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  1. Not something i know much about but try this website http://benefits-calculator.turn2us.org.uk/AboutYou either of you may be entitled to more than you are getting.
  2. Found an interesting quote. I don't know what she can expect to accomplish, it is still the same system run by a private company of shareholders who has a financial incentive in these assessments. One person cant stop the machine of capitalism, and what this does is now silence a big part of the opposition. Are we really to believe this company would employ a vehement critic just to improve the system that in doing so would inevitably lead to conflict with the ideals of profit?
  3. http://diaryofabenefitscrounger.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/new-job.html The worst part of this is she went from being deemed unfit for work indefinitely to a £60k salaried management position, a nice point for IDS to press i am sure. Is she a sellout or could she do some good from within? (Her own words)
  4. There still bullying people into this? It was happening to me over a year ago too or is it worse now? in fact the treatment from them even after holding them to guidance is what pushed me over the edge onto ESA. This whole process change is cruel imo, a lot of people wont know the rules or have the confidence to challenge them. Im pretty convinced now that they know its pretty hard to get someone a job, and are just simplifying and hell encouraging the sanction regime, whats worse is those who are employed to do it know they have to comply or join the flock they wont enjoy it.
  5. Appreciate it everyone. Its telling when you can get better help of a bunch of strangers than the people who should be helping.
  6. Thought they couldn't yeah. Maybe he got what they said confused, he did seem adamant perhaps it was an advisor from ESA itself. The mandatory consideration can be sent off with the letter that came with the WCA result right? And i have told him to tell them why he doesnt agree, with a sick note and a supporting letter from the doctor. Anyone know the length of time he can apply again if he is out of time?
  7. He was told by an Decision Maker after he got the results - this was the person that advised him to go on JSA - that they would not take his appeal because they cant go against ATOS decision, which is BS. Should he ring the ESA line and ask for a mandatory reconsideration, they have to accept it right to allow him to go to the indenpendant tribunal? Is it the decision makers prerogative to say that? Edit. What is the length of time you have to appeal a decision? If they have given him the run around to avoid this date i swear i will be outraged, these guys have to help surely? And if he i
  8. Hi there, you guys gave excellent advice in Febuary about an esa appeal and i still appreciate that to this day so i thought i would ask again. I am sorry for the fairly lengthy post. Another friend is going through it, with severe mental problems who really should be getting looked after. Hes had drug problems all his life and is on so many different medicines his head is frazzled, he is completely lost when it comes to benefits. He ended up getting 0 points, the usual medical evidence and history or doctors supporting notes not being taken into account at all. This is where the pr
  9. Yep it is a little frosty i believe that is the best there is though i didnt have trouble with some headphones - there is a translation of the first few minutes at least in the comments.
  10. This is a brilliant video that everyone should see if they can spare the time, especially the wealthy in the country. Im reminded of Nigel Evans the Tory MP who wanted his legal Fees paid after the legal aid cuts politicians should be ordinary people they never feel the pain of there policies nor have the experience of hardship to shape them. A brilliant quote from the video "How would you feel if we voted on making every MP get there electricity and there gas cut off, there fridges emptied, and said to work for 4 months and get there food from a food bank, how would you feel about that? You s
  11. Live and let live as far as im concerned, people in power do a lot worse for a lot more, look at the torys they are selling off the future off our children to there business chums and/or to benefit stocks they own. You would end up potentially ruining someones life, and for what? How does it benefit you and your family to save the state a bit of money? Im more concerned about Tax dodgers than benefit cheats.
  12. In other news http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-27144637?ocid=socialflow_twitter. Roughly a quarter of the total JSA bill, also i think the total cost of all Benefit Fraud. You think one of us "Scroungers" could make a deal with HMRC?
  13. So we received the trubunal form low and behold its messed up , in the pack is several "hearing enquiry forms" all named under different people round the country all except my friend, the original letter acknowledging the appeal is labelled under my friend. What a cluster**** this whole system is. Do we have to restart this whole process? They gave us 12 days to send it off from the 6th march and they cant even ensure we get the right forms, what is worse is that other people will have ours and we theirs.
  14. I had daily signing on when i first came off the work programme 4 or 5 months ago, you claim it back at the end. Weekly is not so bad, in fact its quite lenient in the new regime. The appointment on monday for you will be a very basic 5 minute "Exam" on maths and english just to see if you need extra help. I did not get travel expenses paid back when i had it, though to be fair i did not ask on this particular day.
  15. Thankyou very much its all ready to go, i was going to send off her medical note inside the appeal for the assessment rate, but is it definitely required to go to the delivery centre? I just love how none of this is explained by them, they either presume you know it or they do not care enough to explain.
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