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Found 13 results

  1. I know I shouldnt laugh but you have to check out this guys users name.......... One computer user has become so disillusioned with Windows 10's spying features that he has been driven to using Linux Mint as his primary operating system. But Voat user CheesusCrust was curious to find out just how pervasive Microsoft's privacy invasion is. The results of his investigation are quite staggering. Using a router kitted out with DD-WRT, and a copy of Windows 10 Enterprise installed in a virtual machine on his Linux laptop, he started by disabling every single one of the tracking and telemetry features found in the operating system. Eight hours later, 4,000 connection attempts to 93 different IP addresses were logged, with most of these IPs addresses being linked to Microsoft. Explaining his setup on Voat, CheesusCrust said that he used a completely virgin installation of Windows 10 which had been used only to verify that the internet connection was working properly. Perl was then used to pull 8 hours of data from log files and push them into a MySQL database. Perl was also used to obtain route data for any connections. Presenting the results, CheesuCrust says: Here is the roughly 8-hour network traffic analysis of 5508 connection attempts of an unused, base install of Windows 10 Enterprise (NOTE: I did not remove any 192.168.1.x home network IP addresses from the analysis). Broken down, this works out to 3967 connection attempts to 51 different Microsoft IP addresses. You can see full tabulated results on Voat. With Microsoft facing unprecedented levels of criticism for its lack of transparency over spying components, these findings will serve only to add fuel to the fire. The fact that it was the Enterprise edition of Windows 10 that was used for testing is likely to raise further questions. Serious subject but that user name is a real cracker.
  2. Last year I paid in a handful of cheques as a 'job lot' via the automatic machine - more than once. Some months later I needed to identify a few cheques and noted the ones paid in together didn't have a breakdown on my online statement. I called into my branch and nobody seemed to be able to help and was told Head Office would contact me. They didn't. I called back a few weeks later and again nobody could help - both visits took way over 30 mins. Again I was told Head Office would send me the details I wanted. Again they didn't. That was October. 4 months later (last week) I called in again and was told Barclays don't log cheques individually if paid in together. They couldn't tell me this 4 months ago?? So I've no way at all finding these. Surely businesses don't have this problem when paying in 100's of cheques at one time - do you mean to say Barclays would just stick them all in as one lot and never be able to identify each one? Surely cheques have to be noted with different references, payees etc etc? It all seems so ridiculous for a simple request.
  3. I have been chased for a number of years by Lowell for a debt. They go through phases of really chasing, then I don't hear anything for a while. In May of this year, the debt became statute barred. It has now disappeared from my credit file and my credit rating has gone to good again. However.... Lowell have REALLY started chasing the last few weeks. I have had letters galore, I have had about 5 phone calls a day and a couple of texts, and now they have started sending letters, addressed to me, to my parents house. My question is what action should I take. I know the debt is SB, but I'm concerned by their sudden chasing. Do I need to worry? Should I ignore it all, or should I write to them? I'm concerned as to why they are sending the letters to my parents address rather than mine, are they trying to get a CCJ by deliberately sending to the incorrect address? Is writing to them to tell them a debt is Statute Barred not an admission of ownership? Thanks everyone!
  4. Now i read this-i usually research a touch but decided for you to tell me what a load of rubbish,you have put on. Let you have a go at old Tawny.Politely if you can. One persons view.Do you think these figures are correct.And their view on things. Do not make me research.I will if you insist. Wonder what MPS really think of us. What they would write in one paragraph.About us. Like this person did,about them. The revolution is coming. Oh dear where is that smiley.Putting flak jacket and safety gear on. Who is first.
  5. Hi I'm posting on behalf of my boyfriend who is extremely mentally unwell at the minute and has been for some time now. Basically what has happened is for the past few weeks he has steadily been slipping into a state of severe depression with extreme OCD and paranoid/visual thoughts that have cumulated into him gambling huge amounts online. The other day he managed to go through his life savings in little under an hour to 2 hours. A total of nearly 20k. He had a breakdown and didn't know what he was doing, saying hours before it happened that he didn't want to live anymore and that everything means nothing etc. In the little time that I was unable to provide support when he was feeling this low, he went online and bet the money away in the casino. Now ordanarily I'd put this down to a huge mistake and a big lesson in life, but the fact that he's got a lifelong problem with severe mental illness, and was also not a huge betting person until he had this breakdown (been a member on the site for many years) I think that there should have been better controls in place to flag up something wasn't right with the betting pattern. Either with the bank or from the site. He has been on medication for quite a few years for his depression, and I think that it's sad that one breakdown and extremely bad episode has lead to him losing everything without warnings. I had to stop him from taking his own life the day before this happened and he was gambling then as well, then I had to stop him again after he lost everything as he said that he didn't want to feel like this anymore and be here. The amount of withdrawals and deposits in the period that he lost the amount are substantial. Depositing thousands at a time, withdrawing, redepositing, reversing etc etc. The bank didn't warn him or block the transactions in that period even though they were very put of character and also the site didn't attempt any contact or provide any warnings. Its a last ditch attempt as I know how ruthless the gambling industry is, and I for one am the first person to say that a 'a fool and his money are soon parted' but this is completley different. He wasn't in a fit state of mind and was wreckless and self destructive, essentially rock bottom. I am trying to find out if there is anyway whatsoever of obtaining SOME of the money back? He wasn't a responsible adult and didn't care what happened, I feel as though the transactions should have been stopped by the bank or even by the website as it was out of character. If there is anything that anyone could advise me to do to try and recoup some of the money lost then I'd be greatful. This is a genuine circumstance and he has a LONG history of problems dating back to when he was a child. An episode like this should not be allowed to ruin him financially under the circumstances, especially since there was no contact from the bank or betting site regarding very out of character betting patterns, withdrawals, deposits etc etc. Can someone please help as I'm trying my best to look after him at the moment and also sort this out to some extent. Thanks
  6. Hi just want some advice here, there's probably not a lot I can do and I think I'm probably a bit 'bang to rights' but do want an opinion or two if anyone can offer anything of the sort. I live in a household with a lot of cars, and even though swinton wasn't the cheapest we went with them as we didn't want all the cars insured by different companies. Anyway everythings gone fine for about 6 months and everythings been paid on time. Today I've got a bunch of letters (one for each policy) informing me that the policies have been cancelled, I am not sure why this is - my sister who is also affected rang them up and they say they can't help at this time (I'll get clarification on this if I can), but it's probably because of a missing utility bill we were supposed to send? Now it's not been requested of me, like my proof of no claims bonus was, so this is news to me. What's bothering me the most, is that each policy has been cancelled for each car - and all the letters were received today together yet are printed on different dates, giving 7 days notice. Now some letters were printed a couple of days ago, but the letter for the cancellation of my car was printed on the 5th of this month, and delivered alongside a letter printed on the 18th for another policy. Which means (and i've just checked askmid to confirm, in the last week i've driven across the country a couple of times completely uninsured and completely unaware, and i'm sure i'll have come across a tax checking camera in all that mileage. Losing the insurance policy is one thing, I'm not thrilled about this. I don't evade having insurance, however in court ignorance would not stand up. I know it's christmas and post can be late (actually it's not as I've just received a bunch of parcels I ordered day before yesterday using standard shipping rates). I suppose I'm asking if i've grounds for complaint. I've still yet to figure out why the policy has been cancelled, but I'm not happy about the me driving for over a week uninsured part. The car is now off the public road.
  7. I don't need to be berated for my stupidity in needing a payday loan or two because things haven't been good at certain dark times this past year or so. OK, yes, I did take a loan out with this lot last year iirc and got into difficulties and tried to arrange a payment plan but they then started hen pecking my account so much that Barclay's actually froze me account from having any debits through it and I had to get cash out over the counter to pay for everything. A good 20 mins each time. So, I closed Barclay's and opened up another account with another bank. Things got very bad for me mentally with a lot of stuff going on that I forgot about this lot though I obviously want to pay them what I owe them now that I am in a good place mentally but maybe not financially. Which is why I needed a small £50 payday loan( I know the cycle starts again but hear me out) to tide me till payday as I knew I had money in my account for a ticket but not food. It was not CFO tho. So I go yesterday to me bank to withdraw my money as colleague said he would give me a lift so I could get good and it wasn't there. They had taken 2 s,mall amounts totalling around £60. From my new bank and account. I never authorised the,m to do so. I have completed a form at bank and they are looking in to it but what can I do? I get paid on wed so its too late to change me bank so I'm dead worried they will try and take the lot at once which I can't afford and I'm worried sixky. I'm trying not to drop into me dark place again but I just wondered what I can do to stop them from taking anything from me bank. I will pay them back but not all at once as can't afford it.
  8. This has to be the height of absurdity! Click here.
  9. http://www.britishparking.co.uk/Protection-of-Freedoms-Act-Clamping-and-towing-ban
  10. After another severe winter, road users are increasingly at risk from a growing number of potholes. Here's how you can make local authorities pay up. http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2013/mar/09/pothole-trouble-make-local-authorities-pay The potholes.co.uk site which is full of useful advice on how to claim successfully. CTC has a website, FillThatHole.org.uk, which allows users to report potholes.
  11. I set up a repayment plan with Vodafone. This was agreed throughout December 2012 and they agreed to remove my default as a result - they have now gone on and put a default on despite my making payments to them. I can't actually think right now or even formulate a sentence. I am just seriously so low and depressed by another matter (an illegally obtained CCJ) and this is just the straw that broke the camel's back. Apparently Vodafone care loads about their customer relations to the point they have representatives on these forums, so perhaps posting this will actually get someone to sort this matter out by close of today. I just honestly feel at breaking point and like I can't take anything else anymore.
  12. Hi guys. Im in quite a lot of debt at the minute. attched is a copy of my latest credit report. can anyone recommend what to do to get it sorted in as little time as possible, in terms of which ones i should prioritise etc... thanks in advance [ATTACH]39343[/ATTACH]
  13. based on this from the BPA stats http://www.britishparking.co.uk/write/Documents/Library/Reports%20and%20research/Parking%20Statistics.pdf 4.87 million at a discounted rate say £40 = £194,800,000 1.34 million at a higher rate say £100 = £134,000,000 total = £328,800,000 What a fantastic business they have fooling ignorant members of the public to pay their invoices.
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