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  1. I have a pair of overalls that has Dickie stamped all over them, but I've never worked for them in my life. I will admit to being called a Dick for buying my Range Rover p38 though, and I do tend to spend more time in them overalls than I do in my tweeds and green wellies.
  2. One long Latin word should confuse 'em.
  3. Jeez 45002, is that your badge number? If you would only put some effort into helping people, instead of harassing and bullying them, and seemingly getting away with it here, you may just have enough energy left to smile.
  4. Reminds me of one of Kevin Bridges' observations of workfare where he said that "...stacking shelves at Poundland ......where the items you stack are worth more than you.", or words to that effect!
  5. I see. You're just fed up and old. BTW you pass the descriptor for Pension Credit. Claiming a Sickness Benefit while fit for work, is both immoral and illegal. Both the above assume you are not trolling, of course.
  6. Don't know if it is normal. but I don't think that even jobcentre staff have the authority to move people on from a public area. How young were they? Perhaps they were just holding their cans for their mums and dads while they signed on. Ah! So this light you saw made you so ill you claimed ESA instead of JSA, is that right? Or was ESA an easier option to avoid the cider swilling riff raff at the jobcentre?
  7. Well, there are plenty of unemployed and sick people on ESA who have to endure it. Did the light point this out? Is Pension Credit available to you yet? If it wasn't so immoral and shameful, you could circumvent the local jobcentre completely.
  8. Hi Solbert, are you able to tell us more about the light you saw? It may help others to circumvent the system for an easier life.
  9. Hi Nystagmite, Please accept my sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I was unwell when I replied earlier in this thread, and though I have fully recovered since, I had little recollection of replying to you! Anyway, I see that Estellyn has put together something for you, and I cannot find the files I had in mind to help you. IIRC, it was an extract from The Disability Handbook, together with a copy of a DWP webpage regarding sight loss, where one stated the DWP's criteria for varying degrees of loss of vision, and the other stating what level of care needs would likely be needed together with an appropriate guide to the level of DLA to award. I remember sending copies of both to the tribunal while awaiting an appeal from LRC to MRC for my wife. Within a week DWP had reconsidered and awarded MRC. The problem is that I cannot find the source of that info anywhere now, and the nearest I can find is at: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/publications/specialist-guides/medical-conditions/a-z-of-medical-conditions/vision/care-and-mobility/ I hope it helps in some way, And again, please accept my sincere apologies. I hope things turn out right for you. Good Luck!
  10. Also...If caring for someone full time - claim carer's allowance with a top up of income support. (Conditions also apply to these benefits.) Totally acceptable and legally correct.
  11. I'm sure Antone will be back when he sees this, but I think he will agree that you have nothing to fear. You should receive your payment on Friday, and your next payment on 3rd January. The Holiday period doesn't actually start till next week, and the letter you quoted refers to the Holiday period only. Hope that helps. Edit: Too late as per!
  12. How on God's earth is it any different? The first two cars were parked at the lights. Car three hits them into each other. Car three is totally to blame for the damage to all vehicles and persons involved, unless some other contributory factor comes to light. So far as leaving a gap between cars one and two is concerned, it is of no relevance whatsoever. How much of a gap would you leave between the front of your car and a pedestrian crossing the road at, say, a pelican crossing? If someone hits you from behind and into the pedestrian are you at fault? No, of course not.
  13. Hi Nystagmite, I have some information that may help regarding sight loss, but I am a bit laid up at the moment, so cannot access my files easily. In the meantime, may I ask whether you are registered as partially sighted? It may make things easier, but it certainly is not lost if you are not. Please give me time to respond as I'm on one of these ipad type things and it's not the easiest thing to type with when stuck in bed. Hopefully I will be back at my desktop soon. Best of luck.
  14. It probably has. The tory version will be up and running just as soon as everyone on benefits has received a sanction for three years or more, saving on average around £100 per claimant per week. Then they will pay an unknown (probably foreign based) company around £500 per week to house them in disused factories, and feed them with food salvaged from Aldi's waste bins. The only delay is finding a politician's brother-in-law, cousin, uncle etc. who owns a foreign based business, has no respect for human life and has a lifetime's supply of brown envelopes. Tokenfield, are you really "fed up and old"?
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