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Found 8 results

  1. I am after some advice please if possible Having had a number of loans with Wonga I eventually reached a point I could no longer afford to make the large payment back on my last loan, taken out in February of last year. Before the payment was due at the end of March I raised a complaint of unaffordable lending and asked for a payment plan offering an amount I could afford to pay. Wonga sent me an I&E sheet which I completed and sent back, then I heard nothing from them. Next message was a couple of months later with a threat of court if I didn't pay, which was a surprised as i'd offered an amount that they never came back to me on After that a payment plan was agreed and I made 2 payment towards to loan. In the meantime my complaint was rejected by Wonga, sent to the FOS where it was upheld and Wonga agreed to a refund of £2.5k, although £850 would be used to pay off the outstanding loan and all negative information removed from my credit account. Not an issue, all sorted, balance was paid back to me at the start of October In mid December I was contacted by Moorcroft about an outstanding loan with Wonga. I logged into my Wonga account and it showed I still had an outstanding loan. I then checked my Noddle report (I usually look at Experian but Wonga don't report to that). My credit report showed not only was my loan not paid off, but showed as defaulted in July. I contacted Wonga who at first told me that the last loan hadn't been part of the arrangement (utter rubbish) but they would look into this. Over the last few months of the year I had an MBNA credit card suspended and a catalogue account suspended due to "adverse information on my account" Now Wonga have admitted they should have removed the loan and have asked Equifax and Call Credit to delete this. Now that would be great if they hadn't done so much damage to my credit over the last 5 months. Also looking at my Equifax file it shows my loan a month in arrears in Nov 2016 and then 2 months in Dec, up to 4 months in arrears. All this before I even opened in the loan at the end of Feb. The loan shows as AP (?) from March to June 2017 and then defaulted in July 2017, which is all total lies Where do I stand with this? I'm absolutely furious with Wonga, but currently stuck in their 8 weeks complaints procedure (again), but this whole saga is a shambles. I have all of this documented on email. Any advice would be great
  2. Hello CAG I haven't posted on here for a while, hoping you can help. I’m writing to complain about the way Barclays have reported the payment history on my Mortgage. I recently applied for a credit card and got refused; I signed up to ‘Credit Expert’ and spoke with one of their representatives who said the reason I was declined was probably because I have not been keeping up with my mortgage. Although I have had some difficulty in the past when I lost my job in 2009, I have not missed a mortgage payment in over six years so I thought this was odd. In 2009 I lost my job and was unable to pay my mortgage and, after a number of missed payments Barclays obtained an order of possession. Fortunately I regained employment and was able to strike a deal with Barclays just in time to fend off repossession. This deal was to pay my full mortgage payment plus an extra payment towards the arrears. This was under a suspended order of possession. I believe this is defined by the ICO as a rescheduling of the agreement. Barclays have agreed to reschedule the terms of the agreement for the medium to long term, in this case 4 years, in anticipation that the arrears would be cleared and I would return to the original level of payment and some of the arrears were recapitalised. It states quite clearly in the ICO guidelines how this arrangement should be reported: - The credit reference file should record the correct payment history up to the time of the rescheduling. - The account should be marked to show a new arrangement has been made, and reflect the modified repayment terms. - Any record of monthly payments after the reschedule should reflect payments made against the modified agreement. - Where a rescheduling of this type breaks down, a default may be filed when the total value of the arrears is equivalent to three monthly payments under the original terms. However, this should not result in the customer being placed in a worse position than someone who has made no effort to pay whatsoever. Yet Barclays have been reporting each payment as an ‘Arrangement to pay’. This is not factually accurate. An arrangement to pay is defined by the ICO as a temporary this involves a temporary, short-term (up to six months) arrangement where the lender agrees to accept reduced payments. Arrangement to pay markers imply that I have been making reduced payments towards my mortgage and that I am accruing arrears each month. This is not the case. Please advise. This is a major problem for me, the last AP marker was September of last year. This will be on my credit file until 2020. If I had known this was going to be how things would pan out, I would rather have defaulted in 2009 and had a clean credit file today. Its ridiculous that some one who defaulted six years ago is in a better position to some one who has paid off all the arrears.
  3. HSBC Warning To anyone thinking of opening a bank account with HSBC, I've just had a credit report from Experian I was shocked to see HSBC had never notified me in any way or form that they had black listed me back in October 2012, it relates to a direct debit of £50 being returned but paid in full four days later,through one single direct debit being paid four days late HSBC have totally ruined my business for a period of 6 years, as its now impossible to obtain any loans for my business, I have obviously raised a complaint with the financial ombudsman today being 15th March 2016 I spoke to a Representative from HSBC dealing with my complaint regarding me unable to obtain loans through HSBC blacklisting me, she could not care less it was a total waste of time, but I intend to post on you tube the letter that I received from her together with the bank statement showing the direct debit being paid in full only four days late, also the information that HSBC gave the credit agencies, which was worded non revolving credit. No one including the Financial ombudsman can believe how HSBC has black listed me without informing me in any form.so now I will be posting this on you tube warning people to be very careful before banking with HSBC obviously I will not be banking with them in the future, I believed HSBC were there to help self employed businesses not to ruin them like in this case,
  4. Hi, I'm looking for some advice. My younger brother defaulted on a vodafone contract 2 years ago, he's got his life together now and is trying to fix his personal finances. He's now totally debt free however the default on his creddit report is stopping him from doing almost anything, like getting a small overdraft to protect against fee's etc. Are there any channels to go down with vodafone to discuss getting this lifted? Thanks foe reading.
  5. So Vodafone are seriously ruining my life, and I'm not exagerating!! I called vodafone back in march to tell them at the end of my contract (Wrongly I thought it was end of May and the guy on the phone even confirmed "end of May" but it was actually end of June) I didn't want to continue with the service. I was told in this instance I was ringing too soon and to ring back next month (April), which I did. I was told during this call that it wouldn't be a problem and to ring back next month to get the PAC code. I rang back the following month (May) not to get the PAC code (Tired of cold callers so fancied a new number) but just to confirm that my cancellation was in place (I'd heard a lot of horror stories about cancelling with vodafone and didn't fancy getting burned, but alas...) and I was told not to worry everything was in place and my service would be terminated before end of May. So I left it believing this to be true. June, and I get a bill. I ring Vodafone and I am told that it is actually 20th of June when my contract ends witch I am annoyed about as I'd been told May before but reluctantly agree that June is ok. (I had in fact gone out and got a new contract with another provider before the end of May believing the information I had been given to be true) I am also told during this call that there was no notice of cancellation on my account which I argue and spend hour of my time on the phone to eventually be told that because my account was switched from one system to another they forgot to take the cancellation notice over to the new account, which sounded audacious to me that a company vodafones size could make such a mistake. On to July 14th and I receive a full months bill!! I am not happy about this, call vodafone, get put on hold for 50 minutes before the line goes dead, after which I contacted the Ombudsman and got them involved. So the ombudsman, myself and vodafone come to an agreement in August that is thus: - cancel the contract and remove termination charges from 20 June 2015 onwards; - award a goodwill gesture of £30 to the account; and - refund any remaining credit back to you Firstly vodafone didn't adhere to the first and most significant of the resolutions, instead they sent a letter to an address i no longer lived at (I moved out in July and as my contract should have been cancelled and talking to vodafone is the same as talking to a wall, it slipped my mind to mention to them that I had moved) stating and I quote, "I tried to contact you today in order to discuss the cancellation of the contract. I did not want to process an immediate disconnection as you may require the PAC code to transfer your number to a different provider." - The PAC code for a number that at this point I hadn't used in nearly 4 months. Also I don't see anywhere on that agreement where it says "asks the customer to confirm the cancellation" I expected, as per the agreement for it to simply be cancelled back to the 20th June. Secondly, I did get the £30 goodwill gesture credited to my account accompanied with an email to myself saying that if after the £30 is credited my account is in credit that the remainder will be paid into the account my bill payments are taken from. Well that never happened and a few days after the £30 was credited vodafone sent me another bill for the month of August which then meant I owed vodafone something around £7.... So that was a pointless gesture and the £7 is something I wouldn't of paid as my account should have been cancelled back to 2 months previous. Lastly my account is still open today (19th October) and I'm still receiving bills from vodafone and now it is affecting my credit file. My credit report shows numerous defaults on my vodafone account the first one for august (2months after my contract apparently ended) and one for September, just waiting for the October one to show on my credit file and screw me over even more... I've dropped nearly 25% of my credit score due to vodafone and the reason this is ruining my life is because I am currently saving for a mortgage and I have been very good with my credit agreements etc due to this. I was in a position to be accepted by a high street lender at a decent interest rate but vodafone have knocked my credit score to just into the poor category. So 50% deposit if I' m lucky and a sky high interest rate. What I'd like from vodafone is a bit of thought in this matter. Cancel my contract and any money owed since 20th June (I was always paid up on time, only payments I missed were these few months because I 1. thought the account was being closed and settled 2. the principle of it, I'm not paying hundreds of pounds for a service I'm not using after the end of contract date because a multi million pound company doesn't like to let customers go. They can keep the £30 goodwill gesture if they take off the defaults/list notice of correction etc on my credit file. I'm at a loss though and thinking only course of action to take is to speak to a solicitor or as my mother suggested this week, approach watchdog and show all the evidence and then maybe this company will take this matter a bit more serious. Any help advice before I go down those routes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi My name is Yasmin. I live in London. And I am about to show consumers what 02 are capable of. I want to sue 02 because while I was in dispute with them over a contract they mis-sold to me - they refused to listen, did not once pick up the phone to me. Moreover never answered my questions nor launch an investigation into how they sold me a contract when I expressly told the sales agent I wanted to buy a mobile phone meant for a minor then aged 10 who needed it for her first day at new Secondary school where she would be travelling alone to and fro. Prior to this I had been using pay as you go - the agent advised me that there was a cool new package that was designed to help control spend and that is was called Simplicity. And that she would be given enough mins to ensure that she can report in and for ant emergencies - he told me that if I stuck to PAYG she may get stranded and need that possibility to make that call to keep herself safe. I said ok. As he seemed so lovely and I kept telling him I had never bought a mobile contract for a child before and wanted to do right by her and my money as I was on a strict budget. I told 02 the contract had to be fixed - the agent promised me it was ok I need not go for PAYG and recommended the 'Simplicity' package. But in 2015 I know noted he did not tell me that this contract was a walking bankcard nor did he set any bars. Or explain what limits. 02 gave no info to me. This why I accuse them know of secretly blinding consumers by selling unlimited data contracts - which they wait to rack up charges on. The 02 agent then secretly, without my knowledge sold me an unlimited SIM card/contract (I was so happy to buy this as a Xmas present) - which in 2014 the child now aged 13 took abroad. It got lost. She got scared to mention it. As soon as I found out, I cancelled it. And I was lucky enough to cancel my direct debits as if I had not done so 02 would have swept my bank account of the entire amount the thief had racked up. Once I then started to ask for help it became a dispute as they kept telling me I had to pay. I told them this was mis-selling but the complaints system is set up to make life so hard. 02 then spent months leading me round the houses. They outsourced my complaint. The phone bill which after I reported it grew to £312.71. I kept asking how can this be? I wanted to pay what I owed. But they just would not talk to me. Here is the contract - can you see anywhere it mention that it was unlimited data card? They told me it as a 'Simple' contract (see attached) - how can you call something simple then allow for call/data charges to be applied - internationally? Attached: 1. 02 contract with personal details deleted - but sales agent to reinforce to me how much I can expect to pay each month 2. 02 contract T&Cs (no mention of data or call charges internationally) My issues: I informed them at around the same time that I was a survivor of abuse and therefore need all the pennies I can get. Every penny was tight and I was in a huge personal crisis. I wanted 02 to just to take monies for what I ordered. I was happy to pay the £10 that was due but 02 never accepted that. They never once picked up the phone to me. They did offer to reduce the bill but they never gave me a breakdown of how the newly reduced figure was worked out. The CEO Ronan Dunne was informed that during this time I was also a survivor of domestic abuse - he and his team refused to listen or help and kept demanding I pay the reduced amount. 02 then handed me over to Badenoch & Clarke - who were bailiffs - when they heard my story they were so horrified and halted it - and told me that at no point were they made aware that there was a dispute over mis-selling. My incident is proof that 02 set us consumers up, make it vague and a quagmire to debate or challenge mis-selling and then - cart you across to the conveyor belt of debt - and trash credit reports as punishment for daring to challenge them. Failure by 02 to take the issue of misselling - even now I have contacted the MEP, Ofcom - and they seem very vague and woolly. Hypocrisy by 02 - see image below of Ronan Dunne - yet he says publically one thing and did the other - to me. I even wrote to him but his email account blocked me. Now that these unfair charges have been racked up - 02 refuse to accept or discuss that the contract was for a minor. Nor will it comment why the agent wrote in his handwriting £10.50 verbally (then wrote promotion on the contract) and why they say 'basics data' will not explain why they did not write that this contract was clearly an unlimited sim card (aka walking bank card). 02 say as I am the person on the contract - I am the adult. I must pay. But this is why we consumers in 2011 were blind folded - as today all the retailers esp Tesco Mobile which is powered by 02 I believe now have strong capping. Why are telecoms companies allowed to sell walking bankcards - at least to use these you need a sim - why is the telecoms industry so irresponsible in selling us contracts for minors - when they knew how dangerous it can be. And that there must now be a default which stops consumers from racking up charges for data or for international calls. FYI Until this loss/theft of the mobile phone incident I paid on time - 100% of the amount due since Nov 2011. I of course wrote to Ombudsman - who did not read my complaint properly. Nor addressed mis-selling issue at all and supported 02's stance - that it was fair to reduce the bill as 02 suggested. This was a disgrace and now I am still waiting for Ofcom to reply. I was forced to complain about the Telecoms Ombudsman and there was an independent investigator who upheld my complaint and offered me compensation. This is why I decided to sue 02 after Telecoms Ombudsman - screwed up. Not once did they try to help me and moreover I found evidence they were supporting 02 - when they ought to be impartial. Damages. This is the effect on my life. How much is this worth? You see prior to this I had never been turned down for credit and always paid my way. I am now so reduced and battling 02 who seem to think they have gotten away with this. I am just trying to find the money to sue them via the small claims court. Stress, mental exhaustion Unable to kickstart my new business - which is now on hold. Sept 2014 - failed remortgage due to adverse credit report filed just by 02 - this was supposed to have paid all my debts and raised money to invest in my start up business April 2014 due to inability to get remortgage forced to enter an IVA July 2015 trying to obtain a tour operator's license. Been told that due to poor credit score and IVA unlikely that I will get merchant facilities. August 2015 - obtained a letter in principle to take my business products to a top London venue - where I can sell these as a commercial concession. Due to inability to find investment/sponsorship or money - I will now be forced to lose this opp. This is why I now am so shocked 02 have done this and did so - even with permission of exec office who refused to discuss mis-sselling with me. They just would not call me and refused to have any sympathy and refused to explain their contract. In fact they told me they were licensed to charge us what they want as the sim was unlimited (even though they called it simplicity) - utter madness. Questions: What would you do? Has anyone had the same happen to them? Is it solved? Unresolved? If the latter please get in touch with me as maybe we can do a class suit. I think there are more consumers out there but it takes a mighty persons to still remain standing as I think 02's complaint procedure is designed to ensure consumers like us who accuse them of mis-selling are sent via a maze - never to emerge and complain or be successful. Which small claims court process should I pursue? There are 2 - but it depends on how much you sue for and then of course there are relevant fees attached. Which would you best advise? What do you think is the damages I am due? And which court should I go via?
  7. I hope someone can help me. After a lot of hard work and struggle my credit record is finally in better shape, except for a default from Virgin media for £21 which I got when their service was down for 2 months and I refused to pay for a service I wasn't receiving. I did pay once they cancelled my contract. I have written to them several times pointing out that the terrible service I received and asking them to remove the default but they are refusing. I have sent a SAR to them and they sent back 5 pages of computer printout which logs my phone calls and letters, but that's all. Any idea what I should do now? Also on my credit report it goes 1 late payment 2 late payments then default, I thought they had to give you more than that? This one default is affecting so many areas of my life it is ridiculous!
  8. Hi there, for two years I've been working on a software development project at home and living off savings. It's fair to say that the project has turned out to be more complex than originally foreseen but nonetheless is 85% complete and should have the potential to become revenue generating with 3 months further work. Following a recent marriage separation everything has been thrown into turmoil and I quickly came to the conclusion that it would be necessary to get a job to provide me with an income. I got an interview with a company (a leading global brand) who liked my skillset and were happy about the fact that I'd developed these skills in a non-commercial environment because of my extensive past history. Because the division of the company is involved in the finance sector (a lot of my experience has been in financial services) a pre-requisite of acceptance for the position is that I pass a credit check. I figured this would be pretty straightforward as I have no mortgage (house owned outright) and no borrowings. So it came as a hammer blow when I failed the credit check as was told by the HR department that I would be ineligible for the role. It's hard to describe the sense of disappointment I felt when the one great chance I had to lift me out of the terrible situation I'm in was dashed to pieces. It's been the worst 5 months of my life (I'm 47) by a very long way and so to have picked myself up off the floor and taken positive steps to get back on my feet, only for it to turn out to be all for nothing is a bitter pill to swallow. I applied for and received a statutory credit report from Experian which showed a default of £66 for Vodafone and another for £139 for Capquest (formerly FTC), both the default dates being the same 04/10/09. I can remember the situation very clearly. I had been on contract with Vodafone since 30/07/02, and I'd had a very lengthy contract with them prior to this (I first had a mobile in 1994 and had always been with Vodafone). The contract in question was £50/month and due to a change in circumstances I realised that it no longer made economic sense to continue with the agreement so I set about cancelling it. It turned out that whilst you could do just about everything on the Vodafone website one thing it was not possible to do was cancel a contract. This is obviously purely for the cynical reason of making it as easy as possible for people to spend money with the company and as difficult as possible to stop spending money. After much digging around on google I found an address to which I had to send a letter requesting cancellation, and this I did. The contract included a one month notice period and after one month the funds were still being withdrawn from my account. So I wrote another letter which pointed out that I'd already written to them asking for the contract to be cancelled. Another month later a sum of slightly more than £50 is withdrawn from my account again. So I wrote a third time, and you guessed it, they're still taking the money out of my account. At this point I reckon that I'm approx. £110 out of pocket so I had no choice but to cancel the direct debit. Then I recollect Vodafone debt chasers phoning me up and sending me letters. I politely but firmly explained that I felt that they owed me money and not the other way round. It would seem that they sold the debt off to a factoring agency Capquest, and that the single debt is now logged twice on my credit report. The thing is that I moved house in October 2009 and Vodafone were not included in the list of people I notified about my new address, so the existence of a credit default has come as a most unpleasant surprise. Due to my marriage separation I can't easily access the letters I wrote to Vodafone however I believe that they still exist on a partially working laptop that is in my ex-wife's possession. We communicate only via solicitors so it would be a fair amount of hassle to get hold of this evidence, not to mention that the graphics chip on the computer is on the blink and to get it working for even a few minutes requires that I have to heat up the laptop by putting it somewhere hot. So, all in all I feel very badly treated by Vodafone, can anyone suggest what I could do to get these notices removed from my credit file? The one positive at present is that the hiring manager at the company has indicated that if I can get the credit situation resolved in 3 weeks (which seems unlikely) then I'm still in with a chance to get the job, and oh boy do I need it. Thanks.
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