdf
  11. I did actually send the original cheque back. Thanks very much. Back to giving digs lol
  12. how did i leave myself open to this? I am not sure this is actually avoidable. i believe it's a cheque from his business account i've already paid the fees for the bailiffs can i tell them to disregard the cheque because he's not trustworthy and get full payment via bank transfer from him and i can rip the cheque up? a,b,c taken on board. very good and helpful points. thanks
  13. pasting my question from the last page that got lost due to needless interruption.... so i'm guessing the bailiffs will just recover the £110 bailiff fee instead of the total debt as i now have what looks like a valid cheque?
  14. what do you want? go away, stop sticking your oar in. you dont want to help, so just get on with your life. you try to "help" people by talking to them as if they know everything about the law already-pretty idiotic. news flash, if they know everything already, they wouldnt be here asking for help! lay people come here for help, if you dont want to be helpful, dont comment.
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