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  1. Is there any way of getting rid of defaults when settling? regarding the fees, the 2 from lowell are from shop direct and are about 5 years old so i really cannot remember.The first natwest one is ALL bank charges, relating to a bounced cheque then fees on top for being overdrawn. the second natwst one is for an arranged overdraft. and the halifax one is all charges for being aabout £5 overdrawn
  2. Hi guys. Im in quite a lot of debt at the minute. attched is a copy of my latest credit report. can anyone recommend what to do to get it sorted in as little time as possible, in terms of which ones i should prioritise etc... thanks in advance [ATTACH]39343[/ATTACH]
  3. the loan was £250 and i beleive the intrest was £75? it was due back in december however. im really torn here over what to do....
  4. I took out a £250 payday loan in november. problems escalated and the debt when it was sent to opos was £1400. I had a phonecall from them last night, and the guy at opos offered me a £400 settlement. should I accept this?
  5. il try to keep this simple, iv got loads of creditors, but iv no idea what to do, or how to prioritise them. heres a list, could people please give advice on what i should give priority to, and which i can get discounts on? defaults: quickquid £425 natwest £434 natwest £1224 orange £20 lowell £273 lowell £161 t-mobile £356 halifax £231 late payments; quickbridge £550 microcredit £799 active securities £421 speed e loans £562 not on my credit file, but overdue; ferratum £122 txtloan £218 cash genie £352 wage day advance £300+ thanks in advance
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