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  1. Thanks Andy for taking your time out numerously on this post to help me out. I have made the corrections you have stated and sent it off to the defendant's solicitors.. When payday hits, I shall make a donation and note this thread as reference as it's great resource It would be good if everyone could make a donation however small as running a forum with dedicated server/maintenance costs isn't cheap. Once again, many thanks.
  2. No, it was made up mostly of gift certificate balance and very small amount (under 100) on debit card. I would of long contacted the cc if that was the case sadly.
  3. Great Andy, Much appreciation. I also responded to the defendant solicitor's email address well over two weeks ago with the detailed particulars, as mentioned in post one, they have sent another email today stating that: Should I reply to the email and send them this again: Or should I ignore their email knowing that I have proof of postage that I sent amazon my detailed particulars and again their solicitors the very same thing via email a few weeks ago that I can show proof should I need to if called to court? Thanks again.
  4. Damn, so it appears I have well and truly messed up. It seems so as it states underneath my above post that I've quoted: I will provide the defendant with separate detailed particulars within 14 days after service of the claim form. Any advice on how best to proceed now? As it's well passed the 14 days. EEEK!
  5. Hi guys just wondering if I can get some help. I have issue a claim against amazon and their solicitors have emailed me stating the following: However I am sure I sent them what should be counted as a separate detailed particulars. First I sent amazon my money claim online form in pdf format within the post along with a separate detailed particulars detailing why I have raised the claim against them by first class post stating the following: Would this count as a separate detailed particulars as I sent this to the solicitors who are dealing on behalf on amazon v
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