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Found 3 results

  1. Parked in a residents` or shared use parking place or zone without either clearly displaying a valid permit or voucher or pay and display ticket issued for that place, or without payment of the parking charge (shared use bay) This was the reasoning for being given a PCN (hire car at the time) - wrote to them straight away stating that there were no pictures taken of the vehicle as none were uploaded on council's website - "no images were found for this PCN!" council responded saying wait until you receive notice to owner but not having photos isn't sufficient grounds as they don't need photos or something along those lines. so hire company were contacted - gave my details (this is just before Christmas) but no letter was received at my address apart from a letter after the new year stating I needed to pay £110. I wrote back to them via online stating that there were no photos and I had not received a previous letter so why am I being charged £110 already I also said I wanted to go to independent adjudicator - they stated a letter was sent on the 19/11/2018 and I missed the opportunity to speak to the independent adjudicator as I didn't respond to the previous letter - Their wording was : a notice to owner was sent to you on ..... this notice provided you with the opportunity to make formal representations. as you failed to make rep a charge certificate (CC) was issued. once a cc has been issued there is no longer the formal right of appeal. the pan has been reviewed and we are satisfied that it remains valid, your representation has been reviewed I must advise you that we issued the pcn because your vehicle was observed pared in a resident's or shared use parking place or zone without either claeary displaying a valid permit or voucher or pay and display ticket issued for that place, or without payment of the parking charge. The CEO had recorded detailed notes at the material time of issuing the pcn and can confirm the contravention has occurredl. the photographic evidence is secondary. it is the responsibility of the driver to insure that they understand the restrictions in place and follow the designated signage. at this stage we have reordered 110 as a gesture of goodwill (whatever you say mate - gesture of goodwill is you not giving me this ticket) 110 payment should be made within 14days blah blah what can I do now? how do I respond to a letter I never received for adjudicator ? how can they prove I was parked there - what if a ticket guy has it in for me and just stuck a ticket on and not provided photos cause I wasn't parked there? thanks for the help oh and to top it off the car was only observed from 13:34pm - 13:34pm
  2. Here are the documents as requested in previous post. Is this legit? Scanned_20190131-2054.pdf
  3. Hi, I'm looking for some advice on the following please, Any help will be very much appreciated! I'm the webmaster of a website, and a malicious user uploaded indecent images of children to my website and registered the account that uploaded it as me (Trying to frame me). And also he tried to hack into my website but it got blocked by my firewall. I then made a report/time log of what happened, info I have on the guy and what he uploaded and where and contacted 101 to report the crime. A police officer turned up and we discussed the issue and he passed it over to cybercrime unit and he asked me to send him links to the images that was uploaded. however two months later I still have not heard a single thing and they are saying I need to keep my website offline while they investigate however this has taken two months and I am still paying money for my servers which I cannot use. I have spoken to the police again and they said its best I continue to pay for the server so when the cybercrime unit speak to me they can gain access to see the evidence, and if I do delete the server they may try to seize my computer?? However my server is in France and has nothing to do with my computer? I am unsure on what to do here as this is costing me money paying for something I cannot use and I am basically being forced to pay it or have my computer sized??? (Even though there’s nothing on my computer which I have repeatedly told them) Thanks
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