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  1. I was talking to my hubby last night about this and we both said the same thing, we feel now how we did in mid 2007/08. All we are hearing is job losses, businesses and industries going under etc.. Even talking to family and friends and people are not confident that they will still have ajob in six months. There is a definite air of doom and gloom and it's getting worse.
  2. Hi Loki (love the name), As the others have said go straight to the police and keep those texts. Do not let this idiot cause you one second more unhappiness and worry, this is his problem not yours. You have rights and those include being allowed to quit a **** job and living your life without harassment. Continue with your new healthy lifestyle and you will feel happier, fitter and stronger both physically and mentally. Don't forget also that you can get help with stopping smoking from your GP and some council run health centers run a programme called Be Active, which helps with reduce
  3. Hi Matt, Just wanted to say a massive congrats on your new job, I hope you are very happy. We have not really had much contact etc but I have read many of your posts over the past year and I am thrilled that the nightmare is almost at an end for you. Congratulations and give them hell at your last appointments.
  4. Hi Lily, This is our wonderful government for you, ignore the tens of billions lost in tax through big business and go after the public making a tenner. The only thing I would suggest is that you make it clear that the items you buy from the charity shops are not sold on for profit but are used (fabric etc) as part of your craft items. I say this because one of the criteria they use to determine if you are a business is buying items and reselling to make a profit. You need to make sure they don't think this is the case. If this is what you are doing then you will need to be honest with
  5. Is your youngest child older than 5 or 6 now? I think you can only get full council tax relief now if you have a child younger than 5/6 or you have someone in your household who is in the SG ESA. I could be wrong but I am sure I read that these were the only reasons why any household gets full council tax relief.
  6. My son is currently in the support group and has been for the past 18 months. I am not sure what treatment they could mandate him to have that could possibly help. He is autistic and as far as I am aware there is no cure or medication fix. Maybe they will try brain surgery, you know straighten out the neurological developmental issues. Wonder if they will do this in the main area of the JC, surely brain surgery will afford him a private room.
  7. Hi all, As the title states, is there a limit to the amount of savings a person can have if they claim carers, child tax credit and child benefit? I know there is a limit if you claim IR ESA and IR. JSA but can't find out anything regarding these benefits. Many thanks
  8. Hi, I wish you lots of luck with today's interview. All the best C
  9. You would be incredibly silly to even consider doing this, think about exactly what this person wants you to do.
  10. There doesn't seem to be any punishment either when one of these outsource companies are caught making fraudulent claims. How many government contracts have certain companies messed up only to be given even bigger government contracts?
  11. Once you are behind it is extremely difficult to get straight again. I am hoping that a change of government can halt, slow down or change the way UC works. I'm personally hoping it is axed.
  12. I can't express in civilised language how angry I am about these alledged changes. The changes to carers is in my opinion unforgivable and beyond humane reasoning. I am only 1 of an army of people who sacrifice their own earning potential to look after a loved one. Carers is not aa grand sum but we rely heavily on it. It was not enough to victimise the disabled person, now they want to victimise the army of carers.
  13. Hi all, Thank you for all your replies. We went to the meeting and it was a benefit review. She asked very basic questions (checked address, who lived in the house, single or not, asked about savings, bonds, investments and property etc). Quick check on payments in/out of bank account (I believe they were probably checking if my son has the average lifestyle of a 21 year old; debits for trains, debits for restaurants/pubs, shopping, phone contract etc...my son does not have the lifestyle of an average 21 year old). She mentioned the work interview and I just said it would not be appropria
  14. Thank-you very much Antone and Nystagmite, it's much appreciated. My son is luckier than most, he has his family and will never go hungry or homeless whilst we are here to care for him. I worry about the future though when we are no longer here. I'm ashamed of my country, truly disgusted that this government has done to the most vulnerable in our society.
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