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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me please as I am at a loss. I purchased a phone from Mobile Phones Direct in March this year. When I received the phone it turned out that the tariff they were advertising was actually a 'cashback' deal and I would be paying double what I was expecting. In addition the camera leans on the phone is cracked. I reluctantly decided that the tariff issue was a 'lesson learned' but contacted them about the faulty phone. They requested that I sent them photos of the lens and the packaging the phone arrived in, which I sent by return.
  2. I know I shouldnt laugh but you have to check out this guys users name.......... One computer user has become so disillusioned with Windows 10's spying features that he has been driven to using Linux Mint as his primary operating system. But Voat user CheesusCrust was curious to find out just how pervasive Microsoft's privacy invasion is. The results of his investigation are quite staggering. Using a router kitted out with DD-WRT, and a copy of Windows 10 Enterprise installed in a virtual machine on his Linux laptop, he started by disabling every single one of the tracking and teleme
  3. Ladies & Gents... Have you heard the news? Mobile phones are now dangerous... (When did that change?) But no seriously. News from Samsung regarding their Note 7 Product; Selling over a million units already, the device is shaping up to be a catastrophe for Samsung. FAQS Below
  4. UK mobile networks look set to be forced to make it free to unlock phones at the end of customers' contracts, it was announced in The Budget. Currently, each major network offers different options to consumers who want their phone unlocked, with most charging for the privilege. Unlocking a phone allows customers to switch networks as they please. Following this week’s Budget, the government says that all mobile users should be able to have their handset unlocked at the end of their deal without paying. While it is hoping to get networks to sign up voluntarily, the gove
  5. Extra costs of using a mobile phone in countries across the EU are to be scrapped, MEPs have agreed, after years of negotiations. The ban on data roaming charges from 15 June 2017 has received a final green light in the European Parliament. Roaming charges are added by mobile operators for calls, texts and internet browsing when phone users are abroad. An interim cap on charges will take effect from 30 April next year, prior to the full ban across the EU. That means telecoms operators will be able to add a surcharge of no more than: €0.05 (3.5p) extra per minut
  6. Hi Guys, I accidentally dropped my iPhone 6 down the toilet about 2 months ago. The damn thing was in my top pocket and slipped out when i bent down to pick something up. Nightmare, as the toilet had bleach in it. I fished the phone out, gave it a very quick rinse, because of the bleach and towel dried it, then stuck it in some rice, as I've heard of people doing this. I called Protect your bubble to start the claim. I left it in there for a day then tried the phone. it was all over the place to start but then began to work properly and continued to do so for the next couple of
  7. When I took out my mobile phone contract with Vodafone 15 months ago I was automatically signed up to a months free insurance for £6.99 although I had to give my bank details. I decided to continue with the insurance after a month as I was conscious if anything went wrong a new i phone would be expensive. My phone suffered water damage so I put in a claim 2 weeks ago. I was asked to pay the £50 excess and send the phone for repair which cost another £7 for postage. I received the phone back after 5 days expecting it to be back to normal. The reality was that the phone was in exactly the
  8. LiGo advertise these online but when you enquire they say these phones are discontinued----so what's the point of their web page. Does anyone know where I can buy new One Tel phones or a reliable company who can refurbish my old ones??
  9. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/n...o-hang-up.html how is this going to effect those with current contracts with them? and also those who have mobile insurance with the company?
  10. I am currently on Orange.Last week phones 4 u gave me a call & we agreed a new upgrade to the EE network.They haven't given me a date to when i will be receiving my new phone & sim card.Today it has been a week since we agreed however i rang them today & told them i want to cancel.They said that i couldn't cancel.I find this unbelievable as i have not yet received the the phone or used the phone.Surely this isn't correct.Also i still don't have confirmation on when i will be receiving the phone.
  11. From the Benefits and Work Organization. BENEFITS NEWS It’s been revealed that you are five times more likely to have your benefits cut than you are to find long-term employment if you are forced onto the work programme. A shockingly small 48,000 work programme participants have been placed in jobs that lasted two years or more – just 3.2% of the total participants In the three years since the scheme started. But figures already released by the DWP show that in the 12 months up to October 2013, no fewer than 242,973 sanctions were handed down for alleged failur
  12. I sent my phone to these on 07/10/13 offered me £58.00 for my Blackberry and then changed it to £18.10 wear and tear.. Utter crap. I have rang, sent letters (recorded) So i think the best thing to do is a CCJ after reading other peoples comments. I know its going cost more than the phone but its the principle. I even logged it with Haringey Council and the online fraud team. I would suggest EVERYONE reports it to be honest so they can be shut down. I dont know how they can let them carry on trading
  13. Hi, I have had the displeasure of dealing with cash4phones, i was provisionally offered £206 for my iPhone 4s 64GB which at the time was £50 above the majority of other phone companies. I then sent my phone away and i was shocked to received any offer i believe was £72 at the time, my phone had general wear and tear with a year old phone and was fully functionally with the the back casing slightly loose so i was expected a lower figure. I then declined the offer and paid the return fee instantly. This was then followed up with a email complaint about the ridiculous o
  14. Hi I'm after some advice please. usual Story never received a payment from cash4phones. Did a money claim online and have since enforced a judgement. No response or payment but to issue a warrant is another £100! I have since found out I should have made the claim against C4P trading Ltd. Is there any point in me pursuing this any future and does anyone know if I can change the name to C4p Ltd or is it too late?
  15. Barclays Bank is to start selling data on its millions of current and savings account customers to other companies for the first time. The bank has told savers that it intends to package together "information about the transactions on your account" with data on groups of other customers to compile reports on spending trends across Britain. This could then be passed on other companies or Government departments. Under the changes, which take effect in the autumn, the bank will also start tracking customers through their mobile phones or other "devices" - to help protect them from fraud. If
  16. Hi guys, I really need you help on this one, please take the time to read my story and sorry in advance for the long story.. This all started 6 years back when i visited one of the Phones 4 U store's in Birmingham. I was interested in purchasing a contract and as such had Phones 4 U to apply a credit check to my bank to find out whether i was eligible for a mobile contract. I NEVER purchased and neither did I agree to any contract or any sale of any products with the company. I was reassured and advised by the manager of Phones 4 U that my details would be cleared from their systems
  17. I looked at the DWP report and accounts for 2010/11 and was astonished by what I found. As my username suggests I am in dispute with DWP and therefore I have had to try and phone the Carer's Allowance Unit at Palatine House many times. Because of my caring duties I usually have to phone after about 3.30 pm. My experience is completely opposite to the statistics listed in the PDCS Annual Report and Accounts 2010/11 targets (I have a difficulty with URLs on this site because I'm not allowed to post them yet ( Telephony Ensure that at least 93% of calls to our telephone service
  18. hi quick question took out a contract 4 days ago in store with p4u on orange but it still doesnt work when i got it home i set it all up dead excited like you do and threw any waste packaging or so i thought away when i try to call anyone it says the sim is not registered i have phoned orange but they have told me p4u should have registered it as orange themselves only register over the phone for themselves and car phone warehouse. i have been into phones 4 u and they rang trying to register but apparently the number of the sim is not connected with orange. in the beginning whe
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