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  1. The original charge is in favour of Progressive Finance A deed of variation was made in April 2018 to add Coast Finance Solutions S.A.R.L
  2. I don’t know. Can you tell me how I find this out please?
  3. It was before they went into administration. It has to be 2009/2010.
  4. Like many others we fell into the welcome trap back in 2005! We took a secured loan for £10,000 and increased it a few months later. We dutifully made payments we couldn’t afford for some time and think we received a PPI refund off the balance around 2009. By this point we had stopped paying them we just couldn’t afford it. Just over 2 years ago Coast started writing to us. I spoke to them initially and said we were going through a bereavement as my father in law had just passed away and they said ok we will put account on hold they actually called me at the funeral when I told them not to contact us until after that date due to everything going on!!! They did send us a £50 apology and letter. We get 2 letters each every month telling us the same thing each time and I am wondering what will happen next. Does the 12 year statute bar rule apply to these accounts? Are they likely to take us to court? I read the letters and check nothing new is added and then bin them but it’s at the stage I think I need to address them as if necessary could find a way to pay them. The sum they are chasing us for is just over £2900 which I suspect is mainly charges etc
  5. Ok I will do that once current issue is sorted. My payment arrears are as of now £183.47 if that helps at a all.
  6. I am desperately in need of some advice please. Several years ago Acenden got a suspended possession order . I successfully paid the arrears and they were clear until last year when my world started crumbling down. On 30 October I got home to a letter from their solicitors telling me the order was being reinstated due to arrears of £2600 approx. This is just over 4 months worth of payments. I called and was told unless arrears cleared in full there was nothing that could be done . In desperation I spoke to a family member and they loaned me 2000 and I had just over 300. After lots of negotiation Acenden agreed to accept the payment and stop the eviction proceedings. I received letters of confirmation of this from both Acenden and their solicitors all dated 31 October. On Friday I got home to a hand delivered letter dated 1st November informing me the eviction would take place on 21 November at 11am and yesterday the same letters arrived by post and these are postmarked 9 November. I am so scared can they evict us even with all the written confirmation I have. Also my mum bless her has offered to give me the rest of the money to clear the arrears but I don't want to take it if they can still evict me as there are also charges on the account of nearly £3000. I plan to call the solicitors and the courts in the morning but not sure what to say. Any advice please would be greatfully received
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